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Frozen Ghost - Edible Technique

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 02:17

Frozen Ghost - Nedís Mental
Frozen Ghost - Frozen Toast V2
Frozen Ghost - Multiprey
Frozen Ghost - Deranger
Dirty Motion - Control Freak
Hiyarant - Red Coat (Frozen Ghost remix)
Frozen Ghost - E=Mentally Squared
Frozen Ghost - Icey Binge Of The Bio Shrimp
Frozen Ghost Ė Edible Technique

Style: South African Full On
Artwork: Matt Mills
Mastering: Smugg Juggler


This is the second album of South African producer Barry Wynne. Expect nothing less than funky, stomping psytrance!

Nedís Mental
Thereís nothing better to start your day with the best breakfast. And Nedís Mental is as tasty as a track can be. If youíre not familiar with Frozen Ghostsí sound this is the track to start with. Frozen Ghost means power, funky mood, a dose of darkness, techno rhythms, trancey melodies and a lot of dancing. And thereís not other track out there that will shake your body more than Nedís Mental. The first half is filled with a groovy feeling and crazy sounds. You canít keep your feet on the ground listening to his uncanny bassline, itís powerful yet not annoying. All the melodies of the first half just prepare you for what is coming. And what is coming in the second part is a superb melody, so simple yet psychedelic, so serious yet funny! You can hear it building and building and the kick starts again with half the power. The melody dissapears and the madness starts again. But you know that the melody will return, you can feel it. And when it does you fly. Seriously, this track canít be called dancefloor killer. Find a new word for that. The minute from 04:51 to 05:44 will raise the dead. One of the best tracks of 2007. 10/10

Frozen Toast V2
If anyone has listened to the original Frozen Toast knows what kind of superb track it is. The remix continues the journey. Although not better than the original version (the known remixes law=A remix is rarely better) its more than great. Just like the original Frozen Toast this is propably one the darkest tracks of the album. Donít expect spooky pads or horror samples, but a good old school-ish dark atmosphere. The melodies are simply amazing, They're coming from the void before they return to it and a acidic layer follows the trip. For the second version Barry plays a lot with the melodies. He breaks them, before they blast you again. Itís way too psychedelic and again a track that you must dance at. Not better than the original, but simply amazing. 9/10

Here we get another great track. There is a very nice snare pattern and the track is phat just like I want it. In this one we get even more acidic stuff. They used how 303 used to be used in the old days. The follow the lead and participate to the madness. Soon the powerful leads start and fly all over your speakers. The leading melody has this special feeling of Frozen Ghost. Is it too serious or something I can smile with? Actually itís both. Beautiful track. 8/10

Damn thatís all of phat acid! This one takes the schizoprenic jumping noises of the previous tracks and multiplies them. Thereís something haunted about this track. Thereís a dark cloud that flows like a pad, while the phat madness underneath becomes more and more intense. Sometimes the track becoming insanely phat and too much in your face, but thatís the good thing. What? You like a more whispering kind of psy? Stay away from this track! Damn again! 8/10

Control Freak
By Dirty Motion aka Frozen Ghost and Hiyarant. Ok, this one is crazy. Nothing less to expect by those two guys. This track takes a more serious direction. Itís less funky, but thankfully still pumping. Very pumping actually! The techno tempo works fantastic and the place of the more clear leads of the previous tracks takes here a combination of sounds that create a wall of power. Itís more Frozey than Hiyarant style, itís his album after all, but you can recognize Stuartís style too. Very good! 8/10

Red Coat (Frozen Ghost remix)
Here is the story. Frozen Ghost remixes a Hiyarant track in his album and Hiyarant a Frozen Ghostís in his. (BTW itís called Collison and you must check it, itís awesome too). You can hear something different. Thereís a melody that plays through the entire track and has a tragic feeling in it. Now, Barry takes the metallic madness of Hiyarant and add phatness. Go figure! This track has no humour like the rest, but still has a funkyness. Itís also the track with the more industrial feeling and gives me the image of an abandoned warehouse. Why? Dunno. Anyway itís amazing an track. 8.5/10

