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Etnica interviewed by Solstice

Etnicanet Records
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Posted : Nov 14, 2004 19:57

1-In September you performed at Solstice Music's outdoor festival.  How did
you feel?  Your impressions?

It is always a pleasure and a privilege to perform at Solstice's festivals
After many years of collaboration we feel very comfortable in every aspect,
the relationship w. Chika&Akira and all the crew, top technical support, wonderful sound system and location,and of course ..great crowd.

2-You have come to Japan several times.  Compared to the first time, how do
you feel about the Japanese scene now?  Any changes?

The scene in japan has been growing really fast, we have to give a lot of credit
to Solstice rec. with a constant release of the best trance around and a very
carefully planned promotion have been able to build a solid scene respected thru the
all world...

3-When you perform live, what are you most conscious about?

The sound and the dancefloor!!

4-Now that it is finished, how satisfied are you about your new album

We are very excited about this release..let's see how the people will respond to it.

5-How do you work together when you produce music?  How do you share ideas?
What different roles do you play?

It's more than ten years we produce together so we reached a quick way of writing,
we still use a lot of hardware synthesizers so we can both work on things at the same time, one working on the sequencer while the other can have some fun with the sounds.

6-What did you pay most attention to during the album's production?  What did
you want to communicate to the listeners?

A lot of attention goes to the overall quality of the production, trying to keep it psychedelic and very, very electronic. Something that can be strong on the dancefloor but at the same time you can listen to in different situations.

7-As far as the sound is concerned, what were you most particular about?

Recreating the old "Etonica" sound with all the new tools that music production technology gives us today.

8-It's been over two years since last releasing an original album.  How do
you think Etnica has evolved during that time?

The last two years we have been experimenting with lots of different styles of electronic music so we are implementing those elements with our current productions,
compared to the more tech-minimal sound of "chrome" the new album shows a 360 degrees
Etnica listening

9-There are many new elements, but I feel the simple and straight-reaching
ETNICA sound essence has stayed consistent throughout the past albums.  What
were you especially conscious about compared to last albums.

10-Each track's development and diversity gave me a strong impression.  Was it
difficult to put together such rich variation of sounds into one album?  Any
particular recommended tracks?  What points did you struggle overAH

It was not difficult at all, it was actually a lot of fun, many tracks have been
written during the spring-summer here in Ibiza maybe giving that rich variation to the final work.
Tracks we recommend....PHOTONIC and MACHINE for the morning melody lovers, B.A.S. and AUTOMATIK for a more dark situation, and FADE is a big club track.
No struggle.....

11-When I listen to the album all the way through, I can feel the sense as if
I'm experiencing the party and the nice afterglow.  For this album, were you
inspired by your party experiences?  Did you imagine the crowd's reaction
during production?

Definitely, we love to blast!!!! party animals here...
Yes the crowd is always in mind, we played some of the new stuff at the last solstice
festival in september and this gave us the opportunity to add the last touches to

12-You are very active widely as artists, label managers and party organizers.
Why do you come to be involved with the scene so totally?  How did you

We started to collect and to buy music since the eighties ,to play as DJ and after a while to organise our own parties ....Then one day ,we get the need to create our Sound...In 1989? Etnica was born.From there,after releasing with all the major trance labels ,it was time to create our own label "Etnicanet" in the new years eve of 1999 to 2000 ,we organise one of the most unique outdoor event in South Africa ,releasing just after that,Etnicanet first release (ET 001 )...A double CD + CD rom compilation covering the all event with sound and images.

13-What concept is behind your other project, PLEIADIANS?  What are the
differences between PLEIADIANS and ETNICA?

The main difference is in the sounds we use, if you listen to the past two "pleiadians"
albums the focus is more on the analogsynth riff-melody and the sunrise-morning
kind of vibe.
But if you want to judge for yourself, wait until 2005, the third pleiadians alb."EXPLORER" is already in the making.

14-Are you satisfied with the present psychedelic trance scene?  If you have
an ideal image for the future, please tell us.

There are a lot of new kick-ass artists, music production is becoming really affordable to anybody, trance music is spreading quickly across the planet, it is satisfing, specially being involved in it for so long...
One thing we do not agree so much is the use of an instrument wich is not really connected to dance music and even less to electronic: the guitar!!!!!!

15-Please tell us about Italian and European trance scene.

Italy has a very small trance community, mainly travellers, few small parties here and
there but nothing much really...
Europe has always been very active specially in the summer when the big outdoors are taking place.

16-It is a little early, but looking back at 2004, how do you feel?  Any
incidents that made a big impression on you?  (both in music activities and
private life)

2004 is the year of "SHARP" big etnica comeback...we made a few upgrades to our studio in Ibiza and are looking forward to 2005.

17-What are your goals for 2005?  What do you want to do in the future?

Our website has been redesigned,( we are planning to put a lot of stuff there for download, so that is one of the goals, then we are starting a new proj. "LATIN ALLIANCE"
last august we did the first live gig here at Space club.
the proj. is dedicated to a more progressive/house audience, but respecting our sound

18-Lastly, a message for the Japanese fans/listeners, please.


Contemporary Electronic Music
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 17, 2004 00:16
wait until 2005, the third pleiadians alb."EXPLORER" is already in the making.

Hope it will come out at last, after the 3-year postponing...

