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Posted : Jun 10, 2002 21:07
Can someone please post some info. on the Flow label party in Brooklyn, NY on 6/14/02.
I'm not toooo familar with this label or their D.J's. (Portugese, I think?)
Has anyone ever been to one of their parties?

P.s - How about some reviews on the Synthetic - SAdhus party on 6/8/02!!!!!!

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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jun 10, 2002 23:37
SpaceGal im reposting my post here cause im basically an idiot and dont know how to link my reply to the actual forum i posted this in before... so here:
PArty review ok: i got to the party around 2am and GMS just got on, they played alot of stuff off of No Rules and ofcourse Shrek too. To be honest, the i've been to many GMS shows, and i must say they were on their A game that night. They had the crowd in a frenzy, i dont think they lowered the bpm to under 142, even the stuff of the new album sounded alot faster and meaner! The sick decorations by Brahama (i think) only added to the great atmsphere created by the flowing GMS madness. It was a little hot inside since i think there were only two fans in the whole place. another thing that was annoying was that noone was allowed to leave the premise at all. but no big deal since the party was so great anyways. there were alot of beautiful people, all the regulars, all of israel, and many people who told me this is their first psy-trance event. hmm, maybe the "others" will finally make the big crossover in new york to quality... Raja Ram came on around 4 or alittle bit after and in my opinion was confusing and disjunctive. He seemed to have lost the crowed after about 45 minutes of absolute lunacy of his set. i feel like i should bite my tongue for even thinking to critisize "half" of Shpongle, but thats how i and many others felt. Luckily, yoni was playing killer morning set in the outside part of the party, great morning music accompanied by a beautiful sunrise and good chilly morning weather. we dug in concrete until about 8 when i felt like my feet were gonna give in. all in all it was a GREAT party... what do u guys think?           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 21, 2002 01:12
I'd really like to know how was this party, especially Factor-D live and DJ Pena's set. Anyone care to place a review? Thanx..

For those who are not familiar with Flow, it is a portuguese progressive label. It has released 5 comps until now, featuring artists like Antix, Reefer Decree, Fabel, Tegma, XV Kilist, P.O.T.S., etc. Also EP's released from Expander, Spin, Paste, Filur, Human Blue and Antix. New compil (Motion Generator) and joint album by portuguese acts D-Tector and Tone Factory to be released soon. Lots more in


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Elias h

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Posted : Jun 21, 2002 07:10
i didn't go but i heard it was good, everyone got a free copy of the blue compilation
Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - FLOW in BROOKLYN ?
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