E=Mentally Squared
Wow! What an anthem! Just listen how he plays with the percussion. Kick ass. The first melody is filled with humour. It reminds me of Bugs Bunny, seriously. But after some seconds the main lead enters. This is trancey!!! After a whil the lead vanishes, but you know that Barry just saves his bullets for the final round. A big atmospheric break just to relax a bit, before the dance starts again. Oh and yes, the lead is back, slightly different with a few note changes that make it even more ecstatic. I wanted more to be honest, but still got a big dose. 10/10

Icey Binge Of The Bio Shrimp
This track reminds me of the summer. Maybe itís because of the shrimp. The first two minutes are basically an easygoing breakbeat intro with the first sample for what will come. Soon, the melodic bassline hits the floor and you don't have to be Nicola Tesla to realize that the lead will be the same with the bassí melody. It is and works. Just like the first and the previous track this one is really focused in the melodies and I love it. Itís energetic and powerful, just like good full on must be. The melodic ending stands as one of the highlights of the album. 9/10

Edible Technique
Letís end with another stomper, right? Wrong! Letís end with an amaaazing midtempo track. This one proves the true talent of Barry, When you thought that his dance tracks are basically layer over layer of madness, Edible Technique comes to show you the ability of Barry in pure writing and arranging. Do you remember the fantastic MFG track Metamorphosis from the Project Genesis album? Well Edible Technique is te closest I can think of Metamorphosis 2007. It even has some sounds coming straight from the old MFG days. It has a great Ďgreení colour. The melodies are mind expanding, probably the best of the whole album and the pads are combined so good with them that makes you fly. And itís phat! Just check those blasting snares! Totally amazing, we need a full power version of this track. 10/10

If you need a psychedelic album that itís filled with true power itís one way street. Buy this one! It takes the phatness of the South African psy in higher levels. It keeps the more techno roots of the early Frozen Ghost works, but adds a strong dose of pure psytrance and much more power. Itís essential. And itís amazing how much Barry perfected his music. One of the best albums of 2007. 8.94/10

Why purchase: If you like phat South African psy this one is a must!

Why skip: If you donít like in-your-face, non-stop-stomping psytrance, stay away.

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Posted : Jan 7, 2008 16:27
cooking album barry... dig it lank.

Best of luck!

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Posted : Jan 13, 2008 10:59
Very good album and when I was beginning to think that the SA gang had ran out of ideas and turned to bland, uninteresting stuff.
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 16, 2008 21:58
hm, in my opinion way to annoying and hard ... dont know who convinced him to make it like that ^^
he has more potential.           -> New DOUBLE V/A coming soon!!!
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 18, 2008 09:10
no no no no no           dark dj
Rudraksh Records
Rudraksh Records

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Posted : Jan 18, 2008 09:28
Love barry's tunes, though i have to say i have suffered considerable hearing loss playing these tunes at parties! Lolollol
This is powerful music for powerful people, keep it up barry!           ********************************************
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IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 07:26
really wicked album and a great review mate, though 8.94 on 10 seems a bit... too accurate . definitely one of the highlights of the past year with all the track delivering in my books. a must buy for all timecode/mmd fans, anyone who digs the south african sound. big b00m to frozen ghost and yabai on this one. well i just got myself to finish my review for this album and i figure better late than never . so here goes nothing..

well this album has been destroying minds all over since its release in september 2007. this is yabai's 7th release following their last compilation 'matsuri summer festival'. this is also frozen ghost's 2nd solo album and definitely shows the goodies that have come with an upgrade to 2.0 . lets get started.

