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Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Fairy Tales 14/12/02
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Fairy Tales 14/12/02

tom anteater
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Dec 10, 2002 23:28
14 December 2002


Mayfair Club, Wandsworth Road, Vauxhall. (5mins walk)

>>Dual Head LIVE (Hommega)<<
>>Electric Melon LIVE (Alechemy Rec.)<<
Simo (Chichime)
Marchello (Etnicanet)
Psylo (France)

>The Faeries Lounge<
Nova (Chimera)
Humphrey (Liquid Sound Design)
Nat (France)

2200 - late

Tickets: 13.50 (14.50 card payment) Infolines: 07939 866 722, 07815 998 113

domestic and pixel are coming to london town.. gonna be worth checking i think!!           >>love will tear us apart...<<

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Posted : Dec 11, 2002 20:00

Really looking forward to this, not been out in a-g-e-s.....hope it will be as enchanted as the flyer suggests, either ways, be nice to experience a new venue (which it is..isn't it??) Maybe see some of the faces of the names i possibly recognise...?

Take care all
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 11, 2002 22:27
hey tom very very killer party man


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Posted : Dec 12, 2002 13:21
Dual Head .. very good music
Good luck to this party ... ppl get crazy !!!!

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Posted : Dec 15, 2002 00:27
Dual Head gona give u live la panim ...eee....grait tune's for u'r mind and u'r leg's


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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 16, 2002 14:58
This party was a great success! It was my first chance to check out the new Vauxhall venue, having missed Constellation the other month. It's a great place with one large main room and a couple of smaller rooms. The main room has a nice high ceiling which is good for acoustics + decor potential.....

anyway one thing Ill say right now is that the sound system at fairy tales was top notch... really loud and clear. Add to this the extremely high quality of music being pumped through it all evening and you have a recipe for sonic mayhem:)

Ok back down to earth: i was a _litttle_ bit disappointed with electric melon... they were better last time I saw them in brixton... i still enjoyed their set though. Some people were not really dancing at this point.... Then Marchello came on and I remembered why he's one of my favourite London-based DJs..... hoorah! He also (like me) likes the DS+Vana tune Lapa Incordio which not many ppl play. Simo was similarly excellent... in fact his set was the highlight of the night for me.

The Dual Head live was extremely good... actually quite varied. We had some fairly experimental material, alongside melodic anthems like Massive Activity (a bit _too_ melodic for me i have to say). Anyway next time they are playing I will be there again for sure!

The vibe was great. There was plenty of room to really go for it, and everyone was taking full advantage of this:)

My only gripe was that a can of red stripe was 3.50... a little much i reckon. But I came away from Fairy Tales with a big grin, and I think it's gonna be one of the big regular london parties if they carry on this way!

Oh actually I didnt leave immediately - my pal put her cloakroom ticket in her _shoe_ while dancing. After the club the ticket had been magically transformed to fluff. Ooops!!

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IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Dec 18, 2002 15:41
Good review, Jon! Killa party (for the line up).
Boom!           .
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Posted : Dec 21, 2002 15:33
Yeah!! This venue was a real upgrade from previous large sites i've been too, practically plush i thought, enchantment was def factoring here! (fibre optic star light on the ceiling, wot a touch!)

Spot on about the sound jon, so nice to have the noise coming right at u from suspended speakers, sound is such a major part of a party, far better not to have it travelling too you through people, no matter how big their smiles....(:

speaking of smiles, mine was unstoppably ear to ear during marchello's set, like progressive at full power or wat, oh my...
Trance Forum  Forum  UK - Fairy Tales 14/12/02
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