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How To Choose High Quality Wood Floor

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Posted : Aug 12, 2016 06:15:15

As you the consumer awareness of the wooden floor continues to improve, more and more consumers choose to use wooden floors in commercial and home improvement aspects. But now consumers for quality wood flooring discernment is still relatively weak, immature practice before plus some businesses, causing some consumers to buy wood flooring appear damaged.

Raw materials and production process: by the end of the composite sheet material, printing color and a layer of fabric that is a combination of wear, these three quality raw material directly determines the quality of the floor is good or bad.

Material: material currently used by domestic manufacturers can be divided into two types, namely, new materials and recycled materials. Indeed, the use of recycled materials to manufacturers made outstanding contributions to the cause of environmental protection, but the use of recycled material produced wood flooring, the quality is really not as good as the use of new materials floor. Good material step up strong elasticity, soaked in water easily deformed, easy to hot and cold contraction, use a long time will not be warped edge; and regrind material made almost no flexibility, there will be significant expansion of the flood damage and cause warped edge of winter if the temperature drops too quickly there will be a significant shrinkage, thus affecting the surface appearance. Since the average consumer do not have any ability to distinguish the quality of materials, I'm here to write directly using several new materials manufacturers, to facilitate consumers to buy into discrimination: Dongguan Burundi, Snap Huidong Huidong Snap Li, the domestic manufacturers currently just over three stick with the new material, not necessarily other manufacturers.

Fabric: fabrics and large domestic factories produced fabrics imported its color richness and fidelity is very good, and the general small factories produced fabrics are prone to fading problem. When consumers buy high integrity to find the best business to make a purchase, so faded color of the floor, affect the appearance.

Wear layer: Due to different manufacturers, quality wear layer has a greater difference, in addition to the poor quality of the wear layer is also easily breakable than shrink, causing the floor warped edge. Also suggested that consumers find the high integrity of the business to buy the floor. That is higher than the three composite up process, currently divided into two kinds of pressure and extrusion, the cost of oil, the quality is relatively stable, extruded prone to wear layer off phenomenon: the production process.

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Trance Forum  Forum  Links - How To Choose High Quality Wood Floor
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