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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - Innersound - Antisocial [Green Phase Records] - 2008
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Innersound - Antisocial [Green Phase Records] - 2008

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 14, 2008 01:15:50

1. High Tide
2. Industrialize
3. Groove Salad
4. Numbers
5. Tek Freak
6. Pent Up Emotions
7. Stuck
8. Antisocial
9. Why???

This is the debut album of Greek producer Innersound.

Ok, although this album belongs in the dark psy genre it’s really different from most of the stuff out there.
Antisocial is a blend of dark psytrance with industrial and powerful techno.
First of all this has to be the album with the most loud kicks I’ve ever heard. The intensity of the kicks is unbelievable.
Also it’s full with lot of hats and rhythmic noises all over the place, powerful basses and simple techno melodies. Mechanical and rusty!

Highlight tracks are Groove Salad-a great dark, intense psy techno with amazing flow and distorted riffs, crushing your brain and moving your body,Stuck-with a forest feeling in it and very loud ending, industrial and mechanical, great track, Antisocial-fast, powerful with many layers of techno riffs and Why???- that starts as a 4/4 stomper before it evolves in a breakbeat mayhem with a distorted final melody.
The rest of the tracks are also very good. Production-wise the album is top notch and kudos at making such powerful kicks without be annoying.

If you wanna listen to something different this album is made for you. It’s one of the biggest surpises of 2008, definitely not another dark psy clone.

Maximal industrial psychedelic techno! Yep that’s it!


IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 18, 2008 19:27:09
Title: Antisocial
Artist: Innersound
Label: Green Phase Records
Date: 02/2008
Tracks: 09
Mastered by: Dark Elf Studios
Cover Art: Thomas E. Pringle + Kay Stoefler + Stravos Haralambidis
Cat. #:GRP1CD001



01 – High Tide - 6:20
02 – Industrialize - 6:22
03 – Groove Salad – 6:14
04 – Numbers – 6:41
05 – Tek Freak – 6:32
06 – Pent Up Emotions – 6:16
07 – Stuck – 6:30
08 – Antisocial – 6:40
09 – Why ???- 8:49

Innersound’s Antisocial is the first release of Green Phase Records. Their debut album brings the tecnoid and industrial sonorities of Innersound. The person behind this project is Stravos Haralambidis.

But let us have an insight into this CD:

The Antisocial CD begins with a very contained track, High Tide (T1), a track that doesn’t have many ups and downs; it runs on a continuum line: it doesn’t “explode”, but it explores industrial sonorities very well. It is a solid track, with mature production that makes a good opener for the CD.

Industrialize (T2), begins to explore darker territories, and the kick and bass are a reflection of it – they are more obscure than in the first track, and somehow the mood of the track is a little bit “slower” and also kind of minimalist. In addition it contains some leads, that combined with the percussive elements may be able to leave you a little bit anxious, because of the rhythm it creates, never truly reaching an ending, but keeps going always on a continuum crescendo.

Groove Salad (T3) is the lady that follows. More dynamic than its predecessors, has a wicked start with double or triple bass sounds, or at least it is what reaches to my ears. We can hear the typical leads of Stravos ripping all the way, and this time, I think, we can hear some trumpets on the mixture.

Numbers (T4) is full stomping way track! When it begins, it begins with a tough kick and bass, with some leads revolving on the background. After this beginning, at about one minute, we are transported into some acidic lines with some electrifying sounds. One thing that is noticed on this track, it is that, the track is always on a constant motion, and certain leads have a certain, particular time that they are constantly trashing.

Tek Freak (T5) is a track that its kick and bass almost remind me of some old Goa Trance tunes. There are some amazing lines of sound that confer the tune a nice dynamic and extroverted attitude. This one is the first track of the CD that explores boundaries of more lively music, and is fully built with dozens of sounds coming out of nowhere. But expect a trashing effect throughout the entire tune.

