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Engrams Luminaria 2012 [Shaman Films]

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 27, 2006 03:44
Compilation: Engrams Luminaria 2012
Label: Shaman Films

01. Electrypnose Vs Yab-Yum - Freeze [144]
02. Penta - Ladybug [146]
03. Wizard Lizard - Beat Crasher [146]
04. Mubali - Luminaria [149]
05. Ocelot - Kickstart [144]
06. N3xu5 - Chinese Demon [146]
07. Horror Place - Samaya [150]
08. Xyla - Nostalgia [148]
09. Para Halu - Vampire D [148]
10. Vazik - The Message [143]

From the sunny coasts of San Francisco Shaman Films brings a new concept in psychedelic trance releases for the perverse derangers. Managed by egnogra a VJ/DJ/up-and-coming producer, the aim is to deliver high quality music along with videos and thus the “films” parts in the name, bridging a complete audio-visual experience. Engrams Luminaria 2012 is the second compilation of the lot, followed closely by a handful of new music approaching the release date.

The first chapter belongs in the Swiss quarters with Yab Yum, consisting of Ajja, Leu & Gaspard from the Peak crew, in collaboration with Vince Le Barde. “Freeze ” stands well on its own eight legged feet, holding back the energy level with a surprisingly clean output for the number of people collaboration here, dabbing with tribal-esque rhythms and the characteristic Electrypnose breaks, abetting the recurrent overflow of effects dangling and chanting. As usual the pace works great to start a party, but manages not to call out a lot of attention on itself as it develops intricately.

Compilation by compilation, track by track Nikita is close to taking my award for the artist of the year and “Ladybug ” is a good reason why. It’s moving, lashing out layers of layers of slimy psychedelic shit, echoing in perfect coherence one sound to the other with *gasp* melodic intonations. Everything is tidily packed for the hula-hoop action and when the clock ticks 4:20, it’s evident a transition should go there to gracefully start kicking out the ladybug without much fuss. Excellent stuff.

Roi Levy & Guy Marciano (Wizard Lizard) from Israel deliver a rather funky number in “Beat Crashers ” with all the tall tale signs of holy land trance. The production is clean, the synths are playful and it progresses well, but I just feel like there is level of chaos that has gone missing when you compare it other counterparts in the land of warped trance. Which is not say it won’t move well on the dance floor, yet it does not twist my neurons enough to consider it mind bending stuff. They have never really favored senseless effects drizzling (which might be what I’m missing) but that’s how they do things… and they are getting better at it.

For all of those that have been paying attention “Luminaria ” by Greg Farley is the self-titled track of the compilation. If you already knew this, reward yourself with cookie & let’s move on. Breaking the cacophony ruckus Mubali has us used to this time around the infusion counts a healthy dose of spooky pads to the wobbly rhythms, churning out a very pleasing corker for the twilight hours. Good stuff.

“Kick Start ” is another interesting deviation from Aaron’s arsenal of rapacious tunes, delving deeply in squelching lines and rasping riffs, evolving on neverend until the blips decide we’ve all had enough. The ‘deep’ factor in his explorations is one of the things you can always count on with Ocelot and I personally like it.

I’m just going to come out and say it - I’ve never really been N3XUS fan. The trance is just too straightforward for my twisted senses. That alone should speak tomes of my own sanity, but we are deviating from the topic here. As stated the “The Chinese Demon ” sounds beautiful –sure I have no problem admitting it- but, much like Wizard Lizard there’s something missing here. I need chaos & shit flying left to right with blips, blops, swooshies & metaphysical gashes. If you like your trance a little clearer then this one should be examined.

For those who do not speak ancient Sanskrit, “Samaya ” means literally ‘meeting or coming together.’ The term is often used to describe a secret vow between vajrayana practitioners and the teacher. This commitment is mostly about maintaining a harmonious relationship with the Vajra master, while not straying from the doctrine. The word itself, confirms your affirmation to take this oath. Now, as it could be expected from Mr. Horror Place / Zik / Maturero / I can’t recall right now, there is nothing ‘harmonious’ about this track. Much like his debut album (Hobyah) released not too long ago, we have a spooky atmosphere, good industrial hints and enough of the ‘shit flying from left to right’ factor for my own sick amusement.