Fotis elf

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Posted : Nov 17, 2004 13:25
Good luck guys! u have our full support
Etnicanet Records
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Posted : Nov 18, 2004 04:46
it did get postponed because the importance of the main project that always been: ETNICA.

But once the etnica album is out(which is rather soon) the Pleiadians album will be comencing to be crafted.

u have our support too fotis, for a small charge......

your new tunes.           ***********************************
Contemporary Electronic Music
Koan / Vacuum Stalkers

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Posted : Nov 19, 2004 20:06
Will see...
dj nadav
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 19, 2004 21:48

new album by Etnica ans Pleiadians is like a dream coming true!

of course u have also all my support!

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Posted : Nov 19, 2004 23:57
Here is another interesting opinion I read @ Psynews site.

The melody men in Etnica / Pleiadians were Carlo Paterno and Andrea Rizzo. Both have left the band, and you can tell:

1995-1998: four members (the above plus Max Lanfranconi and Maurizio Begotti)
While Carlo isn't credited in the liner notes for Family Of Light (if memory serves me correctly), he was involved in at least some of the tracks. He is credited on the Headspin EP, for example.

But this is when he left (sometime during 1998 or possibly even late '97), and this was the first deadly blow to Etnica / Pleiadians.

1999: Family Of Light is released. While considered a very good album by most (including me) and having slightly fatter production than its predecessor, musically it is generally considered lacking, in comparison with I.F.O... It's my belief that this is, at least in part, due to the absence of Carlo Paternos melodic genious in some of the tracks.

This is also the year the Etnica album Equator is released. Carlo didn't participate in any of the tracks here as far as I know, and while having a few quite OK tracks, it's nowhere near Alien Protein or other previous Etnica releases.

2000-2004: Somewhere after Equator, Andrea leaves the band. I'm not at home so I can't check my records to see exactly when this is, but with Nitrox Etnica takes another few steps down from the throne of melodic psychedelia. Now Andrea has left too, and there is nothing left in this band for me. I never bought Nitrox.

At no point since they became a two-man act have Etnica / Pleiadians been close to revoking the magic vibes and musical genious of the early years. Song structures and arrangements became far less complex, the sounds lost their unique touch, melodies have been mediocre if they could be found at all. Sure, there have been a few tracks worth a listen, but in perspective, it's a sad development.

Also, Pleiadians was Carlo Paterno's project initially; He made the first Pleiadians track all by himself, the self-titled "Pleiadians" (or so I'm told) released on Symbiosis in 1995. Apparantly he wasn't too happy to see the others continue under this name after his departure.

You don't listen to I.F.O. or any other old Pleiadians stuff for the percussion or stuff like that. You listen because of the mesmerizing, trance-inducing, multi-layered kaleidoscopic explosions of sound and melody, the sense of journey created by those amazing arrangements, melodies and scales. That stuff is, in my humble opinion, unequalled in the history of music.

Now whatever may come out of a new Pleiadians album, I have a very very hard time imagining that it can be good in the ways that old Pleiadians music was good. I don't need a clone of I.F.O, I don't demand another Headspin, but the essence of Pleiadians, both musically and in terms of its effect on my mind and others, seems out of reach by Max and Maurizio. It could be that they're not striving for that, but if so I have absolutely no idea what they're trying to do or why. It's my opinion that they would be better off doing something else or sticking with the Etnica name that they have already degraded in the eyes of myself and of many others that were fans from back in 1995.

Looking at the track record of the two-man constellation of Etnica, I just don't think they have it in them. Listen to their releases on Spirit Zone for example, or the sad abomination that is "Starship 202" - do you seriously think that the people who made that can produce an album worthy of the Pleiadians name? Either they've lost their magic somewhere along the road, or, more likely, that magic left with the departure of the prodigous Carlo Paterno and Andrea Rizzo.

This ended up being much longer than I had planned, but I feel very strongly about this topic - old Etnica and Pleiadians tunes have had an enormous impact on me and my taste in music - It would make me very sad to see the second of those names get dragged in the dirt just like the first.

To read entire thread go to
Patrik Vision
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Nov 20, 2004 21:11
Sounds a bit harsh..... =/ The fact that the music will not be the same without Andrea and Carlo is of course true. And then you can wonder why they left the groups also, what happened?

Pleiadians/Etnica is one of my absolut favorite since 95.
i must say that i didn´t like the Chrome album especially, but every group evolves and changes to the good or the bad. Let´s hope the next albums are great, i´m really curious about them, especially the Pleiadians album.


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Posted : Jun 2, 2005 18:27
Etnica is the favourite band for me since i started to listen psychedelic!(1995)I have been to all the parties where etnica played here in Greece.I am waiting the third album of pleiadians!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Inactive User
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Posted : Jun 3, 2005 05:37
All these guys changed this music scene and made it better.Thank God bringing them to us!!!
Max and Mauri are already legends even without Andrea and Carlo.Etnica's album is already out,is brilliant and i am sure Pleiadians will be amazing....if it is in the style of "Asteroids" then u can understand what is going to be......
I don't want to say more,anyone in here knows better about them!!Join them......

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 3, 2005 21:40

But if you want to judge for yourself, wait until 2005, the third pleiadians alb."EXPLORER" is already in the making.

so that is one of the goals, then we are starting a new proj. "LATIN ALLIANCE"
last august we did the first live gig here at Space club.
the proj. is dedicated to a more progressive/house audience, but respecting our sound

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