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Has Anyone Ever Seen Psynina?


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Posted : Dec 11, 2005 19:44
Why are some other labels so worried about the outcome of this topic? Makes me wonder...

I just read PsyNina's interview ( and again I was surprised. I found out that she is a BioTech scientist as well and she works on her BioTech research "in her spare time", that is something new. I know some BioTech scientists that are researching as their profession (full time) but as a hobby that is the first time. I won't even ask about the name of the institution/university where she researches, we all now it's top secret...

Before saying what I'm going to say, I just would like to tell that I really hope we (the "killer detectives") are wrong about this and that somehow this is all a huge misunderstanding...

Now, i would like to share my point of view about the effect of "artist's creationism" on others and why this topic has its importance.

First, suppose there is a new, real, good beginning male artist trying to promote it's psytrance music, but without a profile full of special effects or a pretty looking face. You all know how hard it is. Remember this is psytrance, not pop music/pop rock, very few people buy CDs.

So what? Well when you're a real artist (not a fancy fantasy) working hard and trying to survive producing good psytrance music it gets even more complicated when you have to share the market and compete with fake artists delivered by "special order".

So "creating" an "alter ego" seems a good marketing idea to me. If I were a beginning producer i'd just ask any sexy girlfriend of mine to take some pictures and represent my production. I'd create/add a fancy background too, like a bachelor's degree from MIT and a MD/PHD from Johns Hopkins, a gold medal (any sport) and anything i think is suitable to promote the music and the artist.

If this background is true, i mean, my friend is a real doctor and so on, the lie gets even more complicated to be discovered.

WhereIsNina are you dumb and crazy? What is the advantage of showing off a scientific background?

Well, there are every kind of stupid people that will give the music more credit because of that, i won't be surprised to find something like the following paragraph at other forums:

"Her music is beyond our comprehension, it makes my DNA vibe, everything gets surrounded by the fractals presented at her melody. The vibe's bubble intentionally created by the artist is good for your health and cures everything. You keep listening and then you will get in touch with the universe, and you'll feel all variables becoming just one, DNA and the universe in one synchronous vibe."

Do you really doubt? Take a look around other forums and read the kind of crap they post there. All this craziness is a way of promotion. The most simple thing fans are gonna say is that her music is more technical and more intelligent, due to her intellectual personality. "Modeling" a fictional character and its personality can help promote the artist, you just have to do that in a attractive and concise way.

As an example, If you read some of PsyNina's texts (at her website) you'll notice that she's skeptical and tries to establish a personification to her music based on that. Then you know she is a BioTech geek, the stereotypical skeptic. And if she is real? Well, that is not a crazy idea, as you can see it looks real...

And that's not all, the first thing you read about girls and psytrance is that female producers are rare, something that usually let people a little more interested.

There are other simpler examples too, imagine that I am a respected psytrance artist, and that my public like my aggressive high BPM style, but i just would like to produce some chill out more often or more popular music (and make some extra cash, what's wrong about that?). That could be a bad thing for my reputation as a psytrance artist due to prejudice or discrimination from the psyfans, so to avoid any risks and boost sales i'll just create a fake character to represent my chillout songs. What about ChillNina, please check her pictures:

That doesn't look like a bad idea, everybody will be happy, right? I'll leave that open...

So, the least I can say is that fantasy x reality is not fair play.

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Posted : Dec 11, 2005 22:43
To see the imagens you have to copy the link, if you just click on it you've to reaload to be able to see.

The pictures are just an example of how easy it is to create a more believable character using a few pictures.           Where Is The What If The What Is In Why?
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 12, 2005 07:15
Guess i should clarify things a bit from my end on the slim information i got via MSN from Nina. She contacted me, sometime ago about the possibility of an interview and i said sure.

Now i got no more information on the matter to be honest, and that interview was a WHILE ago, i don't really chat with her and My short-term memory is really not the most reliable of artifacts on this day an age though... but i think the basics where covered on the piece.

She's not a Bio-tech scientists, but apparently she is studying that. where, when, how... no clue. I was definatelly surpriced when i heard though... but i guess i made that clear.

further i have no way of proving the information is accurate, i haven't talked to her via phone or the such and this what she said to me. Now on the other hand i don't have reason to distrust her either, i'm going to leave the investigation to you guys. i can however say that she, or whoever i spoke with on msn was a very nice person, polite, and not easy... on the easy way or whatever you meant mr.WhereIsNina... that's just slander

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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 12, 2005 08:28
How can i get in touch with ChillNina? i wanna book that hottie pronto! 

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Posted : Dec 12, 2005 09:53
Rah, first i'd like to say that i never had the intention of linking you to any kind of "forgery" related to PsyNina. I just quoted your interview as a could have done to any other PsyNina's interview.

I truly believe that nobody thinks you are related to PsyNina in anyway, but that just like the site (posted here at least twice) you received the answers to your interview and posted them the way they were sent.

Again, it never crossed my mind linking you to any wrong deed.

About the BioTech thing, eventhough she is a student ("BioTech and DNA transfer" sounds like a PhD student), it has to be a full-time activity or the main activity. There is no "spare-time" PhD program or biology (biotech or whatever) undergraduate major. So, being an student or scientist doesn't change my point.

Now, saying that my declaration about her was just slander is a bit too pretentious. Assuming that your own experience talking to her is the definitive evaluation of her behavior is a fallacy.

What I said was based on many conversations that some guys (that are now kinda upset with this whole story) had with her. If "she" was not "easy" with you, well maybe "she" just chose some targets to play with and you were not one of them. Or, your notion of easy, based on relationships you have with girls you know, is different from mine and from other people's idea.

But if "she" didn't flirt with you, consider yourself a luck guy, 'cause you were probably talking to a man, not a girl.
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volvox box
Inactive User
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Posted : Dec 13, 2005 10:06
PsyNina is a hybrid of rhinocheros and hippopotamus, so dont expect her to show up in public. 
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 13, 2005 11:56
I haven't read anything as amusing on this forum in a long long while

Wether this is true or not or whatever, this thread has been a really nice time killer ... thanks.           Crackling universes dive into their own neverending crackle...
Substance / The Ataris

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 03:01

On 2005-12-13 10:06, volvox box wrote:
PsyNina is a hybrid of rhinocheros and hippopotamus, so dont expect her to show up in public.

hahahhaha u totally got me here man... HAHAHAHAAHAHA!!! ... i like this thread from here till it gets blocked, by the way im from mexico so i obviosly never seen any psynina┤s or something around here
Bio Genesis
Bio Genesis

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 03:45
This is for sure one of the most amuzing threads i've ever read.

can't wait to see how this turns out

(this is almost better than the "Ghost in the Shell - stand alone complex series" should see em)
Esterian Project / NOK

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 22:03
Hello guys... iam from hamburg and actually i never saw her just contact on msn with her..she told she from my city but never found time ..we just did one tarck about internet with her.. she never showed me face to face ..its a big big lie iam 100% sure its anyone of psytropic guys..... just have a look and all is clear: PSYnina PSYtropic ...thanks ..

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 23:15

On 2005-12-15 22:03, Esterian wrote:
PSYnina PSYtropic ...thanks ..

huge PSYknockers though.
Mike A

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Posted : Dec 15, 2005 23:45
Gadi, look what you've done

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 16, 2005 03:33
i dont know if i should laugh or cry....
kin beat
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 16, 2005 11:00
this is by far the topic of the year Surrender.


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Posted : Dec 16, 2005 12:52
Can i vote PsyNina for best new artist of this year?
I haven't heard any tune by her but i surely like her face.
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