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Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - HALLUCINOGEN Live in BELGIUM [25/09/04]
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Posted : Aug 24, 2004 13:44
AMON HORUS presents HALLUCINOGEN live [25/09/04]

Simon Posford aka Hallucinogen, Shpongle and even more groups, is undeniably a musician and an engineer of talent. Simon has his own style, and what a great style... His music has been one of the most innovating in Psy-Trance and Ambient music. I know you can easily recognize his style, but without being pretentious, Simon has brought a lot to the Psy-Trance movement.

Simon has something more... Just by listening to his two Psy-Trance albums (Twisted and The Lone Deranger) we are literally carried away in the diversity and the subtility of the sound variations. Maybe you didn't notice because you were in trance but his two albums are extremely well built (especially The Lone Deranger which is the most elaborate of them). Listen to the music with headphones and you'll appreciate the work on the different sound layers, the pan and especially the effects. Those albums are not necessarily for the dancefloor, but that is not the essence of the Goa spirit. The main thing is to "fly", no ? And Simon's music does it very well...

He wouldn't be fair to talk about Simon Posford and Hallucinogen, without speaking of Sphongle, a group formed by Simon Posford and Raja Ram. Shpongle isn't his first ambient group. We had already had a glimpse with some formations like The Mystery of the Yeti or Infinity Project for example... As for Hallucinogen, Simon is a great composer in Ambient/Dub music too. The "Posford" touch is found here again, and one more time, he reaches a new level in Ambient music with the help of Raja Ram (owner of TIP Records). They give us a masterpiece of music with the first Shpongle album called, "Are you Shpongle ?". Their second album "Tales of the Inexpressible" reach a new level in the ambient world. It's a mix of all king of music around the world in a subtle mixture of psychedelic touch. Again a masterpiece and a pure enjoyment for our ears. In another word, it's really "inexpressible".

To say that Posford is a great producer and arranger, is no exageration. He's certainly the absolute master in Psychedelic-Trance and Ambient music. Simon Posford innovated and brought new insight to the Trance-Goa movement. We can say that the music of Posford takes you to a musical dimension, never seen before...

**** H A L L U C I N O G E N **** 2H LIVE SET!
(aka Shpongle/Simon Posford/Younger Brother)

( Twisted Records - UK )


[Kairoo Records]

[UTC/Element Records]

[Spectral & Transient Records]



-15 kW soundsystem
-chai & food stands, market, ...
-visual & light effects

Hangaar 26/27 [Stuurboord] [ ], Antwerp BELGIUM

Rijnkaai 96 Hangar 26/27
B-2000 Antwerpen

*contact us for road description!

+32.486/56.95.78 or +32.485/41.49.16,
Tickets & stand info:
Trance Forum  Forum  Party Promotions - HALLUCINOGEN Live in BELGIUM [25/09/04]
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