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Iboga Records.

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 18:20
well, let the music talk:

soon -

VA FX compiled by Emok, progressive compilation include exlcusive trax by Frogacult, Emok + Greg Lunar, Jaia !! Filur and more...

Antix debute album

Frogacult debute album !!!

they are didnt lost, just waited for next push...           Believe your soul !
Luiz Paulo
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 19:01
also, on the 12" pipeline:

Filur - Together Again 12"
Echotek 12"
Frogacult 12"

boom!           the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist....
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 19:30
Finaly an antix album ...cant wait !
how soon Zombi?
also the rest of the list is great
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 20:58

On 2003-02-04 18:20, Zombi Cocktail wrote:

Antix debute album

btw- you know the track list??           "move your body! if you don't have one, GET ONE!"
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 21:29
and now i see here some more staff to expect too

looks like its gonna be a nice year after all (music wise).

be real
          if you want to be rich, u`ve got to be a bitch!

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Posted : Feb 4, 2003 22:56
great news zombi
antix & frogacult ....... killer music
i hope it will come to our ears quite soon

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Posted : Feb 5, 2003 01:55
antix album, here i come!           in search for an answer...
Luiz Paulo
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 5, 2003 02:51
VA - FX (Iboga) - the release sheet:

As a beginning of the New Year, Iboga Records is ready with a new splended compilation, compiled by DJ Emok. This compilation is truly a journey with well selected tracks which speaks to your happy side. All the tracks has a nice warm flow and fit well together in a good progressive style. The CD start off with a killer track from the french Jaia called The Peter Pan Syndrome, and is already a hit, this track will later be remixed in two versions, one of them by Danish producer Miro (Choo Choo). Jaia has previously released on labels like Flying Rhino and has just got one other tune in the same style remixed by Jimmy Van M. Next track is from the new up comming danish act called Frogacult. Frogacult has already got lots of good response after releasing on labels like Plusquam and Creamcrop, and will later be ready with a debut album for Iboga Records. Then we have a new tune from Oryx, this time a killer track as a follow up on his debut album on Tatsu Records. Oliver aka Reefer Decree aka Oryx, will be presenting his second album on Iboga Records later this year. Track number four is a track that we licensed from Swedish Filur. Sebastisn Mullaert (Filur) is also knowned as Son Kite, Minilouge and Ooze. After this comes a good long progressive morning track made by Emok, Greg Coyle (Transient and Automatic Records) and Jokke (True To Nature). Double Dragon from Japan, which just released his new album on Plusquam records, can be proud of this next track he did especially to Iboga Records. A nice stomping morning groove for the late dance floor. As track no. 7 Iboga Records is proud to present True To Nature for the first time. True To Nature is known for their techno releases with Renaissance Records (UK), Brother Brown, Room Four (Low Pressings) and Fred Numf from Black Hole Recordings. True to nature will in the future supply the label with more of their killer tunes. Next from them on Iboga is a Mix CD from True To Nature’s DJ Jokke. As a perfect last track we have Flowjob, a new Danish artist on his way up. An act to look out for in the near future. Put the CD on and enjoy it from beginning to end, and get a nice happy feeling from these great artists.

Boom!           the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was convincing the world he didn't exist....
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Feb 5, 2003 18:21
Does anyone else miss the dark, minimal sound of the early Iboga releases? For me, the best compilation Iboga has ever released was "Anima." I think they lost their unique identity as the quirky Danish label which releases dark, minimal trance and fell for the progressive trend. This is too bad because they had a small but absolutely fanatic following. At this point, it seems hard to tell the difference between Flow and Iboga. And while all this is happening, Beat Bizarre released an extremely successful EP on TIP World. The world has turned on its head (no pun intended). Evolution in music is almost mandatory, but you have to wonder about the direction.

I like Antix, I saw them play both Live and DJ in New York in September, I'm happy that they are releasing an album and taking that next step in their artistic development. Still, I can't help but ask if Iboga was the right label for them... Their sound is way too much on the happy, progressive side, which is OK, except not when released on Iboga. Where are the good days when Iboga's main artists were Reefer Decree and Beat Bizarre? That said, I'll definitely get the Antix CD and anything else Iboga releases. I mean, it's Iboga, you know...

It would also be nice if they maintained their web site with any regularity, I mean it hasn't been touched since the Fall of 2001. And then labels complain about lower sales and blame it on copying (which is partly at fault, of course) while they do a lousy job of staying in touch with the people who buy their music...


P.S. I apologize for all the whining, I realize that my rants are based on a lot of assumptions some of which are less solid than others...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Feb 7, 2003 16:36
mammoth, as someone who knows what this label has been through in the last year (like everyone), we hould say thanks heaven that we still see them around.
The good news is that they are now back and kicking with some new blood and energy to give us most definitely the best releases upcoming this year in the progressive-full on genre (its a fact now that this is the new genre). Again they WILL produce (along with digital structures of course) the new direction trance is taking in Europe,which is a mixture of progressive and full-on trance and ,like in the Anima cd will be as innovating as ever (except ectoplasma and set 02-the last releases).
Mammoth Hunter

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Posted : Feb 7, 2003 16:54
nahimoff, man, first of all, thanks for caring enough to reply! I do appreciate that the last year has been very difficult for the people who produce and release music. Yet, it might have not been as bad if labels had done a better job at staying in touch with the people who buy their music. For example, Digital Structures has started doing that, although from the labels that I follow, Boshke Beats is definitely unsurpassed in that area.

If Iboga has decided to change their musical direction, that's their choice and I cannot and will not criticize them for that. We all understand that in order to survive, we have to evolve. Yet, you seem to agree with me that ectoplasma and set 02 are more about a lack of direction than a new direction.

The mixture between full-on and progressive psy trance is definitely intriguing and overall is a much better choice than progressive house, god forbid!

I hope this clarifies my position a little bit.

Love and Light!

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Posted : Feb 11, 2003 13:29
Iboga is back on track again, jiihaa!!! For me Reefer Decree and Beat Bizarre are extremely happy music which brings smile on my face every time. That's why I love them... I love to be happy and laugh. Forthcoming releases also look very delicious indeed... this year is gonna be soooo good!!! Thanx to all talented musicians and hard-working labels.

Antix, Frogacult and compilations with tracklistings that make my heart beat faster. I better start saving money for all these goodies to come...

This year it's our time to shine again!!!!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 13, 2003 23:18
Antix album

Any expected delivery date for this baby?

I'm hoping this album will bring us some delicious groovy mellower stuff like "Alma" (just beautifull), "Celubrius", "Flipped" & "Fresh Friction" but also some stuff in their harder-kickin side like "Konstructor", "Altered Axis", "Sell Your Doll" & "Fridge-it".

Can't wait...
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