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Future Waves new compilatiom by Dj feio/xxxperience/Brasil


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Posted : Aug 29, 2009 16:57:05
Luíz Guilherme Sala, Dj Feio, started as a dj playing in friend’s parties. Playing the all kind of trance, specially the "Psychedelic Trance" (the old Goa Trance), Feio started well, acquiring fame of good entertainer of the tracks. Since 97, some clubs have started to invite him to present himself in pick-up's as the clubs Floresta, Venice, Waka Loca, Sta. Cruz, Bar do Meio, etc. In this same year, he started to organize his own parties, the appraised Rave XXXperience together with Dj Rica, and assumed the professional character of being the dj and rhythm motor of the parties that he plays. XXXperience is the biggest rave of Brazil; it was elected the best two consecutive times (in 98/99) by the column "Noite Ilustrada" of journalist Érika Palomino, from Folha de SP newspaper.

Feio leads the XXXperience covering many cities and states of Brazil: São Paulo, Belo Horizonte, Curitiba, Brasília, Goiania… Since then it has started the invitations, as the magazine It's Cool, of surf company Hang Loose, Australia Down South and Da Hui and another ones, and at the same period he was invited to participate in Germany of the most important popular party of electronic music, the Love Parade. This is the biggest event of the electronic culture in the world that attracts annually in July, during the European summer, to Berlin (Germany) a public higher than 1,5 million of people that coming from all parts of the globe. In 98, the Brazil’s club had started to get interested at Feio’s work, this way he spread the "trance sounds" in many clubs and parties: Moinho Santo Antônio, B.A.S.E club, Kashmir and in the mains Sao Paulo’s clubs, he also played in privates events at the restaurants Panino Giusto and Danang. In 99, there were the confirmation with the clubs and raves of all Brazil where Feio is constant presence. In the year of 2000, Feio covering the main Brazilian capitals spreading the XXXperience project. In the year of 2001, Feio was invited to participate of Rock in Rio where, with Dj Rica, they were considered the best djs at the trance night. His set was a success and resulted in million of orders of bis After the presentation of the last dj, Feio and Rica came back to the pick-ups driving people crazy.

In this same year, he signed contract with the appraised recorder Tip Records, being part of its international casting.In the year of 2002, Dj Feio went again to Germany where he played at the Shiva Moon festival – event that, in that year, had a public of more than 10.000 people. In the return from Germany, Dj Feio launched his first CD, the Rave XXXperience II, journeying for all Brazil. The compact disc, still in launching phase,was sold out just in the first week, with 11.000 copies sold as the own recorder TRAMA reported.In january of 2003, Dj Feio played at the great festival Planeta Atlântida, at the beach of Atlântida – RS. Soon after the carnival, Feio went to Israel, where he played in two great events of top labels Israeli Shaffel Rec. and Com.pact Rec. Com.pact Rec. is the new Feio’s sponsor.

Feio was still confirmed to play in another parties in Israel, but they had been canceled because the bad situation caused by Iraq war. Dj Feio left Israel to Nova York, where he played at Mundo club. In August of 2003 Dj Feio went again to Germany where he played in the Voov Xperience – the most traditional trance festival in Europe - after this he returned to Israel (his second time in the same year) where he recorded his international compilation through the Com.pact Records.In the year of 2004, Dj Feio was in evolution and he changed his recorder, moving to the appraised and new CHEMICAL CREW, that have in their casting names such as SKAZI,VOID,DINO PSARAS,TALAMASCA, and another ones, in this same year, he won the title of “best” TRANCE PSYCHEDELIC DJ OF 2004 elected by popular vote, in the competition of DJ SOUND magazine.In 2005, he came back to Israel where his name is very required in all night clubs from there and well considered by the mainly Israeli great artists, who are nowadays the psychedelic sound motor in the world. He started to make his own music with partnership with artists like STAR-X ( The trap- that is in the compilation URBAN AWAKENING BY DJ DUSK), BIZARRE CONTACT (Technology- that is in the album LA LA LAND do VISUAL CONTACT) and with ULTRAVOICE + BIZARRE CONTACT (Nasty), that will be launched soon.

In September, he played at GATHERING VISION QUEST in Japan, one of the biggest psytrance festivals in the world, being the “only Brazilian” invited. Feio is frequent presence in the great festivals and parties in all over Brazil, and recently he was chosen as the 27 BEST DJ OF BRAZIL in all categories. In november 2006, he launch another compilation named "TURBULANCE", by CHEMICAL CREW recorder.

Dj Feio is 51 years old and is considered by everybody as a master in the psychedelic trance music art. In 2006, DJ Feio was performing in Turkey at Soulclipse Festival from March 27th to April 1rst, he was one of the main DJs of the event,, (look the pictures of this party at the website)And after April 1rst, he was in a tour for about a month in the "psy land" : Israel, where he played at many clubs and parties.In August in between 17 and 22 he played in Marocco,in a biggest underground psychedelic festival of all times,in Asilah beach,the RHYTHM OF PEACE,, and later tour of 7 parties touched again in Israel in one. In the next 10 of march 2007 DJ Feio will be play in JAPAN on CLUB M that comemorates 3 years of existence in the LandSun and it's considerate the best eletronic music Club of JAPAN. DJ Feio don't stop, Aug. 19/2007 he released new double cd compilation BACKWASH.

2008 he played in the X Treme festival(Mexico) with Underworld and Moby,more many psychedelic artists like Skazi,Astrix,and etc,Urban Art Forms festival(Austria),Trance for Nation party(Israel),Full Moon(Germany) with Juno Reactor,Hadra Trance Fest(France),VuuV(Germany) and SOS in Japan.

In 2009 dj Feio is the number 32 from the all the best djs in BRASIL 2008/2009(check TOP 50 DJS IN BRASIL),started this year with the Revellion party from the Ministry Of Sound in Brasil(Rosa South beach/Sta.Catarina state)with a low psy bpm set... He will play in the Bahia Carnival vip area...New compilation cd come soon FUTURE WAVES in SEPTEMBER 29/ 2009 just digital in the .Enjoy.

Tracklist :

1. Feio feat.Cosmonet & Sergio Hinds - Mirror of the time (original mix)
2. Gms & Domestic - 3rd try lucky (original mix)
3. John 00 Fleming - Nervous Breakdown (Anton Chernikov Remix) (original mix)
4. Audio x- No Fear (original mix)
5. Dimitri Nakov - I like you (original mix)
6. Antidote - Kluster (original mix)
7. Life Style - Bass Monkey (original mix)
8. Prosper - Tired Of The Future (Species Remix) (original mix)
9. Alchemix - For a Moment (originalo mix)
10. Arkanoids - Terraform (original mix)
11. Plasmotek - Hypnotoad (original mix)
12. Waio & Silver Surfer - Pa Down (original mix)

relese date : Sept.29.2009
Trance Forum » » Forum  Brazil - Future Waves new compilatiom by Dj feio/xxxperience/Brasil
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