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Fila Brazillia (Post All Tips Here)


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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 02:02

In 1990 Dave 'man' Mcsherry and Steve Cobby began to record as fila brazillia. hitherto their collaborations had been infrequent and ultra-spontaneous. both had maintained positions in conventional bands but needed to trade the constraints of the "write - rehearse - gig - record" treadmill for a more fluent, and ultimately enjoyable approach. a nursery period for a music culled from sonic experiments and ideas quickly put to tape emerged. a treatment of all sounds as "objet trouve" and a hobbyist attitude prevailed.

When dave brennand a.k.a. porky heard a piece composed on a wet wednesday, he asked to release it. they happily agreed. as previous unreleased work hadn't warranted anything but comedy monickers - "dada black sheep" being one - a name was needed. at that time the media's "killer dog frenzy" was in full swing and a breed known as the fila brasiliero was the subject of a debate in the commons. this was misheard on the radio by Steve, proposed and accepted for the single and eventually the name stuck. the track "mermaids", was fila brazillia's first single, released in spring 1991,and marked the beginning of a decade which saw fila yield seven highly acclaimed albums and a skip full of singles on pork recordings and over 60 remixes. fila's reputation as sonic twisters spread far and wide.

In parallel to all this activity another plot was developing in south yorks. for a short time in 1988, steve worked at fon studios in sheffield. that studio was owned and run by chakk -- one of whose members was simeon lister. steve and sim developed a friendship that came to musical fruition with 'heights of abraham' who released 2 cds also on pork. when fila left Pork to set up 23 in '99 the perfect choice for label manager was Mr Lister. sim, man and steve form the triumverate that is 23 records.

Text from:

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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 02:04

artist : Fila Brazillia
album : Jump Leads
year : 2002
label : Twenty Three
genre : Lo-Fi
catalogue : T010
url :


01.Bumblehaum 06:00
02.Motown Coppers 04:41
03.Spill the Beans 04:26
04.DNA 06:53
05.We Build Arks 03:50
06.It's A Knockout 06:32
07.Monk's Utterance 05:41
08.Perival Quintoine 04:52
09.Nightfall 07:35
10.Mother Nature's Spies 03:45
11.The Green Green Grass of Homegrown 03:49

11 tracks | 58:04 mins | 79,9 MB


the long awaited new fila brazilla - their old codes meet some new
chaos in a bit of a departure from the traditional fila sound - but
they still sound the same, for some strange reason.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Apr 18, 2003 14:27
Haven't heard this new one, but don't miss Luck Be A Wierdo Tonight- totally funky and quite psychotic. Gotta love that rabbit as well...           ---------------------------------------------
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Son Kite

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Posted : Apr 20, 2003 16:19
Jump leads is a very nice and variated album with a lot of "live" feelings!!! Great           Smile!
Ace Ventura

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Posted : Apr 24, 2003 12:13
favorite album -

a touch of cloth
Emperor moth

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Posted : May 1, 2003 04:12
_"Lucky be a weirdo tonight"
_"Black market gardening"

Huge respect to Fila crew
          ...dub your mind...

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Posted : May 2, 2003 16:52
Always had a major soft-spot for the Fila boys.... Great vibe..... and pretty varied..
Love track 2 of Jump Leads...
Also, highly recommend "Brazilification" which is all their remixes.... double cd..
First album I got into was "Maim that Tune".... Nice, warm 'n' jazzy..... Worth exploring their label too "Pork Recordings"... Some pretty cool stuff on that too....
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Posted : Jul 6, 2016 05:50


Trance Forum  Forum  Ambient & Chill Out - Fila Brazillia (Post All Tips Here)
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