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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - HOWL -- 10.30.2004 -- Portland, Oregon
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HOWL -- 10.30.2004 -- Portland, Oregon


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Posted : Oct 28, 2004 10:43
[forwarded test follows]

Saturday, October 30th, 9pm-10am
320 NE 2nd Ave.
Portland, OR

During Samhain the veil between worlds is thinnest, inviting our
ancient spirits and shadow selves to dance amongst the living. Samhain
is a time to honor the lineage of our ancestors and our primal roots-
our mother earth. We also celebrate this as a time to release ourselves
from the karma passed on from the bones of the dead to the hearts of
the living.

Join us for this Samhain dance, our footsteps will conjure a sense of
ease with our shadow sides, calling us to recognize the importance of
compassion and non-judgment in these times of difficulty. We will
create this sacred space as a time to merge with our whole selves,
safe to be that which our deepest heart desires. Adorn yourself in honor of
the love, joy, and humor that permeates a liberated world in which
shadow and light stand as one. Celebrate who you have been, who you are
now, and who you will become.

Deep in this dark night, we HOWL in celebration of the Terra Nova- the
new Earth.

Soul transit temple:

Ghreg on Earth (Spectral Concepts, SF)
Prophei [LIVE] (Psionic Recordings, LA)
Electric Mayhem (Sidetrakkt, PA)
Fractalien (Chaosexistence, PDX)
Ryn and Malaclypse (Apollos Lute, PDX)
Mber (Apollos Lute, PDX)
Visuals by Dreamer

More great music in 2 other areas:

Waterjuice, Manoj, Solovox, Ravi, Gradual Meltdown, Nico & Rasheeda (of
Luminous Fog), Space Faerie, Devon, Forrest Avery and more....
Live dance performance at midnight by Groove Journeys.

In this time of great transformation we have the opportunity to call
forth peace and light, forging our heartsongs together in creation of a
new world. This Halloween comes at a time of political, social, and
ecological unrest where potentialities of transformation are at hand.
Poet Alan Ginsberg in his revolutionary poem, HOWL, calls attention to
the grave injustices that plague our western world. This treatise was
part of a revolutionary movement that ignited many to join the path of
freedom. As the children of this movement, we are committed to
overcoming the fears that hinder our liberation. It is the fear of our
shadow, the fear of death, the fear of the unknown that creeps into our
consciousness, cloaking our truest selves and clouding our perception of love and light.

Opening Circle at 9:30- Blood and Bones ritual and Celtic ceremonial
dance. We join together to build our communal altar and set intent for
our blessed evening.

$10 costume $15 no costume.
For more info: or 503 768 4059

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Oct 28, 2004 18:30
woohoo, this is gonna be a blast!

only 5 $ after 3am. and goes til 10!

can't wait to hear your new stuff again GoE- wicked!!!

see you on the dance floor
Mistress of Evil
Mistress Of Evil Records

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Posted : Oct 28, 2004 20:36
have fun guys, Ghreg is going to eat you up
I really like the concept behind this party...
have an extra spooky and fun halloween!
mwah ah ha
megan           Bringing Dreams to Life!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Oct 28, 2004 23:53
Wish ya heaps of fun here Greg and Cyril/Waterjuice....I know I had heaps off fun last week in Portland...small but kick-ass scene over there !           Mind Funk Records
- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Posted : Oct 30, 2004 01:05
Prophei and Ghreg on Earth!!! That's soooo gonna rock!!!! Yeah to the Pacific Northwest!!! Keep it up y'all!           An Eagle may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - HOWL -- 10.30.2004 -- Portland, Oregon
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