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Trance Forum  Forum  Greece - Iboga Open Air Event with EMOK & VEDANT @ Ammos Beach Club on Saturday 12 of April!
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Iboga Open Air Event with EMOK & VEDANT @ Ammos Beach Club on Saturday 12 of April!

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2008 04:05:24
THE CUBE goes open air on Saturday 12 of April at Ammos Beach Club (Leoforos Posidonos,Alimos) with special guests EMOK and VEDANT plus our local resident STEVE SAI.

EMOK DJ Set (Iboga Records // Denmark)

Emok is Mikael Dahlgaard from Denmark and is one of the founders and the headliner of the world famous Iboga Records.Since 1995 Mikael is touring the world with his memorable progressive trance and progressive house dj sets establishing himself as one of the leading Scandinavian djs and producers.His mixing skills and music taste is second to none and he is constantly in high demand all over the globe from Japan and Brazil to Europe and Australia.Emok recently released his debut album Maelstorm and is also one of the masterminds behind the Phony Orphants project along with Jeppe Ornkilde and their music along with the rest of the Iboga Records releases is getting high praise and support from the likes of John Digweed,Sasha and Hernan Cattaneo.

VEDANT DJ Set (Iboga Records // Mexico)

Since 1993 Vedant is one of the oldest and most respected dj's and party organisers in Mexico helping in the production of the first ever Mexican festival in 2000 the Marakame.Today he is part of Iboga Mexico and one of the finest progressive dj's in the country always in constant demand of the biggest local events and festivals plus many international events in countries such as Japan,Denmark,Sweden and more.At the moment he is on the road for his European tour so dont miss his debut appearence in our country.

STEVE SAI DJ Set (Harmonia Records // Greece)

Steve is the official resident dj of The Cube team and one of the finest and most respected dj's in the Athenian scene.He will be responsible for the warm up of this magnificent event with his exquisite and diverse selection of tunes ranging from deep progressive to electro minimal taken from the newest releases of the dance scene network.Show them how its done Steve!

Artist bookings provided by Exposure Productions and Harmonia Records.

The event will take place at the renovated and open air AMMOS BEACH CLUB located at Leoforos Posidonos,Alimos,Athens next to the Alimos Tram Station.

Date of the event is Saturday 12 of April and doors will open at 01:00

AMMOS BEACH CLUB is a wonderful open air club right next to the beach and features the following :

1000 People Capacity
Big Private Parking Space
Extra Soundsystem
Virtual Lights Show
Two Bar Spots
Friendly Security

The weather forecast for next weekend is very good but even in case of bad weather the place turns into indoor in a matter of minutes so nothing to worry about.

No illegal substances will be tolerated,respect the hospitality of the club and help us to protect our scene.

Management reserves right to refuse admission.Age Limit 18+

Entrance Fee 20 Euro

For any further information and suggestions you can email us on

If you are interested in a table reservation then make sure to contact us as early as possible.

The Die Is Cast........           The Die Is Cast

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Posted : Apr 6, 2008 04:09
really nice one!!!good luck!!!           one toke over the line sweet jesus :>

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Posted : Apr 6, 2008 20:57
iBOgA has very talented and good artists , but AMMOS is a club of thiefs,
im sorry to zay that but last year i needed 55 euro for my entrance+1 beer+drink.Xeftila reeeeeeeeeee.
no offence to the team.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 6, 2008 21:27
Great news , fresh artists on the decks
i heard very nice worlds for this guy Vedant ..
Nice one !!

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 00:19
Kostaxx something seems wrong with your maths mate.

55 euro for your entrance and one drink and one beer?

The entrance was 20 euro and even if the drinks cost 10 euro each then the sum would be 40 euro in total.

How exactly did you reached 55 euros?           Toodaloo Motherfuckers!!!!!

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 01:35
who cares about money ? its Emok again love you detoxxxxxxxxxxxz <3

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 13:00
very good prog music
something to chill our psy ears!!!
and about the least we 're gonna spent it in a club not in a yard...           We have to get out of History...
Inactive User

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Posted : Apr 7, 2008 16:34

awesome news ...
awesome acts -- awesome place

& at last "A CLUB" ...

.. hope to see KINGDOM CLUB for events this year too btw


Iraklis Mindphaser
IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : Apr 8, 2008 03:46
Good Luck with this Event!!!

The Ammos club is really nice club...

          Natural High Trance Family
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 9, 2008 15:40
Iboga Fresh Rules!!!!....100% Quality Night!
And of course i agree with astral6896....

(and about the least we 're gonna spent it in a club not in a yard...)

Good Luck and Welcome to Summer 2008           "It occurred to me by intuition, and music was the driving force behind that intuition. My discovery was the result of musical perception".

Albert Einstein, speaking about his theory of relativity.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2008 02:25
Great event....unmissable!!!
Last party for me in Greece for the next couple of years ..
Good luck in this one and see you there

          i cum in peace
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 11, 2008 17:02
New soundsystem installed for tomorrows event

The weather is great so we are waiting you all there for an unforgetable night.           The Die Is Cast
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Posted : Mar 5, 2016 05:11

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Posted : Mar 18, 2016 09:24
Trance Forum  Forum  Greece - Iboga Open Air Event with EMOK & VEDANT @ Ammos Beach Club on Saturday 12 of April!
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