1. ned's mental [145 bpm]: to start off this cd we have a scary, god damn demented acid filled ride with a guest appearance from none othen than the simpson's ned flanders. god damn crazy . starts off with some spacey creepy atmospheres accompanied with some simpsons samples and then a phat phat bassline. around the 1st minute there are some really hilarious samples again from the simpsons with the doctor at the mental institute talking to the simpsons about flanders. soon after we have the simpsons theme there in all its glory, a glutinous dirty ugly groove yelling at you with all its rage! hell what a ride! the synthetic take on the tune is even more sinister with the bassline taking on a rough glitchy edge to it amongst squeeling leads and distorted white noise like fx. the break around 3.45 is just too much and lives up so much to the name - 'NED'S MENTAL'! the diddly doodly diddly dooodly madness is something that took me totally by surprise, and the sinster mood that comes after is something so wicked that it shouldn't be let out of its cage. stabbing metallic distorted leads with serious lazer like leads spell out damage in more ways than one and the track ends with some krusty the clown samples leaving you laughing with some very very demented atmospheres. an insane way to start the album - 9/10

2. frozen toast v2 [148 bpm]: here we have a remix of 'frozen toast' which was on the previous yabai cd, 'matsuri'. i really dug the original with its gritty groove and this remix does not disappoint. it starts with the original pads and what follows is a heavy groovy bassline with intense atmospheres. the track actally starts by 1.17 with some very menacing leads that remind of me an angry damage . 'they want you understand... they want you', f*ck yeah! this is an andrenaline filled ride which goes looney in the 3rd minute with some cool tricks with the beats. lots of scratchy leads accompanied by melodies that bubble back and forth. the samples in the beginning of the 3rd minute are sinister and build up that follows is massive. the track comes back in serious mode with skippy beats and an ambience carrying across the feeling of a storm coming. soon after the chunky metallic leads are introduced which simply shred any sanity you have left. this is a deranged, stretched out monstrosity and its a joy to hear. maybe not as fun filled as the last track but a serious tune none the less. 8/10.

3. multiprey [148 bpm]: this one starts with a sinister atmosphere... 'this world is full of stories... and from time to time... they permit themselves to be told'.... heavy atmospheres, with a very serious bassline, this one does not taking any prisoners. like a marauding beast this tune slowly evolves with a heavy metallic melody telling us what to expect. this one isnt as noisy as frozen ghost's other tunes and the buildup is clean and focused, with the leads getting that sick feeling that every one of his tunes manage to exude... ' we had no idea we'd become their prey' - wow the buildup that follows is intense with new layers adding to the melody. this one has a more synthetic jungle feel to it. the bit around 4.33 with the clear gritty melody being introduced is pretty awesome and the melody itself is insane. the spooky sample work coupled with the very alien soundscapes combine to give this track a very scary set of teeth. the track finally maxes around the 6th minute with it subliminal aggression and glitched out fx. this is another hard hitting tune which keeps things going. 8/10.

4. deranged [148 bpm]: the track starts off with some eery, spacey atmospheres with some creepy samples. the kick bass is pretty hard and has a sort of glitchy edge to it. the fx are pretty haunting from screams, to childish laughter. this tune doesnt waste much time in setting the tone for its story, pretty simply putting it - mayhem. by the 2nd minute we have the characteristic fg leads doing what they do best - slice and dice . ' you cant kill what you cant see... the night has a thousand eyes .... and their all MINE'. whatever you say about this act, you have to admit he always manages to select some really wicked voice samples. and the buildup that follows is like going through a crazy maze of quirky icky creatures. amongst the chaos there is an epic pad, which lends this tune a true feeling of dementia. the slow down in the 4th minute is pretty cool in that it gives space for the eeriness to creep in. what follows is a good old fashion stomp with screetchy leads and a phat bassline that makes this ride only sicker . there are bits in the 5th minute which to me are just ear candy with some cool pads adding more depth to the squeeling sounds which pretty much ensnare the listener like tentacles . i wouldnt recommend this to hear at home, just too damned noisy , but get yourself a couple of brave souls for a party, and you can scare them shitless . 9/10.

