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Garbage: A topic all on it's own!


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Posted : May 18, 2006 02:02
...and what to do about it. Although garbage is a problem at most events and parties around the world, it does seem to be particularly bad in Mexico. Many of us that travel to Mexico for these parties are shocked at the amout garbage strewn around.

At some of the larger parties, garbage is a problem on this side as well, but there are usually sufficient garbage cans and people dedicated to clean up. However, at many of our outdoor (desert and forest) parties, there is no one hired to do clean up - the party goers just keep it limited and then voluntarily clean up what is left behind by others. In fact, at many of these parties, you will not find a single cigarette butt on the ground! We leave only footprints as a sign that we just partied our asses off all weekend long.

So, yes, it would be nice to have better (hired) garbage collection at the parties in Mexico, but I'd like to hear ideas on how to stop - or at least slow down - the garbage that is just tossed carelessly by the party goers. This should not just be the responsibility of the organizers - should be everyone's responsibility.

When I am in Mexico and I have an empty water bottle in my hand or candy wrapper, I don't toss it on the ground but I look for a garbage can or receptacle of some sort to get rid of it. Although I would feel bad about littering, I would feel super bad about littering someone else's country. What would you (my mexican family) think of me if you saw me littering your country?

Anyway, please share ideas on how to encourage everyone not to litter in the first place.

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 18, 2006 02:20
Yes it is a major problem in mexico, i don't know why many people just don't care, or respect... i don't care if they're too Fcukd up.. A suggestion for a solution would be to gather many trashcans around the dance floor, and pick up some of it everyonce in a while just to show other people how to respect!
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Saint Seiya

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Posted : May 18, 2006 03:33
Educating ourselves. how? thanx to Umbra for pointing it out!.
teaching by doing it!. is it the way? hell fucking yeah!
honestly, how hard it could be?.
I have personaly argue with people about this, and quite honest the all they have answer me is that because they were charged a fee to get in.....( they assume that the promoter has taken care of that..) So they think they are allowed to do whatever they feel doing at the party.....
which means getting faded, throwing the trash anywhere they can, peeing outside the portable restrooms and enjoying the rush hugging an elfo on their arms Etc etc etc.... doES it Sound fAmiliAr?
outdoor gatherings are really good, the feel to be on the wild listening music and dancing must make us conscious about the responsability to keeep the forest, desert, beach or whatever other outdoor spot you might like you have to repect the enviroment and don´t let the garbage around.
lets work on that.....

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Posted : May 18, 2006 15:28
Something that has been very effective in the past. if one person starts picking up the garbage soon you'll have two, then three then four, we need to rescue this tradition!!

I started to like trance besides loving the music because people who went to the parties had ideals, we believed in things like world peace, universal love and ecologic consciousness, there were always volunteers picking up garbage and it worked really well.

where do we want our scene to go? it's not just about music this is a lifestyle and it is meant to get out the best of us, if mother earth has given us so much the least thing we could do is to take care of her!

But also let's remember something, trance for us is a lifestyle, for promoters is business but this doesn't mean is not their responsibility to offer facilities in the party for their customers, we need to start demanding things that we deserve as paying customers like lots of garbage cans, cleaning personnel and more bathrooms, if people pees outside the bathroom is because they do parties for 10,000+ people and there are just 2 bathrooms or no bathrooms at all, this isn't fair!           Peace, Love, Light and Harmony

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Posted : May 23, 2006 02:54
Very nice of you to post this up.

People should be more conciderate.
First of all organizers should place atleast one trash can for every 5meters or so, or give a trash bag to everybody who enters the openair party for them to place near their tent or hang out zone.
Also since it will be very hard to suddenly give education to hundreds... maybe we can try some alternative methods. Ive learned that in parties in germany the organizers pay you a small amount of money for picking up trash and depositing at a special assigned counter. Maybe we should try this. If you pay 1 peso for every 5 cans or bottles picked up, then people will be encouraged and can get some money for themselfs on the way.
500 pesos = 2500 pieces of trash picked up.

It will defenetly not affect the party's economy since only a small amount is needed and it would compensate later when you have to pick up less at the end of the party. Its deffenetly worth a try.

What do you guys think?

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Posted : May 28, 2006 19:08
Funny how no organizers have posted here regarding this very important subject. Maybe we should link it to the black list where everybody is pointing fingers and all the organizers are posting like crazy. This way they wont be able to ignore it and will have to deal with it.

And whats up people we need some support!!! Or do you not care about leaving trash behind after you leave a party?           "If our gods and our hopes are nothing but scientific phenomena, then it must be said that our love is scientific as well"
- "L'Eve Future"
deliria mara

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Posted : May 30, 2006 18:00

In our last party we organize an eco team, we call people that wanted to be part of this event and help with the garbage, we had a sponsor who made us very nice T shirts for the team, this people arrived in the afternoon before the party and help us with putting garbage bags etc... Then during the party with all their good vibe they started to pick up some garbage and then people react and help them aswell, also, we have made promotions like if you bring one bag full of garbage or a box full of cigarrette filters we gave them a big beer, it work good, I recomend to do that, and maybe if you are a dj with "fans" if you pick up garbage then the pople who admire you will do it, is just motivation i think, we have to motivate the people to do something. We cannot keep on having that dirty parties anymore.
deliria mara

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Posted : May 30, 2006 18:12

Sorry, I didnt finish.

So, we are promoters but aswell we love trance, we became this because this music is in our hearts, we make parties but Forza believe me is not for the money, is sad you say that for you this is a life style and for promoters is just business. And there is people like you worried about this, and there is also people trying to do something. I wish we just stop criticizing and start acting more, and as real trance lovers come together and plan something good for our scene.

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Posted : Jun 1, 2006 16:47
Mara sorry for the comment, you are right not all producers are like this. I know you and Tony have always been commited to trance and have produced some of the best parties held ever.

I know that Deliria is an organization full of soul and love that has also advised investors and promoters to make excellent parties.

I agree completely with you that real trance lovers should come together and do something, not just criticize we've already done that in the past remember parties like Dilmun remember? they were awesome because some of the most commited trance lovers in Mexico participated.

I just wish that there were more party promoters that followed your example.

love and light

          Peace, Love, Light and Harmony

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Posted : Jun 3, 2006 00:06
Right on deliria!

Its good to see that people are acting more and talking less. I really think that what your doing is great!

Hopefully by spreading the word we can motivate more and more people. And everybody make sure you tell all your friends and start acting so other people follow and start growing concious about this.

Little by little i think we can make the difference.

          "If our gods and our hopes are nothing but scientific phenomena, then it must be said that our love is scientific as well"
- "L'Eve Future"

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Posted : Jun 28, 2006 17:07
I've noticed in Canada that when parties are outdoors, people tend to be more conscientious about shit like that... but as soon as its in a club, its garbage madness everywhere... I think it connects to spirituality... when people are out in the woods, its harder to act like 'consumers'... One way or another, we might be cleaner in Canada, but let me tell you that its all thrown in the garbage - as opposed to being recycled (when its all recycleable - plastic bottles and cans... and we have an excellent recycling system here) - so there's still a ways to go... even in 'clean' countries...
Nevertheless, best solution is, as mentionned above in the strand, to start picking up garbage at the end of the party... those who came to contribute and not to consume will pitch in... its their way of saying thanx for the great night...
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