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Posted : May 31, 2012 01:43:45
Despertar: Psychedelic Trance Party - 2ª Edição

Link to event:

É com imensa alegria que informamos que a DESPERTAR retorna para realização de sua 2ª edição, buscando proporcionar mais 1 noite diferenciada de música, arte e psicodelia ao verdadeiro público da cena carioca.
Venha conosco dançar e celebrar numa festa realizada especialmente de amigos para amigos! Nesta edição, o Line UP contará com a presença ilustre de um dos maiores representantes mundiais do estilo old-school Goa Trance: Goasia!!!
E ainda seu projeto paralelo OPSY, trazendo o Psy Night Techno Progress. Uma mistura de estilos, diretamente da Sérvia para a cidade maravilhosa.
O local escolhido para a realização da nossa celebração está situado no Centro do RJ, próximo a Pça Tiradentes, no Centro de Artes Maria Teresa Vieira.


23:00-00:00 - Kiirtan DJ Set (Techno) - RJ

00:00-01:00 - Misticin Live (Prog Trance) - RJ

01:00-02:00 - Agni DJ Set (Prog Dark / Enlight) - RJ

02:00-03:00 - OPSY Set !!! (Psy Night Techno Progress / Soundmute Recordings) - Sérvia

03:00-04:00 - GOASIA Live !!!! (Goa Trance / Spacedock Records) - Sérvia

04:00-05:00 - Flict DJ Set (Goa Trance / Enlight) - RJ

05:00-06:00 - Photophobia Set (Fullon Night,Dark / Enlight) - RJ

06:00-07:00 - Karmatron DJ Set (Forest / Enlight) - RJ

Ambiente produzido por:
*Ralf Life* e Equipe Despertar


COM nome na LISTA ATÉ 00hs: R$ 30,00

SEM nome na LISTA OU APÓS 00hs: R$ 35,00

(enviar até as 18:00 hs do dia 08/06 – sexta-feira)

Obs: Festa restrita a 150 pessoas.



Since the year 2000 Goasia is into goa and psytrance music exclusively. Electronic sound greatly influenced on Balint since its very beginning. Guess this is the reason why he is so fond of electronic instruments. Older member of the project and founder, Balint Tihamer, has continually followed development of this kind of music since 1970s starting with german "Kraftwerk" and "Tangerine Dream" to the representatives of english "new wave" and creative work of Japanese Kitaro, greek Vangelis and frenchmen Jeal-Michele Jarre, while the other member, Vladislav Radulovic a.k.a. Kanc Cover, entered the world of trance music in 1994. and meats
with at that time popular Goa Trance sound. Explosive development of electronic music in 90s resulted in creation of several subgenres. Goa Trance as fusion of ambiental, ethno, and techno music is one of them. It is Balint's contention, that this subgenre combines past, present and future of electronic music. This was the very reason that Balint go into the music business once again after a long period of absence. Continuous interplay of spiritual and dreaming-like soundscapes gives a listener the unique experience. When it comes to Balint's personal style, he would refer to it as the one containing the complexity of fullon and spirituality of the old-style goa music, in Kanc's words: "A Goa Trance with innovative bass line, as a way to bring closer the old sound to young listeners". The project is making an effort towards creating complex, yet easy-to-listen and to dance to music. Music is a joy in every one of us, and that makes the projects goal that as many people enjoys in the music it creates. Every single suggestion or remark of yours, Goasia reads with the fullest attention and appreciation. So feel free to write to us. The first goatrance edition, named "Pure Planet", in whom Balint is participating got published in July 2004. for Kagdila Rec. Beside psytrance, the project is also doing chillout music. The Project got a new member, previously stated, Kanc Cover, from the X-Raything and Opsy projects, in the year 2005. The very same year they had
their first performance together at the Exit 05 Festival.

Goasia - Live Mix @ Universo Paralello 10:


Behind the OPSY project is Vladislav Radulovic aka Kanc Cover (1979) from Cacak/Belgrade, Serbia, the man who is in projects called X-Raything and Goasia. Was also member of Tech House project Dirty Cover. Newly formed project OPSY (founded in June 2006) is in fact a mixture of night psy sound with the eventual mechanical motives expressed in the form of ambient FXs and with tech groove. In all of his production you can hear mostly tech loops no matter if it’s ambient, down tempo or 4x4 track. For his music Opsy say that is Psy Night Progress techno trance music. Most of the tracks are more like deep techno. Usual beat per minutes of Opsy tracks is from 125 to 140 bpm. The place where consumers of tech trance & night progressive music could hear sets of Opsy till now was practically all over the globe.

Latest DJ set:


Enlight Crew
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