5. dirty motion - control freak [148 bpm]: here we have frozen ghost and hiyarant combining forces under the name 'dirty motion' to give us the 'control freak'. dirty motion have had a couple of releases between noize conspiracy and yabai records, and their stuff have always seemed more on the crazy side with a very aggressive twisted sound.. starts off with a more chaotic melody that sort of reminds me more of hiyarant. the kick bass that is soon introduced is minimal and with a good amount of energy in it, with lots of sci-fi fx and some melodic leads to it accompanied with this very particular lead that i hear in dirty motion's tunes. sort of like distorted wind whine. getting back to the track, it manages to get itself building aggressively with some really cool leads. love the tricks pulled out around 2.15, with the cool stereo fx to the leads. the samples once again are spot on. the sinister melodies are intense, and you can definitely see both acts behind the project work adding their own flavor to the mix. it doesnt quite blow it though and it seems to build alot in the middle, in the sense that the energy levels are still rising, and i think about the break in the 5th minute the track comes alive. 'whats in it for me if i do this job... how about immoratiliy?..... ' 'tropical paradise turns into a frozen wasteland'.... the buildup is just too twisted with some very very demented and slick leads that just take things to another level. amongst the chaos of the leads there are heavy basslines adding more depth and feeling to the track. over all this is a pretty mad track that gets alot more twisted towards the end, surprisingly twisted till the very end. another track that would work really well on the dancefloors. 9/10.

IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 07:26
6. hiyarant - red coat [frozen ghost rmx] [148 bpm]: here we have hiyarant contributing to the album once again, but this time in the form of a remix by frozen ghost. i cant say iv heard the original but if the dirty motion track was anything to go by, then this should be another twisted ride . it starts of with some funky fx and pretty humerous bunch of fx. Sort of like an electronic spider crawling inside your head, but not too long into the mix the kick bass is established. The bassline is chunky and has a sick groove to it. Sort of like the stuff from 'just one bite'. Lots of jittery fx come and go and some samples I couldnt quite understand, but the whole feel of the track is a groovy nervous wreck of a monster who wakes up and gets serious at 2.10. the leads are pretty sick, could be either of the acts involved in this track. There are some fun mind games with bleeps and screetches and lots of other mechanical sounds in the 3rd minute. The playful mood sticks around with a ridiculous number of twisted and quirky effects interacting with each other. The break in the 4th minute has some more spooky samples, with a pretty twisted melodic touch. Following this break the track gets itself together with some serious damage in mind... 'DESTROY THEM'. Nice . what follows is a barrage of noise Ė screetching leads and quirky bleeps n bloops. Soon the typical hiyarant/fg metallic leads are added and things go on a very grim yet funky groove. This is a pretty interesting track, perhaps not a bomb or anything but lots of mind games and a pretty engrossing track. Played at the right time it could provide a playful demented experience to party goers. 8/10.

7. e = mentally squared [148 bpm]: we are back to solo fg with this track which starts off with some an industrial ambience, accompanied with a sinister voice over... ' you no longer need to sacrifice for your people.... you no longer need to bare the weight of your crown... iv taken care of everything...'. very nice start. i really like the ambience on this one, the whale sounds and those heavy pads create some very intense soundscapes. the bassline this time around is dynamic and would definitely get you bobbing your head along. amongst the madness, theres this comical little sleeze of a melody that oozes out. its playful and perhaps a little out of place but it doesnt stick along for long, and soon undergoes the frozen ghost treatment. what we have then is a nice groove which soon reveals its sharp claws with some really slick sinister leads which enter around the 3rd minute. new tricks from the man - really digging this tune. in the 4th minute things get a little more serious, with the pads and fx sending the clear message across - play times over . heavy ambient pads help build up the suspense and there are some really sinister melodic sounds. soon there is a little girl screaming and a very intense atmospheric break... heart pounding, sketchy computer sounds, and a creepy old man talking. things suddenly get corrupted and the beat comes back with a lead thats just taking this track to a whole new level. the climax of this tune is just too much . i dig the growling lead that keeps things going and finally the power just explodes in the 6th minute with more characteristic fg leads being introduced. the sleezy touch returns towards the end but this time along i think it makes more sense,the tune is named e= mentally squared after all . i think this tune is probably one of the best ones from this album. you can see barry trying out new ideas and sounds and the final product is a scary yet somehow strangely loveable creature . 9/10.

