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EP - JYRO - The World Is Yours (DARKEP040) 2008

D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 09:10:21
EP - JYRO - The World Is Yours (DARKEP040) 2008

Artist: JYRO
Title: The World Is Yours
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: September 20, 2008
Format: FLAC (wav), MP3 (192-320kbps)
Length: 30:40

Front Cover:

Back Cover:

D-A-R-K is proud to present its fourthieth EP, by JYRO from Greece.

The purpose of this EP is to depict the insanity of our brutal world and to contaminate you with the virus of opposition against those who have ruined your dreams.

Your journey starts with underground frequencies from the dark-wet cells where the victims of New Age witch hunt are imprisoned and tortured, under totally inhuman conditions.

You are then traveled via industrial brakes and twisted sounds to the suffocating environment of our burning world, experiencing the anger and torment of nature, being savagely destroyed by the human beast.

Rhythm gets faster as you try to run away from the machine of Propaganda, chasing you with sonar razor blades. Only after you have escaped, you’ll be able to separate the lies you’ve so far been told from what really is happening around you.

And now, everything is reversed!

You are Their torturer! You are Their scorcher! It’s time to get mad, reclaim the streets and get what you deserve!

The World is Yours...

Special thanx to Demon for his fine artwork, DarkPsySin, Death Badgers, DollQuiet, Geri, DarkAngel, Peny, my family and all my friends and listeners who have supported me all this time! You know who you are, you stay as you are...


01-JYRO - Torture Chamber...(6:57) - 148bpm
02-JYRO - Scorched Forest...(7:29) - 150bpm
03-JYRO - Get Mad...(8:09) - 150bpm
04-JYRO - Ministry Of Violence...(8:05) - 155bpm

Previews on the official EP page:

All tracks written and produced by: Aris Drogosis aka JYRO.
Cover Artwork by: Demon (
Mastering by: Andreh Torres @ Rotten's Dungeaon, Brazil.

Buy it as a digital download from (FLAC) DistElectronic (FLAC)

Also available at: Armada Download (mp3) AudioJelly (mp3) BeatsDigital (wav/mp3) Cytopia (wav/mp3) Digital Deejay (mp3) DistElectronic (mp3) Etopia Music (mp3) Judge Music (mp3) Juno Download (wav/mp3) M8 Download (mp3) PsyMP3 (mp3) TrancePool (mp3)

More to be announced soon!

D-A-R-K Records

          D-A-R-K Records
Sectio Aurea
Sectio Aurea

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 09:41
keep going n goin n goin brothers!!!
will check it for sure!!!
love greek power!


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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 12:26
All the best Aris!:)
Waiting to lisent ur work!
take care always & big boom!:)           contact(at)

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 12:34
All the best from also man
Congrats and keep it up my friend


Dark Elf

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 13:46
Nice one Trele all da Best with your EP. 
Full Face

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 16:50
The samples are great, i'm looking forward hearing the whole story...
Good luck Aris           v/a \"Keep it Surreal\" is OUT NOW from Pixan Recordings!

Full Face: In every place is OUT NOW from Pixan Recordings!

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 18:49
good luck for this one>jyro is very good artist and i like his music air>all the best 
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 23, 2008 18:53
Finally its out
Best of Luck Aris and D.A.R.K Records
4 sure its something to check out
his tracks are killing the floor for a year now
Underground power
now its time to surface
          Helicon Sounds Music
D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Sep 24, 2008 02:21
Thank you all for your support.

Please keep pushing boundaries in your respective countries.

Best to all           D-A-R-K Records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 24, 2008 06:18
Oh man this looks really good.

I know that Scorched Forest track real well because I was trying to use it for one of my comps.

If the rest of the EP is anything like that than this one will be great.

I am going to get this one tonight and check it out.

Good luck to D-A-R-K and Jyro.

Jyro is a great new act that I am loving.           Label Owner: Thought Bomb Productions/Mind Bomb Records.
Bringing you the finest in psychill, dub, ambient, forest psy and night music.

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Posted : Sep 26, 2008 03:48
Many many thanx for the support and your good words guys!!I really appreciate!Hope u enjoy!!

For more enter:


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