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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Indidginus - Feast or Famine (Micro Dot Music 2008)
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Indidginus - Feast or Famine (Micro Dot Music 2008)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 15, 2009 22:50:19
Artist: Indidginus

Album: Feast or Famine

Label: Micro Dot Music

Catalog no : MDCD013

Released: December 2008

Cover: Martyn Taylor

Mastering: Colin Bennun


1 Funky Town (6:17)
2 Tau Ceti (7:00)
3 Tokalosh (6:49)
4 Law Of One (6:29)
5 Lotus Eaters (7:11)
6 Surya (7:04)
7 Substrata (Feat Gandalf) (7:04)
8 Cosmic Trigger (6:11)
9 Faerie Tale (6:16)
10 Gene Swarm (Feat Pablo Sandoz) (6:31)

Indidginus is South African producer Michael Martin who has been actively making music in the scene since 2001 and playing didgeridoo since 1996. Feast or Famine is his second full length release and its a colourful journey into the down tempo side of psychedelic music with a unique Indidginus twist. Released at the end of 2008 on Micro Dot music from Cape Town, this is one hell of a fun album that can only be described, in my opinion, as accomplished clean sounding groovadelic music. Kicking off with a reworking of the classic Funky Town, the tunes take in a range of influences from ethnic sounds through to electro in places and beyond. It has an infectious funky feel permeating the tracks and keeps you on tenterhooks eagerly awaiting the next sound or groove and ensures that those feet keep on tapping away furiously. This has quality written all over it and is as refreshing as it is original. With the tracks ranging in speed from 113 to 139 bpm, this album is excellent sunshine music that should not be restricted to just the global psychedelic trance scene but should go and infect the rest of the global electronic dance scene. The album is a veritable feast, with the famine coming only when it ends.

Available from the following reputable on-line shops:

          Turn On, Tune In, Trance Out!!!
Mike Indidginus

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Posted : Feb 16, 2009 12:45
Review of Feast or Famine by Axis Mundi.

Hailing from the South African hub of Cape Town, UK artist Michael Martin, known as Indidginus, has been making waves and dancefloor shakers for over a decade. For even longer, Michael has been an avid musician and multi instrumentalist, and has made quite a name for himself across many genres and industries of music, having played alongside, and collaborated with, many respected artists, from the legends OOOD and The Orb to Ishq and Eat Static. Michael has the talent, experience and drive to make his recent release, 'Feast or Famine', a dancefloor booster built also to be enjoyed in more relaxed settings as well. With professionally expert mastering by Colin Bennun of OOOD notoriety, Indidginus has obviously put great amounts of effort and time into his collection of musical creations, and the result is remarkably noteworthy. 'Feast or Famine', simply put, is a masterful collection of ten solidly arranged masterpieces displaying unique talent found nowhere else on Earth, which will be evidenced to the listener from the first rotation in your players ever onward.

Funky Town - Indidginus launches the listener straight into a mojo-filled, old-timey disco groove in his cleverly appealing remake of the classic anthem Funky Town. His unique take on this hit is a perspective refreshing journey into the soul of funk interpreted through the lens of 21st-century audio synthesis and digitalism.

Tau Ceti - A haunting, cybernetic zen-approaching into curtains the entryway into a realm of groove. Bass as ripe as a red apple pumps out foundations of crisp, percussive rhythm hits and eerily bobbling melody and pad arrangements. Touches of ancient tribalism collide with futuristic musical technology and innovative technique.

Tokalosh - Bouncy ethnic percussion accompanies thick, key-changing basslines at the outset, and as the sound progresses, more and more pleasing layers filter in. Soothing washes of pads and glitchy foreground rhythms wend their way about the soundscape, with a surprise twist of moods midway through.

Law of One - Indidginus picks up the pace with this nighttime full on stomper which ressurects the old school Ajuna sound with acidic innovation. Breakbeat basslines timed by four on the floor kickdrums keep the flow moving with serpentine precision. Between the percussive elements and Indian raga vocals, 'Law' imparts unmistakable feelings of sound come to life.

Lotus Eaters - This funktastic thumper serves up heaping servings of churning, warm bass, kinetic kickdrums and srisp, slapping snares. With plenty of glitchwork, melody and vocal segments, Indiginus' energy lends itself well to the uplifting buildups of positive dance vibrations which characterise this sound so well.

Surya - With 'Surya', Indidginus has crafted you a sonic transport vessel taking you to previously unknown dimensions of digital sound. Pulsating rhythm stacks atop foot tickling bass and is in turn the strata for vaulting melodies. Each arrangement opens doorways for sequentially edgier and more aggressive, piercing layers.

Substrata - Taking you to heavenly realms found seemingly within the hidden cavernous reaches below, these masterfully arranged layers of ear-tickling waveforms postulate new scientific fields of geomusicology. Panoramic percussion and bouncing leads play your senses like a violin and keep the dancefloor in motion.

Cosmic Trigger - Indidginus lays out a superbly pleasing morning rocker fueled by multicultural musical influences infused with a newly defined sound. Each layer, crisp and distinct, grips you and adds to a track that is as much a timeless journey through Earth's timeline. 'Trigger' is a masterfully synthesized six minute fusion of ancient and modern traditions.

Faerie Tale - An intro of crystalline, temporally altered glass sweeps cascades straight atop thumping bassbeats and a baseball team's worth of synth arrays which play their parts in seemingly hive-mind unison. Melodies made up of this many sorts of sounds stay fresh for many rotations, and topped with plenty of dancefloor funk make this a must-have for energy ressurecting playlists.

Gene Swarm - Indidginus' finale track to his latest and greatest album to date packs every inch of the artist's experimental intuition and knowhow until the very end. A chilled out, downtempo beat diverges away from the accepted norms of trance music and explores this artist's true sense of diversity and musical imagination and potential.           Indidginus Website - |
Mike Indidginus

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Posted : Mar 3, 2009 13:40
BPM Magazine (SA) Review of Feast or Famine by Josh.

"Michael Martin has been playing at festivals for years now, many of them being in our mother city, making the name Indidginus well renowned in our local psytrance scene. Following his downtempo album Align on the same label, he now brings us this progressive treat filled with funky rhythms and fun melodies. Ranging from 130 to 139 bpm and finishing off with a down tempo track, these tunes project a positive energy thats playfully psychedelic and extremely groovy. His signature sound can be best described as sharp kicks, electrifying bass lines and crystalline voice samples with added local flavour. Containing anthems and fillers, Feast or Famine provides an experience that is equally suitable for home listening and dance floors."           Indidginus Website - |
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Indidginus - Feast or Famine (Micro Dot Music 2008)
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