Pent Up Emotions (T6), returns to the more introspective sonorities, but don’t let yourself be fooled by the leads, because the kick and bass will keep strong has hell. One thing I particularly liked is that this tune has a certain leads, not many, that remind me of old GMS leads.

Stuck (T7), has a very peculiar start, which in a certain way, ring a bell Kindzadza, or even Highko´s way of making music; I mean, imagine the way those two producers make fast sounds, and now imagine the way Innersound makes his track. You get a track full of fast noises, but with the additive of industrial noises, echoes and reverberations. We can also hear some grotesque and bizarre sounds that create an even more twisted environment.

Antisocial (T8), is that track that gave the name to the album. This tune has some really mad leads upfront, mixed together with some more harmonious leads on the background. The track revolves around this type of sounds, and more to the end of it, the track becomes “harder” and we are exposed to some weird and wacko leads and the tune keeps developing like a mad train stomping all the way.

And so we reach our final track with Why ??? (T9) – the longest track in the CD. Probably this tune is the most obscure track of the whole CD. I mean, when the track starts, we realized right way the mood in which is runs; it becomes a “difficult track”. The sounds on this one are vague and very industrial type. It becomes very hypnotic, and it is so well conceived that the kick and drum, that are strong, go to second plan. It ends on a peculiar way, with lots of works on kick and bass, lots of breaks and leads playing around like mad children.

The mastering of the CD was made by Dimitri Santas a.k.a. Dark Elf.

The artwork was made by Thomas E. Pringle and the cover design by Stoefler and Stravos Haralambidis.

So to conclude my review, I just want to say that this album is a particular album. You can’t expect this CD to be a regular, average one; the sounds Stravos uses on his music, are, in my point of view, very industrial and tecnoid; this Antisocial CD is aimed for a very specific public, specially the one that likes night sonorities with a strong kick and bass (something that is a constant throughout the album), very industrial and always trashing!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 18, 2008 22:48
didnt really succeed getting into this album. it was good for the first few listens , then it just went offtrack. comparisons are inevitable when it comes to electronic music and this falls short of the caliber of gappeq , metalogic etc. get it if you wanna explore some other industrial dimensions. its not bad.
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Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jul 21, 2008 15:12
Very nice review Andre!
The album of Innersound is very different form what he release till now @ discovalley records and goanmandra rec....more techno sound indeed but for this style is great!
I like all the tracks but most i like the first one "High Tide"
All the best of luck to Stavros*Innersound with his album!

Bom Bom 
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Perma Fry
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 24, 2008 09:04
I found this project to be unique, with crystal clear production.

Very industrial and underground type of sound


Dark Elf

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Posted : Jul 24, 2008 14:55
the CD is very techno oriented, as Olga said not as the previous stuff from Stavros, but that's what he wanted back then.

Indeed for fans of industrial type of music !!!

Cheers :}

chapora madam

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Posted : Jul 26, 2008 20:05
Congratulation for the album, stavros!

killa techno sound! this is the secret of your innersound, e?? he he he

This is another theory of evolution. but i miss your old style as well. anyway let's see what surprise you
give us later on!!!

CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 30, 2008 15:15
The album is very unorthodox
but it has some tracks that are ut of this world such as High tide or antisocial which work perfect at the dancefloor
Looking forward to the next releases both Innersound and Darksound
          Helicon Sounds Music

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Posted : Aug 6, 2008 16:36
Thank's for the reviews Ormion + a3k and everybody for the feedback and comments.


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Posted : Aug 29, 2008 09:22
Killer stuff by Innersound,not the usual psytrance sound but a fresh industrial techno sound.cover is very nice also and going nicely with the music
all the best stauros
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Posted : Feb 27, 2009 06:50
When there's any Psykotrance-album out there

.... that's it !!!

Check this order and enjoy ... a special way of psytrance

Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 28, 2009 13:09
Yes that's true!
A very special way...that Mr innersound express himshelf!

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