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Guinea Pigs - Not tested on animals (zaikadelic rec.)


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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 14:24
i have to say that i enjoyed a lot listening to the album of these crazy brossss

Starting with the trak 'have a nice flight' was a good start for this journey!!!

Production skills of these guys is great!
I like their combination of twisted mindblowing sounds but yet they have some nice melodies to keep the warmness and the good vibes

Good thing that the album has a variety of bpm trax...
Welldone guys and all the best for your future

fav trax: 1,7,8,9           
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 29, 2006 16:10
yeah this is a very good album from my friend pigs, keep on this way babas and cya soon around the world brothers....

take care and cheers from Brazil

Dj Zaidan
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Posted : Nov 30, 2006 21:52
Damn!!!! I love this album...           UGLY BEFORE!

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Posted : Dec 1, 2006 18:33
yahhh what super freaky psychedelic pigs stuff !
I like them a lot! Of course i hv to keep one eye on your stuff

all the best for now... and of course for future

!! piggy greetings from swiss !!
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 2, 2006 15:55
my review taken from the IsraTrance site:
"Not Tested On Animals is the second release of Zaikadelic Records, an independent record label from Tel-Aviv. The 1st one was Neverending Story and their “goal is to support electronic psychedelic music on planet earth, discover and promote more young and talented artists with original psychedelic sound“. Avi and Shalom are two nut brothers also from Israel, aging 30 and 27, respectively. Their 1st encounter with psychedelic music was in the year 1993, and they remember a nice cd from that time: Goa Trax. Later they got influenced by the house music from the 90´s and by the words of one of the duo “after a while we let go of trance music and was more connected with the house music of the late 90´s”, but like people used to say, “who knows, never forgets”, and the love for psychedelic music returned in 2001, and 5 years later they present us Not Tested On Animals, their debut album, that took 5 months to create.
A great thing from this album is that, we can’t, with all certain, say that this music is night or day orientated. The mixture and texture of sounds on this album is so varied, that it goes well, during the day, or during the night but always with powerful sounds to keep the crowd entertained.
We start our voyage in the perspective of this duo, what is to “Have a Nice Flight”, and a nice flight in this album is! We have lots of variations of bass line, acid lines all the way, rolling drums, intelligent psychedelic sounds, well built tracks and some funny noises like puppet sounds.

Recomendation: My favourite tracks are n. º1, this one a really visit card from the two brothers. Track n. º 2, with some nice samples from puppets and it seems it is the noise of rubber ducks, but hey, I can be wrong  . Track n. º 4, Blank Page, more aggressive style to leave your head craving for more. Crowd Control is also a very good track and it seems a different version than the one this guys had available on the IsraTrance Forum, when they were giving the 1st steps of introducing themselves into the psychedelic world, with some oriental sounds on the mixture. Tracks n. º 6 and 7 share the same orientation: dancefloor madness. And to finalize the last track is maybe the more night directioned, some screaming, I believe from the movie “Sin City”, because we have the famous “he made me watch” sample and creepy sounds, but always pumping style.
To end this review, this is a great introduction album from the two brothers, that had already a previous released track in label “how to get by in the U.S.” that showed the direction this guys wanted, to make you dance and leave your head floating. They bring a different approach into the psychedelic world, like I have stated before, by the selection of sounds not being entirely dedicated either to night or day. You want an album to keep the crowd pumping; this is certainly one of them."           ...
Caffix Records
Caffix Records

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Posted : Dec 5, 2006 19:40
One of the best new artist of this year without a doubt!

Congratz Avi and Shalom ! Keep on the good work and wait for them on your closest dancefloor ... very soon hehe

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!Ce M@n
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 6, 2006 11:17
Very nice album.. Indeed a combination of powerfull and intense noizes ,,, and also loot of variation in all the tracks...
I donn think I have my fav track in this album.. I liked all the tracks.. each track is placed porper and gives us massive out put on the floor ...after a long time I've heard some good dark stuff(different) ..rather thn the same killer killer shit..
nice job guinea pigs
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 6, 2006 14:05
this album proved that israel is not only

i like this album a lot!!!

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Posted : Dec 6, 2006 22:10
love the style of this cd much ; sounds clean, psychedelic arrangements ,interressing groove and melanges of fx's,nice structure and combinaison with originality ! for sure this is not FullOn and this is very good like this )))
Loved a lot the cover too ,good work !
all my best things for you dear avi & shalom
keep the underground psy
Parvati Records
Parvati Records
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Posted : Dec 7, 2006 12:07
Best wishes to Guinea Pigs boys for their debut album !
Some powerful fresh new sound with an excellent production.
Way to go !!!!

Giuseppe           v/a CD Brainzcrew 3 - OUT NOW !!!

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Posted : Dec 8, 2006 10:06
amazing work! Sounds great! I like that kind of style very much, positive psychedelic!!!

go go go!!!! ))           Dissociactive @ Moscow, Russia

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Posted : Dec 9, 2006 13:51
First : its A Killlahhh Album , its end to much fest , why not 20 track's?!jok lol
keep on this way brothers
And Nice Covert .

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Posted : Dec 11, 2006 03:34
yahhh what super freaky psychedelic pigs stuff !

hihih yeap i AGREE with my bro Thomas

shalom and Avi to killa bros for sure

BoooooM pigs BoooooM
digital mandala

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Posted : Dec 18, 2006 18:07
i like this album they got POWER in therir songs!!!!!
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