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Trance Forum  Forum  Italy - ... i L . T A P P E T O . V O L A N T E : GAPPEQ Live! ...
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... i L . T A P P E T O . V O L A N T E : GAPPEQ Live! ...

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 17, 2012 16:38:48
18 / 01 / 12

... Psychedelich Trance Party ...

... Live Act : GAPPEQ : Parvati Records

Hi, my name is Jiri Tomasek and i have been involved in music since i was 10 years old. My first steps with a guitar in my hand lead through folk&country music, shortly after that i started playing classical guitar. Later on i also played the keyboards and percussions in a live band.
It didn't take long and i discovered electronic sounds and started exploring how to make some myself. I got a little MS-DOS based tracker called Tetramed, loaded up some 8-bit samples and filled all 4 available tracks with them! The software and hardware changed over the years, but not the passion. Musical styles didn't matter to me, i've gone through d'n'b, breakbeat, trance, dub, house, industrial, ambient, and everthing in between. The change happened in 2000. Got into psytrance and couldn't get out, so i stayed in and released some tracks on Ketuh Records. Response was good, more releases followed. I started playing at parties around Europe, then i moved to Sydney to study sound engineering at SAE for a few years.
My first official album was released during this period on Wirikuta Recordings. Music comes out of my computer, my only role being not to screw it up. It likes being driven by layers of atmospheric textures interlacing and weaving a way for an experienced and attentive listener. It has never been speed-driven.
2010 is the year of my second album, Made of Clay, released on Parvati Records.
I do not play psytrance dj sets, but i love playing dark orchestral soundtrack chillout sets.

Dj Set :

LUCA BLUE : Blue Hours Records

KRONOS : Looney Moon Records

MIK3L : Digital Shiva Power

ANKH : Evolution Family / TUA

NICO : Bioma Tribe

FABRY : MMh Records



VISUAL : Vj PsyKiRy Q.f.&D.d.

Chai Shop : Evolution Chai ' Calma & Pazienza '

Chill Out Stage coming soon...

Organizers : Believe / Factory

Entry : 15 euro

Boom Shiva!
Trance Forum  Forum  Italy - ... i L . T A P P E T O . V O L A N T E : GAPPEQ Live! ...
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