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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Homer and Lazon - To The Unknown EP (DOMO vs VP)
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Homer and Lazon - To The Unknown EP (DOMO vs VP)

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 13:46
Im very exciting to promote here our next realese. This one a realy different and importent for us, since here we officaly launch our newest sub label VP and on the other side continue typical DOMO records sound. The EP will include original track which is a VP rec part and BLT remix which is a DOMO part.
Homer and Lazon are Omar Chelly and Jason Orfanidis, this duo known to trance audience as Tegma project with releases on long list of top labels such Plusquam, Digital Structures, ZMA and many others. Their pumping progressive style known to massive audiences around the globe. Homer and Lazon project found for more experemental and relaxing kind of tunes and allready been released on labels such 3BEAT label group and responcible for some bootleg. The sound of Homer and Lazon is more club oriented fusion between House,Trance and Techno. This musical line fit the ideology of VP records, thats why we choosed this one to be a first on our shedule.
BLT no need any introdution in Psy Trance scene. He maked a realy wicked pumping progressive remix to original track, which keep the vibe of it and add the elements u need at outdoor peak moment!

A-Side - Homer and Lazon - To The Unknown - original track have alot tribal elements, in fact we can call it tribal house, still minimal and dark, with scary sample and wicked fx. after long percussive intro come the build up, all full of bongos and atmospheric pieces of melodie. Later come the break which is long and intelligent, build up from small pieces and became the main lead, which hit you later with continue of tribal groove. Retro melodie take things far from usual club atmosphere.. somewhere to Parvati region:) Just listen to it, u will know what i mean. It is everything from tribal house to Goa trance, even dont think miss this one!!

B-Side - BLT RMX - Yuli take this track 10 bpms up (from 128 to 138) and keep the vibe of original. When the bass hit first time its oki if u will find yourself dig a hole!! Intelligent work on changing basslines, super rewrited melodie, and still tribal atmosphere. It is a perfect tune to play at sunney vibey outdoor, when crowd need to be hited deep inside it heart. Thanx Yuli for a such good work!!

The EP release date is a end of july, it will be aviable in limited edition, so make sure u gonna get one!! New era is taking kick off on this plastik, hope u will enjoy it as we do!!
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tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 17:13
looking forward to this!

go eli and domo           >>love will tear us apart...<<
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 17:56
End of July?!?! You tease too early, Zombinator.

We'll toast this one with some beer at Voov.
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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 21:29
at first we saw artist vs artist, now it's label vs label

best of luck for joo.           Crackling universes dive into their own neverending crackle...

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 21:39
Good luck Eli and Domo with the new (sub) label. BLT and Tegma are always welcome.
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jun 14, 2004 23:59

Good luck all of you!
It's nice to see that at least some of the people that bitch about the lack of progressive scene in Israel do something about it

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Posted : Jun 15, 2004 00:11
Good luck to the Tegma-crew with this new release - and of course the new Tegma-album           DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |
Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Homer and Lazon - To The Unknown EP (DOMO vs VP)
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