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How are you treated abroad?

*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 13, 2006 12:34
Just wanted to see how everyone felt about their treatment in a foreign country.
Most parties have such a colorful mixture of people that must have originated in so many different places.
Anyways, i have mostly been treated well, and i mean in the psychedelic gatherings i've been to. Some were'nt so good like when i was laughed at while dancing in england in 2004. It wasnt a good experience, but otherwise i have mostly only seen smiles all around.
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Nomolos(Zenon Rec.)
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 13, 2006 17:36
Vox u in a poetic/philosophical state of mind? u know what he meant....

i didnt party in too many places but the parties ive went to in Aussie ,USA,India(which was mostly foreign trancers)and Nepal i had only good experiances!!!

the worst experiances were @ local ones...

          "....or is it???"

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Posted : Jun 13, 2006 22:39
i'm with voxmulox on this one. at least the first part the second im not sure what he meant...

but yes i understand the question, i think that doesnt depend much on the country because big festivals have all sorts of ppl it depends on the self on each one of us... and the capacity to dont judge the people on their geografic origin.
i was also laughed at cause the way i dance and i think "fuck it... i prefer that than to be too afraid to be laughed at, and just stand there moving a little bit back and forward, with shades so noone can see how fucked up i am... then would be my fears laughing at me, and that is way worst than have others laughing, because if i needed other peoples opinions in those and other cases i would rather donate my brain... so i choose to have fun... otherwise i would rather give the ticket money to charity.."
*Karma Cola*
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2006 01:55
I understand what ur sayin Vouxmulox and my intention is not to create stereotypes or a country bashing thread. Just wanted to hear general opinions and see if i could find any discernible differences.

..usually i am a very introverted chap in these parties.. i talk only to the people i know but i'm always smiling at everyone. I dont wear shades, because i choose to wear my glasses over lenses coz i hate that dry eyed-ness and eye fatigue. But otherwise i usually find a corner in the beggining and more onto the centre around dawn... and i do a mean jig as well, so i cudnt care less what others think. Im not a selfish dancer tho, i'll be the first one to move aside and usually in most parties i've been to i have found people to be forgiving and happy. Sometimes tho its different and its not always a pleasant experience.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2006 02:33
my experience it's all based on language,
if you speak the language of the country you visit,
or the people who live their speak a language you speak, english for example,

they change 180 degrees,
if communication is not possible, people just back off cause not being able to communicate is so unreal for us nowdays...

noticed that in countries where they don't speak english and I couldn't communicate with the people living there or the main people on the festival I felt a bit not accepted or they looked strange,

but yeah they didn't understand one word what we said,

human kind is afraid of the unknown and that creates a behaviour of non accepting and negative atmosphere,

one of the main basic reasons of racism but that's another discusion... 
Goddess of Chaos

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 00:16
Was at an Infected live-act in Switzerland n some random stranger used the most clichč line-- Where ru from? And i turned around n said Pakistan... so then he looks back at me stunned n says 'u came all the way from Pakistan to see infected mushroom?!'--

Always good vibes at the parties ive been to abroad-- smile is the best mode of communication           "If everyone demanded peace instead of another television set, then there'd be peace"
Voice of All
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 10:35
im from russia. you know big and not very intelligent country in the north so i always meet good treatment abroad. the only place when i can get bad treatment is my own country. sad but true.           Spiritual guides are to practice and serve in ways that cultivate awareness, empathy, and wisdom.

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 16:38
such a strange topic and just

i would not like to say that our country is not very intelligent.

though i agree there is alot of negativity here, among party crowd as well. and this kind of negativity i dont see so often anywhere in the world, if ever.

but i can also say that it is in the russian mentality to treat guests with respect and much appreciation.
Wizack Twizack
Wizack Twizack

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 16:49
so far i“ve been treated just perfect
as long there is free beer im happy eheheh
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 18:03
I had the best experiences abroad / UK and NL/ and the worst in my home country ...

but its all good
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 18:53
look in ma home country every time I go to party I know almost every one around the stage,I see known people for so many years back from the past,but in a summer festival somwhere out of ma home country ,have something special,the unique feeling of the gathering is stronger,they all smile you and feel that we all around globe are one big crazy family,open mind more be more universal....
this is the beauty of trance culture,the mixture of diff races,diff cultures...all merged in one,nothing to seperate between us,a big step to leave all egoistic blocks back in past spirit one conciousnes one mind one soul one heart...
After the End,a new Begining startS..

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Posted : Jun 15, 2006 23:16
of couse we shouldnt generalize, and the last bad thing you could do besides that is feeling sorry for yourself 4 being a outsider... as long as there is music i'm not an outsider...

and what sideeffect said is true... an example

last year fmf alone near the floor, tired of smoking joints i hear this great tune coming up, what the hell gonna get out there... but i just lighted this pakistanian joint... so i turn two two persons talking and said "excuse me, do u want this? i dont want more it and shouldn't get wasted away, and i'm going outthere so..." they look at me surprised and just say a big no like i'm trying to sell the damn thing or poisoning them... ok turn to a couple that were at the bar waiting and asked the same the guy takes a splif and they make the same face and say no... and i think what the hell??!??! last fmf wasnt any of this vibe of disthrust, but hey garbage with the ganja...
go dance get tired go sit on the grass and i see the couple again nearby with more friends and the girl is dancing with a brazilian flag over her shoulders...
they speak portuguese i tought, and whats even more strange that i always found excelent vibes from brazilian ppl, so i get up get there introduce myself this time in portuguese and sort out the misunderstanding and suddenly the vibe i get was good again.

it really is a matter of comunication hope that in a few decades everybody speaks english fluently besides their prime language so that this kind of thing cant happen

but also been surprised because of such goodvibes myself, while looking for shrooms at the same party, this guy had some home extract sure but he really wanted to know if i wasnt a first timer on those things and non the less he insisted on explaining the portions so i wouldnt trip myself out and even gave me a little candle mouse with a telephone, so that i could give it to someone i cared about back home to say "lets stay in touch"

really nice fellow, and great vibe... most ppl selling just want the business over and go on their way doesnt caring at all about anything that can go wrong with others...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 19, 2006 21:10
here in portugal the foreigners are always welcome! wether trance, techno or house! foreigners are always welcome! come one, come all!

BOOM           "Fantasy is a part of reality"
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