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Earthdance San Marcos Sierras 2010 thoughts


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Posted : Sep 25, 2010 21:51:53
For those that are interested I would like to say a few words about my experiences and thoughts on the recent earthdance celebration in San Marcos Sierras, Argentina. A lot has been said, not all of which I completely understand since I am still just learning Spanish. I have nothing but love for all those involved. I was born on this planet to embody certain ideals and truths. There are always two sides to the story and I respect both sides right to their opinion. I will try to present what happened from a neutral perspective, and will try not to include my personal opinion. For those interested in my personal thoughts and how my purpose and mission in life has been, and continues to be tied to gatherings, festivals, and consciousness expansion, please send me a private message.
I care for a small sound system, which I worked very hard get. It is personal equipment that I got to have the freedom to have a little party whenever we want. Since I have lived in San Marcos we have had at least 5 or 6 free parties where we covered the expenses and provided the equipment. We have had the free parties to share with those that live in San Marcos, our new home. Mackie sound, Honda quiet generators, deco, digital projector, cables, mixer, and pioneer cdj 1000’s. None of these are cheap, especially here in Argentina.
The organization of the festival wanted me to supply everything for the second stage at the festival for free while they charged an entrance at the door. The organization was mostly strangers to me, having met only two of the five of them several times before. We asked that they offer a reasonable amount to rent the equipment, and received no response. I would like to point out the I was in no way involved in the planning or organization of the festival but at the same time being pressured to provide almost half of the equipment for free. I have no problem with sharing what I have with others, provided that we are sharing together. If there is an entrance charged it is normal for it to cover expenses, for me sound, deco, generators, and gas are normal expenses. As the festival drew closer and we heard nothing, I assumed the organization made other plans concerning the sound, generators and deco for their second stage. Since we live close by we went to the site a couple of days early, to set up a tipi and an alter, for the party, as well as a little spot to make some chai tea. People that know us know that we like to create something for the gatherings we go to, a small sacred space, an altar, and usually some chai tea, which is free or for a small price. We use spices that we hand carried from India and fresh milk, it is not meant to be a financial endeavor, but a safe calm place for people who need it, a place to have something hot and a chat with friends during the night. We took the tipi and wooden structure to make a beautiful place for people to chill, a gift from our hearts. The next day the organization told us that since we did not provide our sound system for free we must leave and if the tipi was still there the next day they would burn it and we were not welcome at the festival. I was quite shocked, after over 15 years of going to festivals from burning man, to some of the first earthdances in California, to psy trance events all over the world, the first time I have been asked to leave a party or treated in such a way, especially considering we were on the flyer. Not looking for a fight, we left and went to a neighbors to stay there. Since Earthdance is a worldwide celebration that I have been participating in for many years, we decided together with friends to celebrate anyways, and created a little free space at our friends place next door, not to compete, but to complement. This was not the decision of two people, but a large group of festival goers and artists who were staying with us prior to the party. We asked for no admission, everyone was welcome. Our idea was to share our heart with everyone, those who wanted to pay for the festival as well those who live here locally and our friends. What whapped next really surprised me, the organization moved the entrance of the festival out onto the public road to collect admission, telling people that there were still two stages inside the festival. At this point I decided not to push back any more. I am new here; a lot of people who have had a lot of negative things to say have never met me. I am not here to fight with anyone. I do have moral and ethical beliefs about community, sharing, and social justice that come far before my personal wants and what is the easiest path. I am always here to listen and discuss any plan or ideas that involve my energy, what is important is to talk and discuss the plan with all those who are expected to contribute their time, and energy. This discussion never happened. Our intention was not take from the celebration but to add a gift from our hearts, a space to connect with our mother and one another, and to celebrate the global event. It was our decision as a group of people that if the entrance price did not support the stage any way, including the gas for the generators, the area should be free to all those who wanted to participate. As I said before, I am not against sharing or giving what I have, but I do believe that if an entrance is being charged, some of it should support the cost of those providing the equipment. The sound, generators, deco, and projector for the main floor had to be paid for. I would like to know why I was expected to be different? Why? Why the disrespect and disregard, I am new here, why pressure me to give so the organization can maybe make a profit, where I come from it is normal to include all those who are giving in the receiving, and it is normal to cover ALL costs before considering a profit for the organizer. With an entrance of 100 pesos, there should be enough to pay for sound for both stages. If I go along with deals like the earthdance one, pretty soon I will be drained, equipment will need fixing, Generators need tune-ups, lights need replacing, and the future of small free events in San Marcos will be in danger.
In the end the organization got what it wanted, they got a second stage for free by moving the entrance out onto the public road in front of our free celebration, until the local police kicked them off the public road. Any idea that two people from San Marcos were trying to compete against a festival with an international organization is missing our intention and is a little silly. Our intent was to bring attention to the organization of the festival and the way the economics of parties are handled here locally. After the events in the psy community, “honu eclipse, eathdance Chile, ect.. It is important for some of us to make it clear where we stand regarding celebration of the trance dance ritual. For me it is much more than party, it is a way of life; the trance dance is a sacred ritual of the 21st century. I have supported theses gathering with all that I have, we opened our house to dozens before and after the event, I felt privileged to share with the amazing people in the scene here in Argentina, and had many wonderful times and experiences. I am in support of paying an entrance to these rituals, so as to support and enable scene to grow and flourish, but I believe that in order for this to happen the money should support not only the organizer but also the artists and the costs of renting or buying equipment. Out intent and purpose behind these gatherings is as important as any other aspect. I realize this is getting quite long and I am get just getting started. I am going to stop for now. I would like to say that have already forgiven those who have gone against me, and my heart remains open to them. We are all here together, and all have room for improvement, me included. Thank you again to all of those with kind words of support, who understood our message, and for welcoming me into you scene. Please feel free to comment or share you thoughts and ideas. I hope to see you all on the dance floor soon…
In Lakesh
Trance Forum » » Forum  South and Latin America - Earthdance San Marcos Sierras 2010 thoughts
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