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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Genetic Spin - On/Off (CreamCrop)
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Genetic Spin - On/Off (CreamCrop)


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Posted : Jun 10, 2003 17:16
One of the most interesting acts on the danish progressive scene, is the duo Genetic Spin, consisting of Simon Towity and Michael Schultz.

They first met back in 2000, and in 2002 they released their first track, "Mogley Brunch" on Leviathen. After this they released tracks on labels like Interzone, Ayahuasca, Novatekk, and on CreamCrop they released their most popular release up to this day: the "Lowrider" Maxi.

Now it's time for their debut album "On/Off". Just as "Lowrider" it's released on the danish label CreamCrop.


1. Sundown (7:32)
2. Comeback (6:28)
3. Stagediver (8:06)
4. Shaolin Groove (7:04)
5. Rizraz (8:47)
6. Mood Bounce (7:29)
7. Topload (8:30)
8. Desert Vibes (8:54)
9. Viper (7:29)

Those who have already heard some of Genetic Spins earlier tracks, will quickly recognise their deep and groovy style.

1. No need for a long intro here. After about 12 seconds we hear the beat for the first time, and the party is started. It rolls in the quite normal Genetic Spin style, but a small interesting melody starts at 4:40, and continues throughout the track.

2. Not as good as the opening track, but it has it's moments. In particular the break at around 4 minutes.

3. The sounds here are a bit to "growly" for my taste, and the percussion in the last 3 minutes doesn't work that well. One of my least favorite tracks.

4. We have a woman singing through most of this track. Not lyrics, just some pleasant "oooh's" and "aaah's". It works pretty well, but is not one of the standout tracks here.

5. My favorite on the album, with a lot of stuff happening. Some nice scando sounds, makes this track a bit more trancy than the rest here.

6. Again some pretty nice work. It has some pretty dark pads, and generally a darker "feel".

7. Perhaps my least favorite track on the album. It does have some pretty nice sounds, but as track #3, I find it a bit too "growly" -
especially in the last half.

8. As the rest of the tracks, it's nice and groovy, just not enough happening to make it stand out.

9. A fine finish to the album. Very catchy.

Bottom line:

Comparing the album to Genetic Spins earlier releases, I'll definatly say they have improved their sound. I would describe it as a bit less "dry", and more trancy. But still, it's deep and progressive.

A fine album with some nice music for the dancefloor. Even though it'll fit well in your CD-player for home listening, the best experience is it played loud at a party (their liveset is very nice btw).




1, 5, 6, 9

More info:
          DJ pr0fane (Iboga Records) | Multiphase | |

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Posted : Jun 11, 2003 19:02
well i had a listen to the psyshop samples and i liked it pretty much, i will get me a copy for sure. but sometimes it sounds like they have much unnecessary shit in their trax.           Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!

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Posted : Jun 17, 2003 19:24
ok, i got it too....

...and I don't repent it.

# 1 Sundown : best track to start an album with. it gives a bright morning feeling, the small neat melody fits in here very good, gr8 job my genetic m8's.

# 2 Comeback : also a very good tune. it continous the morning feelings of the first track.

# 3 Stagediver : deep, off beat baseline shows this track. not that good anyways. the percussion pr0fane mentioned don't fit here.

# 4 Shaolin Groove : this track sounds bad mixed...the groove doesnt groove at all imho but it has its very nice parts, the voice is cool !

# 5 Rizraz : yeah this is the most (morning-) trancey track here, i like the changes in percussions, the break in the fourth minute... it has also the best fx of the whole thingie. again very good job.

# 6 Mood Bounce : the most powerful track in here. dark, nightish, rolling, much warm scando stuff......this one catched me from the first second. outstanding work G.S. !

# 7 Topload : very groovy one i like the growly stuff...and there are more changes than in all the other traxx.

# 8 Desert Vibes : another stomper beat. i didnt like the sounds in the beginning, but it gets better at around 3 minutes. not that favourite, and almost boring....

# 9 Viper : too fast evolution for me. all the sounds and synths are good as always only those clicks could be left out. also bit boring :/

overall : deep trancey stuff with morning and dark attitudes. good job. with ticon, paste, mumbo jumbo and shiva chandra, this is one of the best albums so far this year (for me).
only critics are: sometimes the trax are so full of things and have such a fast buildup that it sounds boring here and there in tracks 4 and 9.

Fav's : 1 (!!!), 2, 5 (!!!), 6 (!!!), 7 (!), 8.
all the other ones are good or average...the only one i really dont like is 4.

Verdict: 8/10


(sorry for subjective review...i'm not good in objective things )

          Anakoluth A Pebble in Your Eardrum's Shoe since 2001!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 24, 2003 02:48
Absolute Killer, This album is my definition of progressive trance. This album together with A.K.D and some Antix and I'm in progressive heaven.           Opus Iridium
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Genetic Spin - On/Off (CreamCrop)
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