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Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Is the trance scene dieing is Mexico ??
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Is the trance scene dieing is Mexico ??

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 28, 2003 23:49
now the scene in mexico is taking a rare way ....people only want go parties go eat many drugs ......they dont search a convivence u see all cars destroy and many things outside party ...and in there u see many people fuccking stonned ....u can see fights ins the middle of the dancefloor ...
u can see the parties at tv and many people is talking about this..say that are places for only eat drugs ....the goverment think now is time to got money from this they start taking to jail party organizers ,.....u think this can be all time like this ???
u think is because people make this ???

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Posted : Feb 28, 2003 23:56
Well nothing is easy at its beggining.

The same things happened before some years in Greece also but now people grew up and know why they attent a party.           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 00:19
its going like that -
its start with beauty small events,
then once,two or a bit more there is pretty big and pretty amazing events,
than the "shit" come,
than its going to be commerzial but on the other hand there going to be underground again, just both..
wait and shit will leave the good events

meanwhile take a look for some real shit -           Believe your soul !
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 00:27
I think Mexico had the .com effect of parties.
They started of with this huge parties suddenly everyone wants to go to mexico and play and cash in with out creating a community first.
Attrackting all the wrong people who just go to take drugs, cause trouble, steal and so forth. Not really understanding or wanting to be part of the true trance experience.

Now I think you have to create a communities and throw small events done by word of mouth just for the community and not concentrate so much on making such huge parties.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 1, 2003 23:14
yeee we are making some new comunities with little parties and some big too .....

but the money is still the problem ....because more big parties = go more people....u change the mind of many people ....

little parties = good band all understand the movement ....but they cant change the mind from the others .......
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 2, 2003 00:43
wow, it seems like the same progress of things applies to every trance starting country. it's like the evolution of trance parties: from nice and small, to bigger and uglier, to both one for the ones who just want to get screwed up, and one for the trance loving people.
it'll work out in the end, if there are enough people who like it, there'll be someone to give it to them.
other than this, all i can say is, damn zombie, you got too much free time           Super-teen extraordinaire Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Runs around in underwear Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Rescues Washington D.C. Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
Unless something better's on TV Freakazoid! Freakazoid!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 2, 2003 11:27
Welcome to israHell!
Inqisition (lame spelling) is our job!
Party orgenizer? no! say a huge and dangerous Druglord or a meneace to society!

Never mind... it'll be good someday.
i guess.
          "The Blues is'nt about making you feel better. It's about making others feel worse, and make a few bucks while you're at it." - "Bleeding gums" Murphey.

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Posted : Oct 11, 2003 05:56
Well in behalf of the mexican comunity i must speak up as a peaceful joyrider. Yes i used to go to parties, until the shit came along. Before and after i ate drugs, on and off partygrounds, always respectfully. As u mention the government of some states has prosecuted party organizars and raided parties like the Hux Flux party two years ago iin Cholula. But in general something curios is going on. Its going back under. Last year we werre delighted by some crazy Dutch guy and it was in a living room. 50 persons crammed into a room filled with just the right vibes. The party was great, sadly in cant remember the dj name. Well, what i mean is that true psyheads, hell we still party and have playfull playgrounds, not quite big, but quite crazy. Sad to, but need to cut all the poser wanna be "banda".
small grey creature

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Posted : Oct 13, 2003 02:29
yo pojunk!

The dj on that party was psyonic fomr belgium, i was on that party and played there too, as far i know it was some kind of bitrhday...


i hope parties like that one or the ones in some beaches in mexico stay in the way of harmonic and peacefull gatherings maybe the people in the mayor cities could learn something about the way that guys party...

peace           If you believe in the X you'll be relievin your stress
Beto Bone

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Posted : Oct 13, 2003 03:47
i think that's a progress trance goes up to in all the countries, brazil's scene kinda sounds like that, all you gotta do is be one of the trance loving people and trance will never die!!!!!!!
Trance Forum  Forum  Trance - Is the trance scene dieing is Mexico ??
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