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I have a question.

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Posted : Sep 28, 2004 15:55
I see many psychedelic music labels which release very similar music , so my question is why not to unite ? To create one big label with much more crowd , listeners , buyers , strict release policies .
I think it will raise the quality of our scene .

What do you guys think about that ?
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 28, 2004 16:12
I think that there are many tastes and it is a good thing to have many labels to represent them. Consolidating labels will only limit your choice and make it difficult for the little guys to enter the scene/market. Diversity is always a good thing.
Media is a good example of this case. The more sources of information ensures that many perspectives will be represented and you have access to more information.. in the U.S. there are only a few big companies who control what information people will hear.... look at clearwater in the radio world.

I am personally happy there are many labels.. there will always be the big ones to attract huge crowds, but some people prefer something else and it is great they have that choice available to them. What you may perceive as 'very similar music' may have completely different philosophies, music style, etc. I dont think there are any two labels that are identical. One big entity controlling the entire scene? We have too much of that in our world already, I hope dearly that doesnt happen in the trance scene.

Hope it clarified something for you,
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 07:55
i think that if labels unite together, it will only increase the price of each CD.. more people to split the profits.. i see it as monopolising the scene, which is a very bad idea because in the end, it will limit choice.. especially with release policies..

not to mention the wars it will cause to choose which artists will be released..

let me guess, there will be a jury with judges, and it will be in favor of the democracy?? lol..

its a good idea.. on paper.. but as we can see with our world today, it will only benifit SOME people.. not all, and not the smaller people that want new music..           "VA - REWIRED" OUT NOW !! (techtrance invasion) ---> <------- Jester Records's Internet Radio channel
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 09:06
It will become harder to get your music released, since the distance from artist -> label increases...

Many labels only release friends, own and local music anyway.

However, what you propose will happen.. Once people behind the labels decide they have had enough, theres bound to be bigger more commercial entities who will want to buy them out in order to release stuff under their name.
Thats the way the market works, I think...

However, I think it will take some time, untill the music business becomes interesting for investors again.


IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 29, 2004 20:00
anything that grows to big attracts commercial sharks who will ruin the whole thing............

to increase cd sales they will resort to all sort of tactics..........even compromise on the quality of music by selling cds which the "majority" of the people prefer.........

all the relseses wud be of fullON style .......other genres of psyttrance wud be harmed and eventually only full on artists wud be all over......

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Echotek -dj Micha

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Posted : Oct 4, 2004 14:00
i think is the close some of the label will be the best ,and also most of the music
sound realy the same today ,the psy i meen.
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