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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Frozen Ghost - Just One Bite (Afrogalactic Records)
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Frozen Ghost - Just One Bite (Afrogalactic Records)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 2, 2007 16:16
Artist: Frozen Ghost
Album: Just One Bite
Label: Afrogalactic Records
Released: June 2006


1. Lowlife Loser (9:13)
2. Mushroom Mayhem v2.0 (7:10)
3. Bonestorm (7:38)
4. Just One Bite (8:02)
5. Incredible Legends (6:45)
6. Fool Moon Rmx (6:57)
7. Elephant Safari (8:08)
8. Good For Nothing (7:48)
9. S.W.O.R.N. - Sole Survivor (Frozen Ghost Rmx) (8:05)

The promotext (from psyshop):

Four year's in the making, and loaded with a quirky, ultra funky psychedelic flavour and definitely not lacking the full on sound S.A is so well known for.

There is a little something for everyone, starting off with catchy sunlight rhythms and progressing into more rumbling bass lines with a darker and deeper feel, but never losing the hypnotic groove that Frozen Ghost fans have come to love. With tracks to fit any dance floor this is an album for any DJ's collection, seriously funky bass lines and twisted melodies keep you totally entertained and mesmerised creating undeniable twitches in the hip area and forcing your hands skywards.

The review:

Your hands skywards... riiiight. Those promotexts always make me laugh. Anyway, this album has been out for some time, but since I got this only recently and noticed there weren't any reviews yet I decided to give it a go once again. I'll go through this track by track as I usually do.

Track 1: Starts off with atmospherics, samples and a gloomy atmosphere. At 0:43 a bassline and kick seep in and some percussion as well. Hi-hats come in, some more sampling and we're off. Typical South African type of groove and buildup. The track is pretty wacky with all those manipulated voices and police siren samples. This zany atmosphere continues throughout the track and it sets the tone nicely for the album. Good track. Has quite a lot of breaks but still manages to get a good flow going.

Track 2: Starts off with atmospherics again but quickly starts with bassline, kick and percussion. A continuation of the track Mushroom Mayhem featured on the 'Decadance' compilation from Afrogalactic this one is less zany than track 1, but still has some crazy sampling in it Frozen Ghost's music is playful and trippy and you'll know it. I like the bassline in this one. Lots of breaks again, but they're relatively short and don't stop the flow. Good track and an insane finale.

Track 3: Fades in a loop and starts off with some more wacky samples (do I hear Homer from The Simpsons? Yes I do...) and it continues with some more sampling from that same show and we're off again on another zany journey. Not much to say really. If you liked the tracks before than this will do it for you as well. Lots of samples from The Simpsons at least, so you know what to expect. A nice track.

Track 4: The titletrack and it starts off with some atmospherics. A bassline and kick come in pretty quickly and around 1:40 the hihats and percussion really take hold and we're off once again. Less wacky, but more gritty and psychedelic perhaps than the tracks before. Some sample about a superhero being sued and we're deep into psyland now. This one is definately wilder and harsher than the stuff before. A great track to get the adrenaline pumping.

Track 5: Some sampling and atmospherics get this started. It quickly builds with a rather funky little bassline and acidic looping noises. It gets into a good groove and doesn't start off as zany as some other tracks. Some more samples, from The Incredibles if I'm not mistaken (track 4 already had a sample from that movie as well) and generally a pretty wild track. I like it anyway. On to the next.

Track 6: A remix from the track on the Wild Spirits - Strong Medicine compilation. It starts off with atmospherics and a slower bassline and kick. A more gloomy atmosphere is set. That soon disappears however when the song reaches its proper speed and the zany feeling comes back as well with the horn samples and stuff like that. Nice track, over before you know it.

Track 7: Starts off with atmospherics again and some manipulated samples. Bassline and kick around 0:28 and we're off again on another Frozen Ghost trip. A wild track with lots of scratching sounds, wicked bassline and a harder feel to it again. Great stuff.

Track 8: Starts off with some atmospherics again but gets down to business quite fast. It gets into a good rhythm and at around 2:40 there are some nice sample manipulations. The track totally takes off from there. Again a pretty hard edge here. Good track.

Track 9: The last one and it's a remix of a S.W.O.R.N. track. Starts off immediately and proceeds into a nice groove with some samples from Sin City. A good track and no mistake. The original was on the Decadance compilation again and that one was a little less funky than this if I'm not mistaken.

Conclusion: And so we come to the end of this, Frozen Ghosts' debut album. I must say it's been a nice ride. The music on offer here is definately South African psy, but a bit more zany and playful. If you like any previous tracks from Frozen Ghost or just South African style psy in general you should get this. It might not be as stellar as for example Multistate or Twisted System, but it's a good album and no mistake. 8/10 from me.

Listen to samples here:           "Subconscious unravels at the point of death, and all time it has known erupts into a moment. As death extinguishes us, so we become it."

[Esoteric: Subconscious Dissolution Into The Continuum]
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 2, 2007 17:02
i really liked this album. the fool moon rmx is insane, and bonestorm always cracks me up. this is a strong album, and one hell of a journey . really makes u look forward to his next album, which should be out this year sometime. nice review and great album. go frozen ghost!
if anyone's interested i think frozen ghost posted a remix of his 'good for nothing' track on the forums. 
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 3, 2007 00:05
One of the good albuns I bought last year.

Good For Nothing is probably my favorite, I loved the sample: "I need oil..." Bonestorm is also great, in fact the whole album is great to add diversity to night sets.

The cover is cool too.

...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 3, 2007 08:39
Didnt quite grab me the way i would have liked it to, honestly speaking. Way to many breaks at the wrong time which actually 'breaks' the continuity in the auditory experience.

This breakcore style doesnt to do justice to frozen ghosts talent. Even the mushroom mayhem version had something gone awry. I dunno just my opinion.
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MorNinG MaGiC

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Posted : May 3, 2007 15:45
Brilliant diverse album something really fresh and different tht has come out from the twilite south african side ..! Its got some attitude and lotsa Funk loaded to stream u into an OVERDRIVE MODE ..! prbly one of the best albums tht i heard n hit me HARD last year ..!

loved preety much the whole concept and style the album represents its raw , nasty has some really insane drives and is heavy and loaded in its own realms & in ur face FOoOl On hehe ..!
stonking traxs for the twilite period cant wait for his next album from..!Will release on YABAI RECORDS some where down this year shud be smooth ..!

As far as trax pickings go my fav would be :-

3. Bonestorm (7:38)<---GRooOoVE
4. Just One Bite (8:02)
5. Incredible Legends (6:45)<---INSANE
6. Fool Moon Rmx (6:57)<--- INSANE
7. Elephant Safari (8:08)
9. S.W.O.R.N. - Sole Survivor (Frozen Ghost Rmx) <--- REALLY GOOD RMX

boom ..!
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 3, 2007 22:10
killarg of the best i heard this year..
strong and vewy crazy. frozen ghost if one of my fav artists- pure SA madness.

Frozen Ghost

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Posted : May 4, 2007 07:12

Thanx for the review Acidhive
Better late than never... hehe

Here's my filefront link - i will be uploading unreleased tracks from time to time...

Perma Fry
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 7, 2007 08:48
another smasher you review here very well man
Its a monster album
I lyyyyke
Favs: 3!,4,5!!, 6,7!,8!!

Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Frozen Ghost - Just One Bite (Afrogalactic Records)
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