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Ephedrix - Far Away / 2008 ~Dacru records~

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 9, 2008 17:37:04

Ephedrix: Far Away (CD)

1. Astral Ignition
2. 10 miles out (vs. Aquila)
3. Firsthand experience
4. Frontiers
5. Far Away
6. Lost in velocity
7. On the road (vs. Alpha)
8. Evolving Moods
9. Prototype (Album Edit);

Ephedrix are Jochem Peeters and Joris Marckx from Belgium.

They have been producing and performing for many years, but now the time has come to present their long awaited debut full album. 'Far Away' is all about looking beyond the sky, expanding boundaries and borders, seeking for the unknown. Their unique melodic style is bound to bring fresh energy and enjoyment to your homes and the dancefloor. Psytrance with uplifting melodies, groovy percussion, crystal clear bass lines and a pumping sound, a mesmerizing experience for body and mind!

Add tasty design and an airtight mastering by Silicon Sound and this album stands for the continuing effort at Dacru records to bring you only quality releases.


The concept you can expect here is morning fullon not only as a category, but it is actual morning fullon, floating from one melody to another ephedrix takes you on an trip of traveling sounds where the sky is not the limit but just a phase of euphoria...
their sound and baseline is nothing new imo, we have heard this types off patterns before
considering baselines and melodies but again they prove the difference between having the gear and actual knowing what to do with it. They managed pretty good for a debut
album... This kind of fullon was the first fullon that created the typical dancefloor killer
style like atomic pulse, Delirious, astrix and etc... after a while most listeners became bored with the non variated baselines and the 6 min waiting for one climax a track... a second generation of artist perfection zed their sound and made it clear that with one main sound you can create variated morning fullon if you put enough effort in it. Artist like audiotec and vibe tribe were able to create such albums and more followed. Ephedrix is one of them... A good combination of samples with a major melodic sound that can fade away and
caress your ear but 2 mins later explode into a vast wave and bliss.
Mostly I have favorite parts when it comes to such a releases, remembering reviewing vibe tribe I had the same with their second release. Some elements are always present, long announcement for climaxes or upcoming waves, no actual surprise but you can count on the entire release. Ephedrix created their own sound in the beginning of the tracks, the advancements, reminds me a bit of some earlier rastaliens work. It fits and influences the psychedelic level of this release what is often low when it comes to morning fullon. The baselines are variated within the concept of morning fulllon baselines. The kick is often crystal clear with a more soft bass and ephedrix tries to keep it as variated as possible imo.

The first track is one of my favorite, it has the typical revelation sound power, that
becomes stronger. Consequence is that atmosphere is highly influenced in a positive way.
In the second track I prefer a part in the advancement where one wave floats strong and non dependent from the baseline what is normally not the way it's done in this kind of morning fullon.
Third track just has a very good melody, who we experience in different ways that speaks to
the mind, that's it, but it doesn’t have to be more, you can count on it...
very nice...
Fourth track just like the third, Ephedrix are becoming on of the masters of melodies and this track is pure evidence...
In far away, the track contains more trance sounds, but you see it coming in previous tracks,
it's good, lower psychedelic level but atmosphere perfect, some infected mushroom (not for
long) but fits perfectly...
Lost in velocity has the same intelligence level like the first track, the power & strength
combined with good melodies and different sounds.
On the road has a great intro, well done, nice to start a morning fullon set, the baseline
doesn’t accept no for an answer
Evolving moods is a good track, more subtle way of using their sound, less overloaded
compared to the others and I like that.
Prototype is a goodbye song, pure melody, the baselines goes along with melodies, surfing on
the waves of sound, again they prove to be genius when it comes to melodies. I recognize a
silicon sound sample from the track "the shell" and fits good...


to keep it short, if you are in a good mood, and you like strong fullon that is perfect for
10u in the morning when the sun is coming @ it's highest peak, this will be yours, no doubt
about it...

grtz k

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : May 10, 2008 18:02
Just listened to it in a good sound system.
I agree with your review, for the ones really into full on it is a nice pick, but other than that it brings no further freshness.

I recommend people to listen to the samples before buying and reach their own conclusions:

Respect!           .
...Be gentle with the earth...
...Dance like nobody's watching...
...I don't mind not going to Heaven, as long as they've got Coffee in Hell...

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Posted : May 10, 2008 18:38
Thank you guys for the reviews! As I spoke with you already... I totally agree!

Appreciate these kind of small things after the many many hours, days, months, even years it took to finalize this album!

