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Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Fractal Fest! Northeast Kingdom, VT Sept 13 - 15
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Fractal Fest! Northeast Kingdom, VT Sept 13 - 15

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 3, 2013 21:00:42
Fractaltribe proudly presents:


a long-awaited retreat to nature
a family-focused arts and music event
an intimate open air tribal gathering

Capacity is limited to 300 persons on the property, including staff and artists.
Presales Only. Will sell out soon.

The Concept:

Since 2008, we have stayed true to our mission to bring you the highest quality experiences that we are able with our collective resources and knowledge. This summer, we have finally been granted the opportunity to bring this experience outdoors where it belongs. We will be offering an intimate atmosphere with familiar faces, 48 hours of continuous music and a hand-crafted tribal aesthetic on 120 acres of rugged mountain terrain.

The Intent:

That you realize the true power and nature of your ability to manifest reality.

-If you want to see something, be the one to bring it to life!

The Rules:

*LEAVE NO TRACE - carry in, carry out- Be responsible for your trash.
*COME PREPARED. Bring your own water and food. 3-Season camping gear and clothing highly recommended. Good food will also be available for purchase, along with tea and fruit smoothies.
*BRING IT. Bring your passion, bring your smile, share with the community what you have to offer.

The Music:

HUX FLUX (Alchemy Records/Sweden) - psychedelic trance

ILLUMINUS (Alchemy Records/Sweden) -dub/psychill

PSPIRALIFE (Zenon Records/Australia) -twilight progressive-

SPACEY KOALA (Kinematic Records/Canada) -koalatrance-

OT KUN (Logic Vision Collective/Zenon/Enig'Matic/Kamino//Canada) -zenonesque-

DER DENKER (D.M.T. Records/Canada) -dark techno-

CODE AMA (Canada) -dark psytrance-

ZOUNGLA (Canada) -psychedelic world music-

MEDISIN (Ashville, NC) -psychill-


Manipulation -full on-
Lunecell -progressive-
Terrestrial Sound -forest psytrance-
Dryad -forest psytrance-
Earthian -techno-
Felipe -progressive-
Vudoo Runner -techno-
Alex Russo -minimal tech/house
Mayur -progressive-
Keith Mattar -deep house--morning progressive-
Felipe Alencar vs. Between Devices
Pr0n -liquid dnb-
Ju Lee vs. Shar4 -deep house/techno-
PSY_FX -dark psytrance-
DiWrecked -techno-
Icaro -psydub-
eelko -psydub/trip hop-
Omolak -dark psytrance-
Artemis -forest psytrance-
Robot Ears -psychedelic minimal-
Ondrase -progressive-
Oscouro -retro morning-
Terraphorm -deep dubstep-
IllDub -roots dub/electro dub
Fauxdai -IDM/chill-
Alex Psyhead -progressive-
Aaron Fractaltribe

Trance Forum  Forum  North America - Fractal Fest! Northeast Kingdom, VT Sept 13 - 15
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