8. icey binge of the bio shrimp [148 bpm]: well after that last tune im really looking forward to this one. here again interesting soundscapes in the beginning. sort of surreal feel to it but the sleezy bass is oozing from all around and this creature slowly wakes up, with a bunch of wacky cartoon sounds leaving you wondering at what the hell is going on. the feel of this track is as bizzare as its name, and the slick groove that it exudes is boisterous and bound to put a wicked smile on your face. after a whole 2 minutes of deranged sounds the bassline lands and it lives up to the buildup. this is definitely more groovy than the previous tunes and here again he introduces a very phat melody. i especially love the quirky cartoon fx that are thrown all over the place. by the end of the 3rd minute the track is seriously causing some mayhem with metallic leads dictating the plan of action - madness. the slow down in the 4th minute is interesting and the track explores different soundscapes with some nice pads, and more looney cartoon sounds. the break in the 5th minute is really ... well... i dont quite know how to put it. imagine yourself in a jungle with furry and icky critters all around you. bizzare . the track builds itself back with some really phat metallic leads and more madness. the take off in the 6th minute is just awesome and the sick melody is ear candy. the track progresses along well, and you pick up more crazy critters along the way. the sick melody is just wonderful. here again we see some new tracks and some really crazy looney music. i really dig this direction that frozen ghost is moving in. its unique and simply putting it plain bonkers. 9.5/10.

9. edible technique [120 bpm]: here we have the title track. this is a downtempo track and i was kind of taken back by this track. its strange and quirky in more ways than one and at times you wonder what the hell is happening. it has all the elements of a normal track, but the bpm being as slow as it is, it opens up new some new space to explore. think of spacey pads, and heavy distorted leads working together... kind of funky. kind of weird, all interesting. this being a down tempo shouldn't fool anyone, this tune has frozen ghost written all over it, from the sick sounds to that wicked smile it brings to your face. all in all though, i kind of have mixed feelings about this track. its cool to see acts experiment but this one im kind of left wanting to take this track and pump the bpm's up to 145. on that note its noteworthy to hear a track at 120 bpm that leaves you feeling like that. in the sense it carries across all the derangement and noise that fg is now known for, but its just ... so ... sluggish . heheh. keeping that in mind, i think it lives up well to the name 'edible technique'.

overall - well this album is an interesting journey. its a bit on the noisy side with just about all the tracks running at 148 bpm. that aside i guess you cant expect much less from this act. just about all the tracks live up to what you expect from frozen ghost and in the later tracks you can hear him playing around with new ideas and sounds. at the end of the day, this will be an awesome cd for djs. just about all these tracks can be dropped at any time to leave an unsuspecting crowd destroyed. from a home listening point of view, this is a bit too noisy . heheh. maybe for those once in a while occasions when you want to freak your room mates out with a massive stomp session. heheheh. all in all, as someone who has been following this act from his first release way back in 2004, im more than satisfied with this album . its noisy, boisterous and full of demented sick melodies. the album cover is pretty sick too. i really like the concept of the demented looking 'creature' on the cover. hell if he had a grin on his face it would be perfect.... on a closer look maybe he does :S. hehe. anyways big up to frozen ghost for putting this crazy album together and to yabai for putting out another a great release .

final rating - 8/10.
fav - 1!!,2,3!!,4,7!!,8!!

where you can get it:

more reviews @

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 24, 2008 21:55
Is it better than 'just one bite'? coz i didnt really like the album ..had way too many breaks ... the guy's best work to date is mushroom mayhem , undoubtedly. that is pure psychedelic.           missing plug-in
Rex Trueform

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Posted : Jan 29, 2008 09:44
it`s too much

tenitis waiting to happen.

production is great but it`s not my style.

too much noise, too little psy.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Feb 12, 2008 13:01

Last track is awsome!!!
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