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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Electronics Fusion - Kailum LP (Yes, KAILUM, his return)
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Electronics Fusion - Kailum LP (Yes, KAILUM, his return)

IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jun 25, 2020 18:23:48
Hi there,

Kailum through his new moniker, Electronics Fusion. Has released his 3rd album. A Remix album to be more precise. It is released worldwide, so find it at your fav. shop or streaming service.

Cat. KERDiG008

Promo bio:

Dave Saragosi (from Israel) began his musical practice from the age of 15-16 on relevant software's available back then in the end 80s start 90s. His production was out of necessity very much creative, as well as challenging. And for sure it was innovative for those times where technological and digital tools to influence and create something that suited ones inner special vibe, became available. Initially the artist name Kailum was adopted and used from a character in a D&D-styled book popular in the 80s and 90s - the character's power was to create a living, or dead fire. At the beginning, KAILUM socialized some of the track productions together with well known acts like XEROX, and PSYSEX. The latter with a top-notch track on the famous "4 Days Of Madness" E.P.. Other tracks by Dave was released on various Compilation albums, and in late 1999 he released his debut Album "KAILUM - CONFUSION" - which was an extraordinary and creative Trance album in the then digital Psy-Trance landscape of well established Krembo Records. Years later, it's 2005, the second KAILUM full lenght Album "MORE REFLEXIONS OF THE WORLD" was officially released on the German label Blissbeats... It was as well a cheeky and different Psy-Trance album that fitted in with the Progressive & Trance realm of it's time and before. After a certain period of time without nothing much happening, Dave Saragosi aka. Kailum returned to another round of music production under his new name "ELECTRONICS FUSION" - a production concept that combines electronic music styles fused without a catch on a particular stencil. When Dave is producing under the "EF" moniker, he produces all Electronics styles ranging from Deep House to Trance and Freestyle with his own touch intact. Now in present day, by a label-heads old fandom inherent with a funny synchronicity. ELECTRONICS FUSION's solicit debut Album "KAILUM" is a closure of the Kailum artists history with a circular sense that involves a 20-year transactional summary. And so, this "Electronics Fusion - Kailum" album on Kali Earth Records combines a few numbers that are remixes of selected Kailum tracks from the previous two albums, as well as some brand new Electronics Fusion pieces for you all to enjoy. Enjoy!
released June 17, 2020

Mastered by Dave Saragosi
Painting by IdaVision
Graphic by Erland Yildiz

All tracks w&p by Dave Saragosi.

Dave & KER would like to thank Henning Olsen Winter and especially Colin "OOOD" Bennun for Mastering inputs.

PS. a CDr version will come soon.
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Trance Forum  Forum  Promotional Releases - Electronics Fusion - Kailum LP (Yes, KAILUM, his return)
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