Warm Regards, Jochem.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : May 18, 2008 17:12
very well produced album!!
very good melodies and excellent execution of the morning full on formula

way to go Ephedrix and Dacru
especially liked Firsthand Experience
Acid Dreamz
Inactive User

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Posted : May 19, 2008 01:45
hey bro......beautyful full on!!!!           Acid Dreamz (INDIA)-VA-Psy Tehelka to be out in Jan/2011 on Sonic Symmetry Records

Sonic Tantra Records(India)/Samana Records(Dubai)

“A true Artist is he who holds in high Admiration, the works of Another.”
Guinea Pigs
Guinea Pigs

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Posted : May 22, 2008 02:20
Good Album. We liked it.
Keep on the good work guys!
guy cohen
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : May 27, 2008 14:45
Hi All !

As an old full-on fan, I heard the samples of the new "Ephedrix" album and it sound to me a bit different than the most full on music nowadays. So lets start with short introduction - Ephedrix are Jochem Peeters and Joris Marckx from Belgium. Their style of music is melodic morning full on and "Far Away" is their debut album.

Cover :

01. Astral Ignition
It's beginning with male vocal on background of progressing melody. One minute and thirty seconds after than, the mess is on !! The bassline is super jumpy and the goa melodies add more hallucination to the track. This is a serious material for the dance floor, especially for the morning time. The guys opened the trip very good, so the expectations for the rest are high.

02. 10 miles out (vs. Aquila)
The second track is '10 miles out' with help from Aquila project. This tune is start more groovy and slowly the melodies gets in with lovely playing. After five minutes we get to the main brake and what a wonderful moment we have here - soft melody developing gradually together with the kick's up and on 06:00 everything unite and create a pure chaos !!!

03. Firsthand experience
Now, after two dance floor burners, it's time to take one step back and enjoy from slower bass-line and danceable beats. I call those melodies - "happy melodies" because the pure energy it put into the listener body. You want fly but don't have ticket ? Get the 'Firsthand experience' ticket from Ephedrix office and have a great fly .

04. Frontiers
The most stressed factor here is the POWER. 'Frontiers' track is eight minutes of deep diggings with huge smile on the face. It's a bit familiar to the common full on of this days but the addition of the delightful melodies and the eternal power are make the difference.

05. Far Away
Track number five is also the title track. I expect for a sweet surprise, but unfortunately I found it cheezy and un-refreshable at all. My ear doesn't like to hear the same loop repeat too much times without new prominent elements or something like that.

06. Lost in velocity
I'm sorry guys but also this track is not one to remember for long time, the lack of the remarkable moment or the surprising bass-line or anything to bring some new life to the track is sensed here. I still can promise you it will do the work in the dance floor, but after five tracks I want to hear something a bit special but I did not get it here.

07. On the road (vs. Alpha)
The track is opened with nice beginning but the continuation is too average for me and after the great start of the album I look for something more challenging. Even though, I found my self dance at some parts of the track but general view is disappointing.

08. Evolving Moods
'Evolving Moods' track is give me finally what I wanted - it's not directed to make people dance like crazy, but the magical atmosphere with the relaxing melodies let the listener enjoy it without dig to it.

09. Prototype (Album Edit)
Last but no least is 'Prototype' track. Jochem & Joris are produce beautiful melodies and I really wanted to hear them doing a down tempo tune, it could be lovely but the reality is different and the track here is a standard full on track with much melodies moments, which make it sound very positive and enjoyable.

All in all, I have a mixed opinion about this album - on one side, it's very danceable and powerful with excellent melodies all over but from the other side, it's not enough fresh and unique as I figured from the samples I heard before.
Ephedrix guys I wish you tons of luck with the album and in my humble opinion a bit more creativity would help here.

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Posted : Jun 1, 2008 18:23
I think that this album is one of this year's best releases!
Nice baselines with fantastic melodies, good production.
Ephedrix guys, i wish you all the best with your project. Keep rocking!
Infinity Loop Music

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Posted : Jun 5, 2008 10:38
far away is a very smooth album with great tones and masterfully produced sounds. right off the bat they jump into the melody that stays uplifting and not protrusive to the ear as some full-on melodic tends to be. i hear the morning calling with ephedrix this summer

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Posted : Aug 2, 2008 02:26
Amazing album, really a great work, enjoying every minute.
Keep up the good work.
galactic monkey
Galactic Monkey

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Posted : Aug 5, 2008 18:26
really top notch work here for sure!

big shout dacru           Skyhighatrist and Galactic Monkey - Strangely Obtuse CD available for £6 delivered worldwide from
Psy Vibes
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 10, 2008 21:01
When i first listened Far Away..i remember i closed my eyes and i felt so harmony inside me... so hapiness..
Amazing melodies!!!
Amazing album!!
Amazing work!!
Keep doing the excellent work Jochem

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