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Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - EP - Chemicalspoon - Rusty Spoon (DARKEP007) 2006
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EP - Chemicalspoon - Rusty Spoon (DARKEP007) 2006

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Posted : Jan 8, 2007 21:45
Artist: Chemicalspoon
Name: Rusty Spoon
Label: D-A-R-K Records
Genre: Dark Psytrance
Date: December 2006
Format: FLAC
Length: 23:38

Mastering artist: Chemicalspoon

Cover art: ParaShakti and JED-A-R-K



Chemicalspoon is a project of a Hungarian duo known as Pál Trencsényi and Tamás Bársony.

Genre: Psychedelic

Category: Dark Psychedelic


1. Chemicalspoon - Salad Fingers...(7:38)

2. Chemicalspoon - Ganja...(8:00)

3. Chemicalspoon - Filtered Fruit Drink...(8:00)


Chemical Sp00n - Salad fingers

Spooky atmosphere followed by some foot-steps and a creaky door opens up with a floating eerie synths which transcends into a phat bassline with a strange voice sample sayin "OH my goodness,... and then more synth layers and the voice continues ...I like rusty spoon against my salad fingers, percussion layers added and evil synth leads thrown up from different directions, making it a perfect eerie atmosphere, dark ambient soundscapes panning and acid squeals and belches making their rounds , More Acid synthwork keep cranking up building up a perfect night time stormer followed by distant screams and all the kinds of samples one would hear in a twisted tale layered with precision and timing, lots or surprising variants in synthwork one could ever imagine, this is like a dark doses on rusty sp00ns.

Chemical Sp00n - Ganja

Do It & the sample from the documentary Grass, evil synthwork twisted panning the phat rolling bassline goes on getting at you with spooky leads spiralling, the cold soundscapes meshed with the sawtooth synths ,keeps you going full galloping into a intense warp, quite impressive layers of synths done on this one, i would term this as another one of those night-time stompers.

Chemical sp00n - Filtered fruit drink

Wicked alienish effects begins sweeping slowly into a dark oblivion,this is one of those deep night-time tracks, impressive leads thrown in,liquid pouring sample during breaks, acidic rhytms begin twisting twirling through the darkness,this one's a
deep dark diving track, taking you on a stranger journey, 6:52 onward there is this creatively fx'ed synth getting stronger developing a feeling of hypnotic phenomena as involving not only increasing or decreasing of the gate Fx's but also cranking harder on your neural pathways.

My fav track 1, 3
D-A-R-K Records

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Posted : Mar 19, 2007 01:23
Thanks for the review Appleseed!

Much appreciated, may the best vibes flow around you.

          D-A-R-K Records
Trance Forum » » Forum  Music Reviews - EP - Chemicalspoon - Rusty Spoon (DARKEP007) 2006
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