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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - ElectroScopic compiled by Dj Tsekas
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ElectroScopic compiled by Dj Tsekas


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Posted : Mar 9, 2005 23:43
Moonflower did it again with a great compilation of V/A techtrance artist, some big and some not so big. There is a lot of drive within this cd and not all of it's content is only techtrance but it also includes some nice psychedelic sounds from Cybered and some funk from Platform but all tracks on the CD is mainly focused on techtrance.

So lets begin:

1. TRIAC - Discharged
HUGE track from Ilan and Michael, BIIIG pads sweep acros the dark soundscapes and gets you head bobbing in notime. Very driving and progressive techtrance track, one of my big favourites on this cd, with percussions spooky sampled voices and drive they will easily get your feets of the ground.

2. X-Dream - Psychomachine (Midi Miliz RMX)
It's got that Midi Miliz feel to it that gets you grooving with in 4 bars of the beat. The hihats are laid thick on this tracks with lots of delay but still clean and fresh (how do they get away with it), and in comes the snare with a filtered delay making in bounce n the background. And from no where that wah-wah lead comes in adding yet another dimension to the track with a huge pad coming in behind that, yes it's layers on top of layers.
Great track but im not sure if it's better than the original.

3. Spirallianz - Battlejuice (More Sugar Mix 2005)
Nice flowing intro of slow reverberated drums that flips over into that classic clean spirallianz sound with it's progressive sound. I'ts got a nice thick pad this track with some moaning voice sample filtered out to some sweeping spooky sound togehter with a voice in the far far background speaking of something that i cant really make out. Then, then the hihats makes their entrance and pushes the track into the next gear. Very monotonous track but soooo sooo god. Yes i wrote in anothe thread that the original was better but i was mistaken.

4. Cybered - Invasion
In the begining this sounds like the old Harthouse rec. sound but the very quickly changes it's form into a driving track. Very simple track but very powerfull, it's got all the ingredients that you need to get you going, chords, pads, percussion and filtered rythm.

5. K.U.R.O - ION Park
Starts of as an oldschool techno track with a simple but groovey 4x4 beat, and then it happens in comes a snares that get's you bouncing all over the place and on top of that comes a distored drum that he tweaks beautifully.
The a dirty hihat/percussion/shake loops starts to groove in the track, diggin deeper and deeper untill you hit the ION park, the core of the track and then it's just to shift in to highest gear cause you will need it if you gonna ride this track to the end.

6. Dopamin - Dirty Samba
Well i'll leave this one up to somebody else to review. Im happy with the track and how it's turned out. Hope you guys will like it.

7. Platform - Back Front
Very dark and technoish track, lots of drive and hard hitting mechanicle beats. This track is progressive to the bone in strict techtrance manners.

8. Platform - Venetzian Dealers
Funky and rythmical and it's got kind of a happy feel to it. It's very hypnotic track with the funky basslines and the monotonous style it's got.

Well this is what i can say about this release and if you haven't gotten the point yet, it's goood even if you only like the first three tracks. it's gonna be worht it if you buy it, so get your a#*se of to Saiko Sounds and order your copy now!

          For the TT beliver:
Le S4B0T3UR - Ground Effect (UNRELEASED)
Le S4B0T3UR - HooverKraft (V/A Night Vision compiled by Oscuro)
Le S4B0T3UR - Coroded (UNRELEASED)
Le S4B0T3UR - SumoRider (UNRELEASED)
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Posted : Mar 10, 2005 00:04
Very nice compilation!!! i like it alot ... concratulations !!! moonflower roxxx !!!
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Posted : Mar 10, 2005 00:22
gr8t compilation moonflower!!!!!!!!!!!!!congratulations.
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Posted : Mar 10, 2005 00:24
very good compilation ! i like it alot!
massive tunes of tech trance and gr8 sound!

keep it up moonflower crew!

we whant more of this...

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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - ElectroScopic compiled by Dj Tsekas
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