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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dynamic Features (Starsound, 2001)
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Dynamic Features (Starsound, 2001)

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Posted : Aug 22, 2001 13:01:43
[b][u]Dynamic Features (Starsound, 2001)[/b][/u]
1. Deforlder- Experimentations on Mutants
2. Paste- Troll
3. Yumade- Kitch Head
4. Triplex- Q6
5. P.O.T.S.- Peanut Tube
6. Tegma- It's A Case of...
7. Suria- Protoss Smoking Weed
8. Source Unknown- Cutting Edge
9. Sonic Fusion- Firedance

First compilation for this new Greek label run by Jhon, ex-partner in ZMA. Technoish sounds, not too psychedelic, with nice grooves and moves.
Defolder (DJ Sangeet) with a nice opener, a bang-your-head groovy track that definitely moves the butt, with nice technoidic breaks and good suspense. Paste follows with a lot of electric whips, and quite a spooky and psychedelic atmosphere accompanied by a massive bass assault. Yumade (T3) with their usual- a mechanic kick (that sounds dead to me) and great hi-hats games- I think this is too recycled already- nice one, but nothing really excites me in this track. Triplex with Q6 (T4)- my favorite track here, a real surprise from a Greek guy that used to make totally different music. Great groove games, a lot of driving power and pure energetic aura, dipped in minimal psychedelia, and basically a pure fun track. POTS follow with a very percussive track with little simple melodic lines- again nothing exciting, but very much in tune with the story here. Then it's Tegma, the new guys from the MPDQX talents case- it doesn't stand up to their amazing Doppelganger from Creamcrop's Folded View. Strong percussive mechanic techno that doesn't hold enough interest for me for home listen, but will rock the floor for sure. Suria (T7) with a hard one- relentless pounding and altogether too much sounds for my delicate old ears. Source Unknown with pure intense techno, no psychedelia, housey feel and not too alive. The sound is not good enough for me- which is necessary in a track like this (see Authentik for a good example), and it's too long as well. Sonic Fusion ends the CD with something completely different, doing his tribal thing, a lot of chants, nice fast bounce, and a very organic sound- I like it.

[b]Bottom Line[/b]: Tech-trance lovers shouldn't miss this. Good work for a first compilation, very much together, with a strong clear line. A bit more variation would be nice.
[b]Favorites[/b]: 1, 2, 4(!), 6, 9.

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Posted : Aug 26, 2001 17:52:36
Nice one, but too techno for me- Defolder, Paste,  triplex, pots & sonic fusion are my favorites.
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Posted : Aug 27, 2001 10:48:48
i see that greek labels really know what they are doing....
both zma and now starsound are realeseing really good music
this cd is very good and powerfull most of the time
keep it up !
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Dynamic Features (Starsound, 2001)
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