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Extazya interview on darkpsyde


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Posted : Dec 10, 2007 12:30
Extazya aka Yoni Dayan is still relatively unknown on the international scene, or at least has not yet become a ‘household name’. However, after his most recent releases, namely his Neuroconfusion Rmx and 2 other tracks featured on the Fractal Vision Ep (DARK Recs), his profile is starting to build some real momentum. Although quite a new name to many he plays regularly at parties around the world and with his debut album soon to be released we welcome Yoni to The Darkpsyde to tell us a little bit more about the ‘Extazya experience’.

Q 1 – Firstly, in your own words, can you describe the Extazya sound to us and tell us how you feel it has matured since your first single, Shamanas Gardens, back in early 2006?

A – The Extazya sound is basically a combination of twisted psychedelic and morning sounds, a sound with big momentum on the dancefloor. The sound has changed a lot from my first single "Shamanas Gardens", it has a groovier structure, cleaner production and more pumping sounds.


Q 2 – You will be releasing your debut album in the not too distant future. Can you tell us a little bit about it, for example, the title, which label is releasing it, the concept behind it and if it is possible to hear samples of it somewhere?

A – Well, the title of the album is "Mental cage" and I am now dealing with "Secret Psyde Records" an Australian label. The exact release date has not been set yet. The concept behind it is just pure psychedelic twisted tracks that are meant for the dancefloor, with pumping 146-150 bpm. You can hear one sample on my Myspace page: (Dead Ideas track).


Q 3 – Another project of yours is Dark Druids (with Dj Eisenhardt). Can you please tell us some more about this project?

A – Well we started the project about a year ago, made one track (which is on our EP) but we don’t think we will continue with the project.


Q 4 – You come from Israel which has been called by many the unofficial psytrance capital of the world. Do you feel that growing up there played a significant role in you following the psychedelic path or were there different inspirations for you?

A – Of course, growing up in Israel brings you to a "psychedelic life". In the early 90’s there were many demonstrations about letting the trance music be legal and playing it in clubs and in nature so all my inspiration from psytrance comes from my homeland: Israel.


Q 5 – When I personally think of Israeli trance I think more of full on and commercial psytrance as opposed to real underground darkpsy. Is that a fair comment about the Israeli scene in general?

A – Definitely yes! Israel is the capital of full on music and you will not find a big number of fans that like darkpsy so it is still a very underground scene in Israel.


Q 6 – If you could collaborate with any artist at all who would it be and why?

A – It would be with Steve Vai, (legendary guitar player). I think we would make a real dark bomb for the dancefloor.


Q 7 – Darkpsy is the label that has been slapped upon our music, personally I prefer the description full power night time music. It is a debate that has been going on almost since the expression was first coined, so, do you like the term ‘darkpsy’?

A – I prefer the term "night full power", darkpsy sounds little creepy I must say.


Q 8 – What is the long term goal for you as an artist, where do you see yourself and the Extazya project in 5 years time?

A – I see myself having had at least 3 albums out, releasing many musical styles, not only darkpsy but progressive too and others and maybe even being a label manager? My goal is to deliver as much music as I can to the dancefloors around the world.


Q 9 – Can you tell us your best party memory as an artist and why?

A – I played in India at Parvati Valley after my first track release "Shamanas Garden". The crowed was great, the sunset and the energy I got from there was definitely stunning.


Q 10 - And your best memory as a party goer?

A – Soulclipse festival in Turkey 2006.           E-mail :

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Posted : Dec 10, 2007 17:51
Hey Hey..Yoni all the best to u bro=)
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