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Trance Forum  Forum  DJs & Artists - Ever heard of them --> "Quantum and Karen Porat " :: Tour to India ...?
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Ever heard of them --> "Quantum and Karen Porat " :: Tour to India ...?


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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 03:02
Hello all !
I just came across this amazing pschyedlic duo :-

Let's see what they got-->


This guy is supernatural .... !!!
Can do the most trickiest things while he is on the sets .... Take you from one place and just about no where in the middle of crazines ....


A Woman with a lot of talent , an artist with amazing characteristics...
Besides all that ...

As a singer, composer, song writer and a vocal trainer, Keren is performing & teaching Indian Classical Music and World Music.


Guess wat i have just seen there videos //

But the point is that i've heard that these 2 are coming on a tour too india ...!!!

N am sure that they can rock almost all the living souls with that indian feel to the nearest 10 kilometers ......!!!

Any more infomrmation on this Duo and their tour to india would be much appreciated ....

Peace ..!!!

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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 17:17
kool so they are coming to India.Any idea when and where?

I recently heard 2 of their tracks and Karen's classical when mixed by Quantam's music creates a chain reaction:-)

There music can be listened here:-

a nice album to have

Thanks bro           "We surely know by some nameless instinct more about our futures than we think we know."

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 28, 2008 17:23
bro, any links to tour info pls....           We were born naked & grow up to become wicked.

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Posted : Jan 29, 2008 12:56
Keret Porat is an amazing singer. She really has a unique and mesmerising voice. She also performs with Quantum as a live act and they r constantly being in great demand. They would be comin down to India as well around in MArch.. im bombay i think... if im not mistaken. Well they recently got married so lets just wish them a very happy married life.
Anybody who wld be interested in doing a gig with them while in India.... plz do contact me.

More info :


Tsabeat/Sattel Battle

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Posted : Jan 29, 2008 14:40
quantom is Gidi Hovek Olam - very well known dj and one of the begginers of the scene in the mid 90's in israel

very nice project they have going on.. 
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 14, 2008 09:08
Bro the Duo!!! blasted India..
They must be back in their hOme country......but was an awesom live to hear....

All the best to them

boom!!!           Judge your success by what you had to give up in order to get it!
Trance Forum  Forum  DJs & Artists - Ever heard of them --> "Quantum and Karen Porat " :: Tour to India ...?
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