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Trance Forum  Forum  Balkans - Forestdelic records: Shamballa festival pre party! 14.06.2013 - Sloveija - Near Postojna
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Forestdelic records: Shamballa festival pre party! 14.06.2013 - Sloveija - Near Postojna

Forestdelic records
Forestdelic records

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Posted : May 1, 2013 16:49:02
Forestdelic records proudly presents:

Official pre party Shamballa festival (Morocco)

Shanti Tribe, Intelligent Monkey and Dynamite Production unite and shamelessly present the Shamballa Festival... 4 days and 3 nights where Sahara dunes meet the Atlantic Ocean, ascending with high quality psychedelic music and the wild spirit of nature. A huge family gathering and a feast of friends from all over the planet between the 29th of August 1st of September 2013 to showcase a fresh heartbeat united in love and music. Two different stages presenting various genres and moods, unlimited colours of true psychedelic culture manifesting through a visual and aural sensation to remember.

Live act:

ATRIOHM (Parvati records) Macedonia

The Atriohm project was created during the year 2003 by the brothers Leonid and Aleksandar Golcev from Skopje, Macedonia.
Both have a musical education and have been involved in various musical projects: Leonid as a keyboard player and Aleksandar as a drummer.
They discovered psytrance music back in 1996 when they got touched by the magic of that sound at a party and soon after they started at first to dj chill-Out and psy-trance and then to compose their own music.
Their sound is distinguished by the magical atmospheres created thanks to massive psychedelic twists, organic sounds, deep basses and cruising melodies.
The Atriohm project have released several tracks, down tempo and trance, on different labels, like Parvati, Peak, Auraquake and have played live in some of the biggest parties and psy-trance festivals around the world.
In 2009 they released on Parvati, together with other Macedonian artist Encepalophaticys, the split album UKALEN which is regarded to be one of the milestones for the recent psy-trance music.
After the release of Ukalen Leo decided to focus on his chill project Tengri, so now behind the Atriohm compositions we find only Sashe!

DHAR MHAR (Forestdelic records) Slovenia

Dhar Mhar is a project started by two soul mates, Darko (Kala) and Dejan (SkokniPaLokni). Darko has already released music (including an EP with Sunstation Records), while Dejan has been present at the trance scene as a DJ for the past fifteen years. Darko prefers a more of a morning psychedelic sound and Dejan likes a more of a night sound, so they thought they could combine it into a unique style. You can expect many new tracks in the future, including a soon-to-come EP on Forestdelic records.

ELLIPTIC (Forestdelic records) Slo/MK

Elliptic is electronic music project created from the need to explore various forms of sounds and translate those in complex musical arrangement's mainly in the sub genre of electronic dance music, psytrance. All recorded creations are modulated and transmitted through the prism of Mirko Chorak.
His path in exploration of sound began in the early 2000's. First successfully transmitted messages was a collective effort of "Uminum" & "Dosage", Mirko Chorak and a group of fellow psychonauts(B. Tatabitovski,G. Antikj, V. Gavrilski). In the period from 2002 until 2008, Uminum & Dosage recorded and stored their musically transmitted messages at the sonic library.
In more recent times Elliptic(Mirko) is continuing his path in musical exploration and is joining forces with the newly established audio alchemical factory "Forestdelic".


PsySARI dj set ( Intelligent Monkey / Shamballa Festival) Turkey

Val Valshar (Ministarstvo psihidelije) Croatia

Zabaero (Psyriots/Forestdelic) Greece

SkokniPalokni (Forestdelic rec) Slovenia

Crnorizec hrabar (Foerstdelic rec) Macedonia

Tiann ( Forestdelic rec) Slovenia

x0ipilli (Frelance) Slovenia

Date: 14.06.2013
Location: Near Postojna - Koca Mackovec
Entrance: 10 eur

More info:

Trance Forum  Forum  Balkans - Forestdelic records: Shamballa festival pre party! 14.06.2013 - Sloveija - Near Postojna
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