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Earthling in SF???

green nun
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 29, 2003 22:00
Is this true? Anyone know if this party is happening this weekend? I know a lot of people who are planning to go but no one who has any details           Fighting for peace is like fucking for virginity...
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Dec 30, 2003 00:00
i know its jan. 3rd, its a phoniex family production, other info..ill try and find the flier...

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Posted : Dec 30, 2003 07:26
at the noodle- should be a good party. not to mention any names but i'm playing:) (end shamless self promotion)

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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 00:36
We are planning to go there this weekend...
and it’s a looooong drive , so please please let us know ASAP!!!!

Greeny, are you gonna join us? If…..

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Posted : Dec 31, 2003 12:12
the noodle is a spot in oakland and due to ug circumstances i don't want to disclose anymore info on the forum. if you need more info email me off list
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 2, 2004 21:45
forwarding the family doctor prescription

Happy New Year, Nappy Yew Hear, and HAPPY HIGHER RESOLUTIONS

First A big heartfelt wave of appreciation as we bring in this amazing new
year full of opportunity and boundless potential. The Phoenix Family
turns 4 years old this weekend as we celebrate the 4th annual New Year
It was that long ago that 400 frozen folks gathered for a fireside frolic up
in the freezing forest country not so far, far away at area 101 for the
first Phoenix Family event: Escape to Trance Mountain.

I hope everybody is on their way to complete recovery, because Saturday
night is brewing up to be a completely amazing adventure. I have a few
announcements and requests for help on the event as well as the line up
for both rooms…

-We still are looking for a quadraverb effects processor for Earthling good for you+1
-We have two setup/cleanup comp slots left please rsvp:
or call the info line to confirm (set up is Friday Night at 8pm – 11pm at the Noodle)
-If you kept your ticket stub from NYE Tantra then its good for $15 entry at the door…
-There are still presales available till 8pm on Sat Afternoon at the stores and via on line ---by going to Paypal and paying $15 to with ATTN: Earthling -Tix in the notes. Print out
receipt for each ticket separately as confirm to get in.
- We are closing the doors shortly after 3am so get there before then please...

Super Stompy Bouncy Pleasures Domain:
10 Psychic
11 Nagual
12 Random vs Chromatone
1 Wichdokta
2 Doctor Spook
4 Celli Dj Set (feat: Side Projects Soundaholix, VatosLocos, and
Various Collaborations)

Raw Heaven Mystic Awakenings Chamber:
10 Sonjah
11 Hyjinx vs Dan The Man
1230 KT vs Saturnia
2 Intrigue
3 Suddenly
4 Mahesh
5 Heartlove

We will have a rebirthing Ceremony at 12:30pm so bring your New Years
Resolutions to put in the sacred Flame.

Live Interactive Visuals by: Chaos Consortium
Snax and Chai by: Raw Heaven Massage by: Akasha

Discount $15 Presales available at Cieba SF, Distractions SF, Skills
and online via PAY PAL (mention Earthling in the Notes) $20 night of the show. $15 night of the show with Ticket from Tantra at Somarts on New Years.
Info line 510 776 6553 or 707 467 3954

cu on the dance floor


"Follow your Bliss"
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 5, 2004 18:42
So, how was it?

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Posted : Jan 6, 2004 02:02
in one word, Amazing!!! Such a wonderful vibe, Excellent music the whole night!! Celli threw down an excellent show!!! One of the best shows at that spot in quite a while!!           An Eagle may soar, but Weasels don't get sucked into jet engines.
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Jan 6, 2004 02:05
agreed fully....awesome night, celli's live set was ok but his dj set was a real treat, and greg is of the best parties throw there in a while.....
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jan 21, 2004 02:10
just remember ho wlucky you guys are to see him play for 15 bucks... I dont want to hear any complaints about paying 20 or so bucks to see in international act!
The new years party here in Tokyo? 100 bucks for a ticket... thank god I was guestlisted....
You guys in SF are so lucky... dont forget that!
-bOOm- Nik
Trance Forum » » Forum  North America - Earthling in SF???
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