Miranda Collins is currently entangled with the SF wicked girls power faction, showing her keen appreciation for appropriately malevolent tunes. “Nostalgia ” like her past works, lashes out with deep round kicks, menacing bass structures and squelchy, distorted accompaniments. We find a couple of lines by the end building to a proper melody, leaving my senses satisfied in that neo-industrial-gabba type of way. On its own it feels slightly minimal, but it works well when complemented with other tunes without becoming obtrusive.

It seems Adam and Andras are literally in every compilation I turn to these days as the Para Halu combo. “Vampire D ” departs a bit from their current sound, with vampire samples of blood & relentless bass entwined with a lot of atmospheric effects squeaking, in that good old distorted squelchy sound. I haven’t heard much stuff from the pre-World of Peace Days but it seems to me like this is a return to that sound, without sacrificing the danceable aspects in their work. I’m not in love with it, but any Para Halu, is good Para Halu.

I’m not entirely familiar with Vazik’s sound, but I always imagined it as day-time full on with a Mexican flair. “The Message ” doesn’t correctly fit in that category though, this progressive. Reminiscent of Interphaze (one half of Helitrope), displaying silky lines and a static underbelly. It seems a little strange to find this tune stuck between night-time twisters, but as finishing touch it certainly helps to unwind.

As part of the complete package there is a DVD of videos scheduled to complement the music, accompanied by an assortment of VJ’s from around the world that certainly looks enticing. At this point there isn’t a clear release date, but from the music side of things we have an appealing and diverse selection of banging content to keep the ears occupied. The graphics in the digipack managed by Guillermo, give us a treat of the eye candy we could expect in the future as well. I’m especially haunted by the dude painted as skeleton in the back cover, like is tradition in the Mexican holiday… he won’t stop looking at me. Overall, I don’t mind sifting through compilations that might not have a complete selection of tunes I consider excellent, but there’s enough juice to keep dark and twisted heads happy. As such, I consider it money well spent in this endeavor and will be looking forward to the upcoming releases with even higher expectations.

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Shaman Films Records
Shaman Films Records

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Posted : Jul 27, 2006 03:55
Thank You so much for your kind review!
Expect more future releases!
Again thank you Rah!           Egnogra
Shaman Films Media

Coming soon!
SHAMFCD012 Apocalyptic Ritual Compiled by Dark Whisper
SHAMFCD013 Engrams The Trilogy ( double cd ) <BR
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 27, 2006 21:00
this is an excelent review (again Rah )and it letted me very curious on this comp.           ...

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Posted : Jul 29, 2006 03:06
great review rah,

another top notch release from the states.
they seem to be comming out thick and fast these days.
Good stuff.

fav track - 01. Electrypnose Vs Yab-Yum - Freeze

its nicely twisted.
Adam H
Para Halu

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Posted : Jul 30, 2006 14:34
Vampire D is not our track!!!
its a mistake....... our track was called Doomsday, and has definitely a different feeling & sound.

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 10:27
preety good compilation very good line up i hope the best to the label and rock them all. cheers from greece

drop @cid not bombs

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Posted : Sep 19, 2006 20:36
exellent review indeed!!!!!!!!!!!!
very nice va
best tracks fom me:
Horror Place
Para Halu
Wizard Lizard
congratulations to Shaman Films rec
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Sep 20, 2006 14:30


On 2006-07-30 14:34, homen wrote:
Vampire D is not our track!!!
its a mistake....... our track was called Doomsday, and has definitely a different feeling & sound.

i am almost sure this track is from n3xu5           ...
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 21, 2006 07:55
Penta track is awsome have it like ringtone on my phone           Dance is - As a matter of fact, socially admissible public analogue of the sexual act :)

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Posted : Sep 21, 2006 11:33
penta , mubali and parahalu make this one worth it !

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