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Indra - Killer Machine (review by

cosmic sun
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Posted : Feb 7, 2007 03:13
2006 brought us new creation such as full-on, a popular style of inovative trance music. For a well known label Spliff music from Israel which is into publishing rich electronic sound full of trance melodies. This time, many of the dance floors across the planet will be fired up by the sounds of one Spliff Music team artist's new album - INDRA in the new Psy thing called Killer Machine!!! Ten tracks of quallity production and length will be swallowed by players of many parties and festivals across the planet. So, lets see what music news this well known and respected artist brought us:

1.Man on the moon
As soon as inserting the CD in the deck, I was wellcomed to the world of dance sounds by a beautyfull lead line followed by windy FXs and vocals like in a tribe, and soon after by an energetic kick which predicted total madness. Ans so it goes, a line of efects that are moving up and down through the parts which are ornamented by etching kick and rich bassline. The presence of melody is highly emphasized only in cut variant all the way untill the beginnig of the 2/3 of the track where the beautyfull motive filled with distorsive color of average lead, which is frequent in todays production of this kind of trance, enters. Like in many other cases, main break here is not the main thing so myexpectations were not paralel with todays standards which full on nominates. That didn't infuluence the dynamics of the track which ends in a dynamic way.

2.Come to india
As the name suggests, with this track, we travel all the way to India. The motives are the same as ones from east cultures. Phenomenal female vocal followed by energy and dynamics all along the track, drives throgh the parts filled with strong melodies caracterized with acid colors. I would ephasize that this track has less of the psy motives then the previous track, and is more like for dancing.

3.Dance floor
At the very begining of the track, the author announced the rest of the track. Standard bassline which follows the spectrum of melody gives no relaxation just as in previous tracks. The album continues melodically and energetically in the same ruthm and as far as i'm concerned, it lures listeners to keep dancing. Melodies are more complex then in the previous tracks. The sounds of older instruments such as TS 404 are immanent which gives the impresion that the author was fond of old kinds of sounds. Very paranthetic overall. The thing i didn't like was vocal which is present in the whole track.

4.Drop poisoned
The sample predicts darker athmosphere. If i didn't know what album i was listening to, i would've thought that it's some kind of dark project. Comparing this track to previous ones, it can be seen that mini-breaks are more often and the usage of filters which oscillate from phaser to flanger is frequent too. After a few calm moments in the track, which rather steer the track to the explosive directon, the whole impression is improved by a melody, which is rather calm, therefore i realised that the whole track would remain calm comparing to other tracks. Let's just say that the middle of the album is the thing that calms the whole act before the "main course". However, i have to admit that the track in some moments deviate from what i felt.

5.Killer Machine
So, we come to the carrier of the album who is puropously put in the middle of the CD. The short intro and "start to dance". Bassline is too melodical for my taste but, acid sound is the one that follows and completes my feeling so i can feel the bassline the right way. The soryline goes smoothly although i had an impression that i am waiting for the long time the main break which came and went on without leaving any impressions that would "name" the album the same as this track. However, the dynamics correct the situation and for a moment breaks the feel softness. This track didn't leave so much impression.I guess i was expecting too much.

6.Fritai To
With some interesting ambiental downs and computer-processed vocals, Indra takes the album on the same path, except the fact that more psycodelicness is present comparing to other tracks. But not too much. Fullon is fullon . Breaks, melodies, bassline and other elements are present as allways. I am not a big fan of "half section loop breaks" but they are present here and they give a certain character to the track.

I wouldn't commentate on this song too much because i didn't like it anyway, so i will leave the judgement to the listeners.

8.Shipment Savings
The tension of the album, that went down with the "main track", is back with this track. Again, the essence of trance motives which are spiced with recognizable colors, and the rythm, which is full of many precusions, are present. The best melody is the one that has europian motives and is like europian music itself. The melody for dancing is certainly going to bring some people to the dance floor and leave them there 'till the morning.

9.I make the music man
The last song is "Bull's eye". Last part of the album is better then the first. I like melodies so much so i could characterize this track as a good "sign-out" from the album. The morning motives, the sunrise and a rise of one good live-act performance.

Overall, the album deserves more interest than usual. From a general point of view this album is the heven itself for a crew that likes this kind of sound. The production, as the high level of samples, is enviable. Although this isn't the kind of thing that sends me straigth to the dancefloor, my mark for this album is 8!

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Posted : Feb 7, 2007 05:58


Just after the Shiva Space Technology controversy this comes along??? Whats wrong with you?

Digital Tribe
Digital Tribe

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Posted : Feb 7, 2007 13:47
oshriiii insraaaa love you jeje
Safi Connection
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Posted : Feb 12, 2007 04:38
great review by Lara :::

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Posted : Feb 13, 2007 03:55
this is just about what i think , cool review 

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Posted : Feb 22, 2007 11:43
awesome music..energetic with a nice storyline or bassline i shud say           ______________________________________________
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