Forum facts and guidelines.

The Isratrance forum was started in 1999, but got boosted and upgraded near the end of 2000 with a new design and a growing steady community.
It is a community revolving around trance music, and aimed at discussing trance music on various topics.
Since this is not a small community we have some guidelines as to what this forum deals with and how to behave in it- please read them well and respect them!

Be respectful and polite to others.
No violence- no swears, no dirty language, no degrading words- say what you want politely and respectfully.
Advice: read again what you wrote before hitting the post key- try to think if it will really deliver your message the right way.

This an international forum:
Write in English, so all can understand.
Mind your words, there maybe others from a different culture that will find them offensive.

This is a big forum:
Make sure your posts are interesting to the majority of the community. Otherwise carry on discussions privately- the forum enables you to
send private messages to other forum members, and communicate with them via different channels- ICQ & Email.
Try to stay on topic- there are different forums for different subjects- try to stick to the subject.
If you really want to say something off topic that you feel will interest all others, use the off topic forum.

No politics.
No violence.
No disrespect.
No trading.