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Trance Forum » » Forum  Greece - Island of Fire Festival 13-15 july 2007 (Limnos ISLAND)
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Island of Fire Festival 13-15 july 2007 (Limnos ISLAND)

IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 16:33 is on......
line up is almost ready !
tomorrow the full announcement!


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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 17:33
only progg??
no dark or full on??
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 17:56
On 2007-03-12 17:33, robinhoodintrance wrote:
only progg??
no dark or full on??

good opportunity for people that they are not in the ''dark'' or ''full on'' side to enjoy a fest. with top notch downtempo, ambient and trance artists..

PS: sorry but can you do something with the music in the site so every time that i m checking an artist profile i dont have to turn the vol.down again and again :) , thanks

Fat Data

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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 19:30
Unbelieavable lineup
You got the cream of the crop there
Hope i can make it, it should be magic !
Cheers!            Peace, Love, Death metal

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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 00:08
alright we have the anouncement of an ambient festival, with -almost- the cream of the scene there!!!
but we don't know which team is behind this.
the guess who team?
or the shy crew?

no offence but it matters to me and to all those who will be attending for sure... since i am not the first to ask here am i?

all i can see is the "it record store".
its another thing to run a record store and another to run a festival.
furthermore... no greek artistis at all?

my best wishes for the effort!!!
Fat Data

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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 00:30

On 2007-03-13 00:08, LeeLoo wrote:

furthermore... no greek artistis at all?


They are all Greek if i'm not mistaken
Cheers!            Peace, Love, Death metal
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 10:24
Dear Leeloo i really know its is another thing to run a shop and another thing to run a fest.believe me there good friends and nice people beside me that help with all like facilities ,deco , sound and all that...
as for greeks of course will be greeks and wait till the announcement...
NO team behind us just friends that organize all this thing a year now...The whole thing artisticaly and some other details is 'designed' be IT and some other matters from a partener there in the island...
no lies behind all these...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 13:19
california sunshine and mfg \passanger

you lucky bastards....

good luck! 
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 13:51
under the Aegis of Municipality Of Moudros Present :
Island of fire festival 13-15 July
Havouli Beach – Moudros – Lemnos Island

-----------------------ON STAGE -------------------------------------------------------

Kenji Williams /Aba Stracture
“Considered by many as the "next level" of multimedia art and performance, Kenji Williams delivers unique and un-matched audio visual talent to the audience, with a violin that shatters any stereotypes of cold electronica”

Youth /Youth in Dub/Vertical Smile
Youth will perform a dub chill out set…………a trance set and a band performance with Vertical Smile!

…………deep atmospheres, infectious
bass and minimal grooves but this time, with a hint of old skool flavour, unleashing a new
level of production……………

UNI was formed by Maccho (Yasunori Matsuda) and Osho (Kou Yamazaki), and named by EYE from boredoms in Kyoto 1996.
they provide Liquid Crystal Vision with "SARASVATI” TRACK….Their tribal beats are dramatic and they convey sound and stage performance full of emotion. The live audience would experience something more than techno and trance from the music of UNI.

Gabriel Le Mar [Aural Float /Saafi Bros]
…..surprises by sophisticated graphic and cinematic interpretations of his music…

Aes Dana / Huva Network
…….bring out deep sounds rooted in the psychedelic tradition, in a fluid down tempo morning trance….

Performing new studio albums and also a live [not dj] chill out performance!

Solar Fields/Huva Network
……..wide possibilities of ambient, atmospheric, deep, extatic, industrial yet organic, cultivating contrasts and subtelty with brio !!!To a dreamy trance tha leads you to heaven…………

Co-manager of french record label Ultimae with Vincent Villuis from Aes Dana!
Provides a set of alternate beats and emotional chillin trance!

Carbon Based Lifeforms/Sync 24
… deep and gentle music, where warm crunchy rhythms and ethereal pads contrast with interference frequencies and organic echoes….

Saikopod/Ian Ion
Saiko-pod (now only with Ian at the helm] offer their unique style of progressiveness.

Monotonous melancholic lyrics, symphonic waves, fast and slow rhythms, heavy or throbbing, liturgical songs, the band ASURA introduces a certain solemn vision of the world

Solar Quest
SolarQuest combine global culture with organic technology!
The result is magic ambient trance music

XERXES feat thomas w. Larsen
thomas wicklund larsen teaches sound engineering at idefagskolen in norway. he mixed and mastered the debut album from xerxes, and has done various projects with him over the last couple of years. being a celebrated guitarist and vocalist in the norwegian progband 3500mhz, xerxes and thomas will deliver something special in greece this summer"

Nick is currently working on some progressive breaks which will see him tap into his darker side……


The son of The Kinks founder Dave Davies, Russell reveals an intimate knowledge of the power of music as lubrication for the soul………

Beat Bizzare
…deep pulsating beats, funky rhythm patterns atmospheric sounds and melancholic moods….

