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Trance Forum Ľ Ľ Forum  Music Reviews - Intelabeam - Looking For A Cure (HOMmega Records @ Feb. 07)
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Intelabeam - Looking For A Cure (HOMmega Records @ Feb. 07)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 26, 2007 20:10
Artist: Intelabeam
Album: Looking For A Cure
Label: HOMmega Productions
Release date: February 2007

Track list:

1. The Q
2. Legitimi
3. Human Spin (with Sub6)
4. Rock and Roll refugee
5. Dakiri sunset
6. Indian jackpot (rmx for Sub6
7. Basic instinct (with Rocky)
8. Blizzard
9. Pick n' roll
10. Breathless
11. Looking for a cure

Short Introduction:

Dan Keinan, 26 year old from Tel Aviv is the man behind the project.
After learning piano, and guitar he got into a rock band with some friends. Some years later, he got interested in Electronic music. Influenced by huge names as Psysex, Sub6, Pixel, IM among many others, he started to produce his own work. Lucky we!!!

Through the tracks:

This time, Iíll not write this review in the same way I used to.
Cause I believe this is an one-of-a-kind album.
So Iím gonna say a few words about the hole album, and mention the tracks I found really good in particular.

This is a very unique album. The only problem of it, is that all full-on tracks are very similar to each other. The old HOMmega style.

So it goes like this: The CD starts with full-on, Israeli style. Pumping basslines, kicking high. The groove is almost the same in all tracks. Iím not saying that was a bad thing. You can feel this great the energy in all tracks. But they just donít change much, imo. The same dance floor oriented tracks. All 3 first tracks, are very good. Fat basslines, some nice vocals in track 2. Which is one of the bests, in the cd for me.

When it gets to track #4, he puts a lounge in. Just 3 minuts of a great relaxing guitar tune. The solos are nice. Very melodic tune.

Then it gets back, introducing people to his Proggy side.
He started his proggy side with Yoni, on HOMmegaís New Order. Great rack, btw.

Then full-on gets back again. Track #6 and #7 are the highlights for me. Totally dance-floor oriented tracks. But with great energy, fat basslines and grooving high. Great energy, in all full-on tracks.

Then back to Prog again. Melodic and fresh tunes. Sounds a lot like any Iboga release. Sometimes more proggy and tribal, sometimes more Electro-House

So he is trying make new things, on Prog and Electro sides. The tracks are good. Very good timing, good turns and nice deep melodic tunes. Thereís a great energy in his tracks. Reminded me a lot Ace Ventura and FREq, to be honest.

Quality is unique as well. HOMmega is, not the say the best, ONE of the best labels in quality issues. Itís just excellent. This one is nothing different.

What really got my attention was that Dan is trying to introduce people, to his Progressive side. And he did it, with a full-on album, which changes to Prog-Electro-House, coming back to full-on, and ending it with Prog/Electro-House again. Lots of creativity, and balls, cause lunching an album like this, you are trying to please both sides.

For those who like full-on, this is a must have album.
For those who have already stop enjoying full-on, this is also a must have album. Cause of its creativity.


1, 2 (!), 3 , 5, 6 (!!), 7(!!), 8 and 10. The ending is also good stuff.

Well, thatís it folks. Sounds like Dan really found the cure, for the lack of originality in today's productions.
By this, I mean the album, for having great full-on and good prog also.

One thing though: Very same HOMmega style.

Best Regards!!

guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Mar 11, 2007 14:54
Hi All !

This year, the honorable label Hommega Records is celebrate 10 years and their 52th release is "Looking For A Cure" album by Dan Keinan aka Intelabeam (Hommega latest sign). The type of this album is a bit different than Hommega usual line, this time the style is more groovy, almost proggy influenced by varied styles such as Funk, Pop and Freestyle. So, this is the right time to check what cure is Mr. Keinan talk about...

Cover :

1. The Q (142 BPM)
Agressive is the best defenition for track no. one. I like to call this kind of tracks - dance floor stuff - massive beats and kicking bass line with excellent level of sound. Despite the agressive impression, on the middle came in a soft melody followed by electronic vocals, which prepare the vibe for the kick come back agnd when it's happen the legs are located deep in the ground.

2. Legitimi (144 BPM)
As I wrote before, the funk influence is coming out now. There are some people who call this is a commercial material, but I think it is orginal idea, packed with the right elements for jumpy experience. The changes of the bass line are give some sexy feeling to the track. The main brake is add some positive vibes and release some smiles to the air. Electro-trance on full power.

