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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  24
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Posted : Oct 2, 2004 21:38
Here are some links for FUll-On, Progressive and Ambient Labels, i hope it helps in something.

Thanks to PROSECT for the info.

Psychedelic Trance / Full-On / Goa

3D Vision Records (France)

Acidance Records (Greece)

Afrogalactic Records (SA)

Afterburn Records (UK)

Agitato Records (Israel)

Ajuca Productions (UK)

Alchemy Records (UK)

Alkaloid Productions (Australia)

Altitude Recordings (Sweden)

Ambivalent Records (UK)

AP Records (Germany)

Apoxina Records (France)

Arcadia Music (Japan)

Aurinko Records (Germany)

Avatar Records (Israel)

Beat Freaks (Italy)

Bionics Records (Israel)

BNE Records

Boom! Records (Holland)

Butterfly Records (Malta)

Ceiba Records (USA)

Chakradelic Records (Switzerland)

Chemical Crew (Israel)

Com.Pact Records (Israel)

Cosmic Conspiracy Records (New Zealand)

Creon Records (Sweden)

Crystal Matrix Records (Portugal)

Deja Vu Records (Russia)

Demon Tea Recordings (Australia)

Digital Psionics Records (Australia)

Discobole Records (Greece)

Discovalley Records (India)

Doof Records (Israel)

Dragonfly Records (UK)

E-Watt Records (France)

Edgecore Releases (Australia)

Elejam Records (Japan)

Elektrik Orgasm Records (UK)

ELF Music (Japan)

Etnicanet Records (Spain)

Exogenic Records (Finland)

Exposure Productions (Greece)

Fabula Records (Italy)

Fragile Planet Records (UK)

Freakdance Records (Finland)

Freetransform Records (Norway)

Gi'iwa Productions (Australia)

Glowing Flames Records (UK)

Gnostic Records (Germany)

Green Ant Productions (Australia)

Headroom Productions (Germany)

High End Records (Brazil)

Hom-Mega Productions (Israel)

Implant Recordings (Sweden)

Inpsyde Media (Italy)

Inti Raimy Records (Greece)

Kavator Records (Sweden)

Ketuh Records (Portugal)

Kinetix Records (UK)

Koyote Records (UK)

Lynne Music Productions (UK)

Magma Records (Italy)

Mandala Records (France)

Maia Records (Mexico)

Mechanik Sound Records (Spain)

Mind Control Records (France)

Mistress Of Evil Records (USA)

MP Records (Spain)

Mushroom Mafia Records (SA)

Nano Records (France)

Nano Records (UK)

Natraj Records (Germany)

Nephilim Records (Germany)

Neurobiotic Records (Italy)

Odd Records (Portugal)

Oktava Records (Greece)

Organic Records (UK)

Panorama Records (Japan)

Parvati Records (Denmark)

Peak Records (Switzerland)

Phantasm Records (UK)

Phonokol (Israel)

Planet BEN Records (Germany)

Process Productions (UK)

Procyon Records (Hungary)

Psy-Harmonics (Australia)

Psychedelic Records (USA)

Psyforce Productions (Sweden)

Pukka Music (UK)

Red Cells Records (France)

Relativity Records (UK)

Sanskara Records (SA)

Schlabbaduerst Rekkords (Sweden)

Serephana Records (India)

Shiva Space Japan (Japan)

Shiva Space Technology (Germany)

Sonic Dragon Records (Australia)

Solar Flares Records (Brazil)

Solstice Records (Japan)

Soular Records (USA)

Spectral Concepts (USA)

Sphere Records (UK)

Spiritual Beings Records (Israel)

Spontaneous Aerobics (Germany)

Spun Records (USA)

Starsound Records (Greece)

Stone Age Records (Sweden)

SunDance Records (Australia)

Surreal Audio Records (Finland)

Thirteen Productions (Finland)

Timecode Records (SA)

TIP World (UK)

Traktor Schalllabor GMBH (Switzerland)

Tranceform Records (Finland)

Trancelucent Productions (Israel)

Transient Records (UK)

Transonic Records (Denmark)

Tribal Records (Israel)

Tribeadelic Records (Australia)

Trishula Records (Germany)

True Trance Records (Japan)

Truffle Records (USA)

Turbo Trance Records (France)

Twisted Records (UK)

Tunnel Records (Germany)

Unicorn Music (Greece)

USTA Records (Israel)

Utopia Records (Israel)

Vaporvent Records (USA)

Vision Quest (Japan)

Wajanga Records (Brazil)

Woodroom Records (Switzerland)

Yellow Sunshine Explosion Recordings(Germany)

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IsraTrance Junior Member

Started Topics :  24
Posts :  306
Posted : Oct 2, 2004 21:41
Progressive Trance

ACDC Records (Sweden)

Aeon Records (Brasil)

Agnosia Records (Israel)

Alien News Records (Germany)

AlphaLab Records (Denmark)

Audiobahn Records (Denmark)

Avalanche Records (Germany)

Ayahuasca Records (Denmark)

Baluns Records (Sweden)

Boshke Beats Records (Spain)

Candyflip Records (Greece)

Cold Groove Records (Canada)

Creamcrop Records (Denmark)

Crotus Records (Denmark)

D.Drum Records (Germany)

Databass Music Records (France)

Digital Structures Records (Sweden)

Domo Records (Germany)

Groove Zone (Japan)

Horns & Hoofs Entertainment (Russia)

Iboga Records (Denmark)

Innersound Records (Italy)

Interzone Records (Switzerland)

Feed Me Records (Portugal)

Freeform Records (Germany)

Froggle Records (France)

Gravity Plus Records (Germany)

Kamaflage Records (UK)

Kairoo Records (Belgium)

Mental Arts Records (Germany)

Midijum Records (Germany)

Millennium Records (Germany)

Moonflower Productions (Sweden)

Nano Beat Records (Denmark)

Nervine Records (Australia)

Platipus Records (UK)

Play Out Right Now Records (Germany)

Plusquam Records (Germany)

Psyristor Trax (Japan)

Resonoise Records (UK)

Return To The Source (UK)

Save To Disc Recordings (Germany)

Shellsplinta Records (Switzerland)

Sprout Records (Germany)

Star Jelly Records (Israel-Sweden)

Sub Machine Records (France)

Synergetic Records (Austria)

Tatsu Records (Germany)

Tokyo Dance Records (Germany)

Spiral Trax Records (Sweden)

Vertikal Records (Germany)

Vsual Recordings (Sweden)

VP Records

Zenon Records (Australia)

ZMA Records (Greece)

Ambient / Chill Out / Electronic

Aleph Zero Records (Israel)

Backroom Beats (UK)

Chillcode Records (Germany)

Creative Vibes (Australia)

CyberOctave Music (USA)

Dakini Records (Japan)

E-French Sound Records (France)

Eros Music (Greece)

Exogenic Breaks Records (Finland)

FA Music (Israel)

IDSpiral Soundscapes (UK)

Indica Music (Italy)

Interchill Records (Canada)

Jubilee Records (Germany)

Liquid Sound Design (UK)

Metropolis Records (USA)

Tempest Recordings (Australia)

Toires Recordings (France)

Ultimae Records (France)

Wirikuta Records (Austria)

Zulu Lounge (Mexico)

          One should always be in love. That is the reason one should never marry.
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