The artist tha gave the score for island of fire festival’s site !
One of the best progressive values in France with a sound and a technique completed very in the listening of the dance floor

Max Le Sal Gosse
Colours, rythm, emotion... trance!

MFG /Passanger
Guy Zurcel will perform an old MFG Live and his new Passanger album

California Sunshine /Anatomic
Har-ell P. started to produce his own Acid-Trance music in 1991…………..the rest are history!!!!!!!!!!!

Their sound changed a bit within the years and now they can offer a full range of musical styles. From powerful rocking Nightsound to emotional progressive Morningsound and Ambient - just like the Party and the time needs it.

An exciting new project from Thessaloniki. With a wide musical influence, ranging from trance and techno to minimal, idm and avant-garde electronica, Fabrics are forging a very special, personal sound with chilled as well as energetic moments.

Principles of Flight
Their powerful breaks along with twisted psychedelic sounds and leads create unique atmospheres, perfectly fitted for night-time dancers.

I M LGND, a one-woman project dedicated to writing lyrics as well as composing and DJing various kinds of electronic music

Arash Atman
A total devoted person to arts , cinema and chill out music !

Side Liner
Galloping beats & swirling rhythms adorn each piece alongside a plethora of otherworldly textures.

floating cinematic strings and a hypnotic
and touching web of flowing music, running just a pure pleasure for the soul!!!

DJ Nikitas [ Natural High / It record shop ]
Nikitas is the most sought after name at the moment in the Athenia scene …
One of the best djs in the country with great mixing skills !!!

Two promising progressive artists which they did a succesfull debut with their album "Future Accommodation" , lot of their tracks are playing from known progressive djs around the world

Radical Distortion
With lot of influences from artists of early goa days back in 94 as MFG,MWNN,Astral Projection,Traswave,Miranda and more they succeed to create their own sound identity and become a beloved oldschool goa group worldwide. A group which knows how to tease the dancefloor……..

Spectral Sun
SPECTRAL SUN is the Power - Ambient / Tech - Trance project of Anhel a.k.a. MOBTHROW [composer, producer, vj]. His explosive live performances are accompanied by the female vocalist Katja & dj Alex Kane ….

Originating from down-tempo electronic music, SUBHEIM is Kostas K' s project [composer, graphic design, live visuals & video art]. Focusing on dark ambient / experimental sounds with idm elements, together with Katja's haunting vocals, Subheim create melancholic as well as chaotically atmospheric music.

SPECTRALIQUID Live Visuals / VJing Art Team /spectraliquid


- friendly security
Free camping place prodided my municipality
- full facilities
- medical cover
- traditional food
- full bar services / fresh fruits & juises
- stands / market place

Contact : 210 3616469 /

Ticket price : First 1000 tickets cost 60 euros

Sales points Greece so far :
210 3616469

V. Kesalidis

IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  27
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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 16:01
ok now we have something ..
i was the first being suspecious here
but this was from the way you decide to promote the event at first place ..

IT athens was involved in the aes dana / asura event before a month ago in athens ..
So the team behind these have the contacts and the will to do such a fest ..

Its the first time something like this happen in greece .. even at the globe
good luck to this effort

about the artists .. well
kenjiwilliams .. youth .. abakus what can i say
( or maybe i can say something .. i want ott too )

about the place .. xmm its not the greatest i 've ever seen .. no too much trees and nature but what the hell this goes for the most popular greek islands

anyway .. i hope everything goes well ..

i hope not too many people in greece know about this .. you all know why ..           Aĺé ď čĺďň ď ěĺăáň ăĺůěĺôńĺé ôď óőěđáí = 3,1415926
IsraTrance Full Member

Started Topics :  199
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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 20:22
Aes Dana,
California Sunshine,
Beat Bizzare,
Arash Atman,
All those artists are good enough for me.
Wish you all the best guys,good luck
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  40
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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 23:31
Realy nice to see Saiko Pod added!This is the final line up?I was expecting to see Holeg Spies here! 

Started Topics :  0
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Posted : Mar 14, 2007 11:16
nice effort dudes.
i agree with mis leeloo.time will speak
nice line up,my best wishes to my friend Klopfgeister.
see ya
IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  22
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Posted : Mar 14, 2007 15:13
Good luck guys           And we keep on trancing!!!
We keep on dancing!!!
Moonsun Records

Started Topics :  128
Posts :  1864
Posted : Mar 14, 2007 15:50
Realy intresting concept
and diffent ,all the best
will be a great festival..
have fun...........
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