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going to london...


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Posted : Dec 26, 2010 09:25:45
Hi everyone this is Leonel.

I am going to stay in London between 11.Jan > 18.Jan. Then from 18.Jan > 25.Jan I will be between Belgium/Antwerpen and Netherlands.
It´s both holiday and business trip.

I would be pleasure to meet and contact with people around, sharing experiences, have a conversation.. so on...
So far until now, I am not selling any of my work.. but i do participate in bienals, expositions, workshops and apply for short film and animation festivals, etc..

A few of my work for online preview >
This is Texas Faggott - Latuajan Käännösuraa (4´08) - Unofficial Music Video Clip i did.
It´s just a 0´30 preview. You will not find it anywhere else. Just here in the Forum (link will expire at 01 January, 2010).

Use this email for contacting me:

I am open book. My regards, Leonel. bom

Started Topics :  2
Posts :  2
Posted : Dec 30, 2010 05:02


I´ve heard that Psygarden it´s going offline after more than 10 years!
That means (related to this topic) "...A few of my work for online preview..." effect

use this blog instead for preview >

A single word directing to the issue "...Psygarden going offline..." especially for the new generation and newcomers.
Just to remind that Rik did a superb, amazing job by handling this project on.. and I hope it will be ON for many years to come...

Most people are not aware of how it´s important to preserve culture, generate new values, etc, etc...
Support it... you will never regret.. call Rik.. give it a try.

Most people can´t visualize because they don´t want to.. they end copying what they perceive and repeat the formula over and over again..
You don´t need to be a rocket scientist for have a vision on your own.. you just need to give it a try.. call him!

Until now I didn´t receive one cent! one!... for providing any kind of job or service to this scene. Not for a matter of skill or looking
an opportunity, essencially because i didn´t try it.. i am not interested... but i did meet people over the time! and that´s the most important for me.. it still is

Trance Forum » » Forum  UK - going to london...
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