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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Eat Static - Back To Earth (Interchill CD 34 ) 2008)
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Eat Static - Back To Earth (Interchill CD 34 ) 2008)

Le Lotus Bleu
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 6, 2008 01:44:02
Eat Static - Back To Earth (Interchill CD 034 2008)


1.Tuned Mass Damper
2. Pharaoh
3.Lo-Ride Sloucher
4.Flippity Flippity
5.Epoch Calypso
6.Holy Stone
7.Pearl Of Wisdom
8.Up, Periscope
9.Dune Rider
10.Valley Of The Moon
11.The Wreckage

1.Tuned Mass Damper => Twisted techno/ambient experimental production with unpolished tones & weird, mad samples as you could expect from Eat Static, cold nightish feeling here.

2. Pharaoh => Is about a very Oriental tune nicely rhythmic, with an orchestral alchemy according to me.

3.Lo-Ride Sloucher => Complex & weirdest tune of the album, notably with a special choped up fx all along on the sounds.

4.Flippity Flippity => Blue Note spirit (Jazzy stuff here).

5.Epoch Calypso => Do you want smoking cigarillo Cubano, drinking brown rhum, taking sun, enjoying some rhythmo latino, contemplating old cars from 50's for very few money ? It's possible with Eat Static Airlines & the fly Epoch Calypso.

6.Holy Stone => This one is more on the dubby side but remains very Eat Static sounding, which means crazy, distorted, very diversified but always musically coherent & furthermore melodic.

7.Pearl Of Wisdom => A sunset on a deserted beach, warm climate, with fresh air is surfing on your skin. Nevertheless some moment benefits from audacious & rough tones which strongly contrasts with the soft sunny overall perception, like something wanted to get you outside this idyllic coma.

8.Up, Periscope => Based on a very catchy loop, the title also describes perfectly the idea of the track. Get ready for some submarine explorations through mysterious misty seas, no worry the sonar is active & effective. So it's up to the captain not to steer in circle...

9.Dune Rider => Oriental tune with a progressive building, the rhythmic aspect takes a preponderant part here contrarily to most of the album.

10.Valley Of The Moon => Could be compared to the tale of a summer night on a flying carpet over a yellow illuminated old civilization.

11.The Wreckage =>It's like a siren song bewitching you through the abyss of chill soundscapes.

If you're expecting from Eat Static Back to Earth from one hand something genuine, melodic, eclectic for a chill production and on the other hand the usual trademarks from the band (a musical mix between experimentation & raving spirit); you'll be completely charmed by this first down-tempo album by this pioneer psytrance band.


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Posted : Jul 6, 2008 02:55
nice album.
Neuron Compost

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Posted : Jul 7, 2008 03:50
great album! really diggin' the more IDM-influenced tracks on this - tuned mass damper, lo ride sloucher and up periscope. those tracks have already made their way into my dj sets - so thats the highest recomendation i can give
great to hear eat static branching out from the usual style, and doing so in an easy and accomplished manner,..
the other material here, like 'pharoah' and 'flippity' etc, while classic eat static tracks for sure - with the funky, jazzy and world musicy influences - seem a little too much like re-hashed eat static... just didnt connect with these style tracks.

mega at hearing dblue glitch used in eat static tracks! never thought id hear the day

nice work eat static and interchill
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Eat Static - Back To Earth (Interchill CD 34 ) 2008)
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