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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Getting to parties in Mexico
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Getting to parties in Mexico


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Posted : Aug 24, 2005 04:24
Hey, i am going to Mexico to study next year and will be on my own. I would very much like to get into the Mexican party scene as i have heard awesome things but how does everyone get to the big outdoor parties does everyone drive or is public transport available to a lot of the sites? Any info would be much appreciated!

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Posted : Aug 27, 2005 04:44
Hi man well, some times there is transport but he is not very reliable, so that it takes to you but it does not return to the beginning point, then but surely it is to go in car, perhaps if you are going to be near to mexico city we pruned to go together.


so we are in contact if you want to do some thing           the music is the soundtrack of your life

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Posted : Aug 31, 2005 17:11
also most of the parties in mexico have buses hired by the party promoters that take peopple to the party, specially in festivals.
if you want to go to parties in other parts of the republic there are well organized buses that go from all the republic to the place where the party is going to take place.

they give round trip and entrance for a price.

good luck
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 13, 2005 05:55
however u get to the party , ur gonna have some fun

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Posted : Sep 14, 2005 06:28
Many good parties, mostly full-on, but the progressive trance parties in outdoor places are the cream.

Tequila hugs. jaja

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Posted : Sep 14, 2005 23:46
I'm guessing you are going to study in Guadalajara. If so, send me a pm and I'll hook you up with all the right people.           Laughter is the shape that darkness took around the first appearance of light.


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Posted : Sep 15, 2005 08:08
I will be in Guadalajara me thinks, i dunno i was gonna go to Mazatlan but it seems a bit too small...

I need some advice from fellow psy lovers who know the place. I am going to be in Guadalajara for a year and I can't work out where I should live. I can either stay with a family, go in the dorms at uni or share/rent an apartment privately. I wanna party quite a bit while i am away and want to know if there is going to be friction with a host family if I stay out all weekend and come home looking seedy. I think since i am going all that way(i'm form australia btw), I would like to live with Mexicans for the spanish practice and cultural aspect etc, but will i have trouble explaining where i spend my weekends etc? What about living with other students etc? Any advice would be greatly appreciated!
Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Getting to parties in Mexico
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