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IsraTrance Junior Member
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Posted : May 18, 2018 20:10:39
Here's a piece I wrote. It is coherent but still in code. I plan on posting all six episodes here. Bom!

FUTURE GOA, by me (Anita)

episode ONE: 'Fly Goa'

Within my cute, fun insider location we find the canny comparison with smart and proactive elements of North Goa. The discussion is far advanced. Intelligent as well as beautiful, we women DO participate. In the future Goa of Year 3000, all ladies there will live fully empowered. Classy women everywhere will have had common goals with these ladies.

Let's examine some new, female-friendly features of Goa Year 3000, where developments will validate the goings-on.

One technological advance will have to be special traveling carpets made of sound, which will be skillfully woven by us women. Sound being a known quantity in Indian culture, the carpets will bring excellent music. This will cause great joy amongst the esteemed people. By 3000, we will have come to protect the amazing carpets simply due to their awesomeness: a cultural advance.

Art is natural. For bringing the carpets, women get blessed. For an ambitious woman, fame brings wealth. Staying, improving, and expanding will be abilities acquired everywhere in Goa by Year 3000.

On the complex, yet short, road to the formidable musical carpets, i.e. before this futuristic advance happens, protecting must come: certain powerful amulets. Legal and readily available, the invincible amulets display a magnificent outcome; used correctly, they are safe. More than ever in the touristic righteousness, now, of our time, safety is necessary. That we need it is usually obvious. Already we see the long-established protective amulets. They'll take root BEFORE the fast, fancy flying carpets, each of which will be good for the Environment and society. It will all flourish in an irresistible mix.

A modern plus preservationist outlook finds a vibrant future Goa.

IsraTrance Junior Member
Started Topics :  45
Posts :  155
Posted : Jun 14, 2018 22:17
Episode Two for your reading pleasure....

On Thu, 4/12/18, Ideal Reality <> wrote:


episode TWO: The Story of Song

Such advantageous cultures as 1. My insider location, and 2. Goa, will have discovered and will be promoting the incredible, all-natural Singing Trees, which will be most prized by Year 3000 in the gritty yet charming Goa. Here, in 3000, these beauteous trees, each of whose leaves is a mouth that sings, will be tended in strong fortresses.

In valorous Goa deeds, picking up after oneself manifests good karma. Just as each tourist must dust, sweep, and clean its own space, so too will the protective fortresses guard health and safety. After all, female priests are allowed and encouraged to tend the great and beloved Singing Trees. This benefits us: in 3000 we'll have already had various types of good jobs, by no means limited. And, as a woman, I can tell you I need my rights protected.

My fortresses extend naturally into the future in emulation of the currently available, legal amulets which, you may recall from another episode, preserve art in our time. From that, the peace shall actually, actively prevail, also by enshrining the Singing Trees in these very fortresses I did mention. Artistic acts will continue blossoming in Year 3000. The coexisting Singing Trees symbolize high standards.

Lights and decorations definitely add to the common spaces in North Goa. Come to think of it, my insider location has them too. Goa just has more, though. Add the mellifluous Singing Trees, and aesthetic pleasure becomes a fact that should be more universally acknowledged.

Simply when local requirements will become more committed to the future, here again the fortresses will come in super handy for everybody because the Singing Trees will thankfully stay preserved.

The melodious Trees have many applications. Do you think they are MUCH too beautiful to ever cut down? I know I do.

A.A. L-W.

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