3. Human Spin (with Sub6) (145 BPM)
Aharoni brothers, Golan & Ohad, were write this track together with Dan. Intelabeam and Sub6 have the same style of music, so when they sit together in the studio, the chemistry is perfect and the listener can feel it. They have no limits, just push more and more on the "power" button without pity anyone. Although the short length of time (06:36), the dance floor's impact is incredible. Well done !

4. Rock and Roll refugee (120 BPM)
The body need some rest after the first tracks, and we get it as "Rock and Roll refugee" tune - almost three minutes of down tempo pleasure with acoustic guitars and deep melodies. Kind of re-charge for our system. By the way, I like the title selection.

5. Dakiri sunset (128 BPM)
Thw show must go on and Dan is try to get us back to business slowly. The bass line is chilly, the kick is fat and the melodies are take control over the track. "Dakiri sunset" track is acatually a fine collection of minimal beats and diverse playings. Simply an enjoyable tool for home-listening.

6. Indian jackpot (rmx for Sub6) (139 BPM)
My biggest disappointment is this remix, I expected for mind blowing tune, but I got a boring seven minutes without nothing special.

7. Basic instinct (with Rocky) (141 BPM)
Intelabeam and Rocky (Roy Tilbor) are both like use powerful elemnts on their music and thats why "Basic instinct" track is one of the best tracks in this album. Even though, I thought it will be more strong and un-compromise. I found it fascinating tune with sophisticated ideas like the brake on 04:50.

8. Blizzard (145 BPM)
The beat's speed is going up again, but don't expected for dance floor burner here. "Blizzard" tune is colorful and not regular - the combination of "running" bass line supported with chilly melodies around, is an important factor for the listener's satisfaction. It's just spread good energies all directions.

9. Pick n' roll (145 BPM)
Now Dan is combined some of his electro influences into the typical Intelabeam style. I'm sure the dance floor will like the "Pick n' roll" track, because the unique disco vibes and all the nice games, which always bring something special with them. If u add also the cool melodies near the end, than u get a completed shake asses formula.

10. Breathless (125 BPM)
Ok, the bombs are gone, but the story is not end yet. A track for the soul with some deep emotions inside and lots of creativity tricks on target to give a relaxing moments to the listener.

11. Looking for a cure (125 BPM)
Lets forget for a moment what he heard so far and check the "Looking for a cure" electronic song. The singer is Dan him self (which also wrote the lyric). Maybe Helicon or Hed-Arzi will sign him for album afer they will listen this song .

All in all, Dan's debut album got a diserve variation - sometimes it's chilly, one time is even poetic but most of the time it's kicking and grooving. I'm glad to see an open mind from Hommega's owners and I wish for more releases like this one. The investment on the cover, booklet and the all concept of the cd is diserving for appriciation. As you can hear, this label is not compromise when the sound's quality is the issue, so the most recommended thing is to buy it original and enjoy from Intelabeam journey.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 12, 2007 21:43
thx for the great review it_peiote_killer, you've described the cd really well!! as u wrote, one can undoubtly hear the quality hommega influence in it.

I dig most tracks on this album, stand out track for me is the rmx to sub6 track ... WOW! the progressive tunes are a pleasent surprise as well.

the final track with vocals "looking for a cure" is a brave way to finish off, nevertheless it fits well into the overall concept of this album.

not your usual israfullonsameformula release. i luv it, thanks intelabeam & hommega 
fraka is a state of mind
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Mar 13, 2007 15:56

I thought I'd be the only one, to say anything at all, about this release.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Mar 22, 2007 08:21
Weak album imo. Didnt work for me. Prefer every other Hommega release. Waiting for the next dose. Booom

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Posted : Apr 6, 2007 16:09

On 2007-03-22 08:21, zmandan wrote:
Weak album imo. Didnt work for me. Prefer every other Hommega release. Waiting for the next dose. Booom

me too
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2007 16:15
wow. this is a brilliant release! finaly full on with origenal sound. gr8 electro and chill!

          -=The Meaning Of Life Is To Give Life A Meaning=

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Posted : Jun 6, 2007 20:28
nice album!!! nice listen music it's flow all the time.home music

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Posted : Jul 4, 2007 13:58
cheers every one for giving your thouts here about the album, It Peyote , Guy, Nygma and all the rest ...good or bad i love to hear them all

new tune's are in the making this day's , you can check a new track call'd "one minute" on

and for the Israeli's among you here if you are intrested in hearing some of my hebrow songs check out

so thanks again for listing to the music and giving it your atention here


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