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Drumatik - Peak Process (Peak Records 2006) CD

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 8, 2006 17:08
Drumatik – Peak Process

Cover: +

Artist: Drumatik (Switzerland)
Title: Peak Process
Format: CD (jewel case)
Label: Peak Records (Switzerland)
Cat. #: PR009
Distribution: Arabesque
Date: 27 March 2006

Track listing:

01. 01’22” The Forest Spirit
02. 06’26” Off Into Space
03. 06’33” Devil’s Door
04. 06’59” Simulations
05. 06’32” Killing Zoo (Remix)
06. 06’42” Access Approved
07. 06’30” Psychiatric Symphony
08. 06’31” Revolution 2012
09. 07’11” Face To Faith

.m3u-playlist: (all tracks!)


Patchwork psytrance…

Visionary Swiss label Peak Records is out with their 9th release… Following the first artist album by Electrypnose, here’s the debut album from fellow Swiss country man Benjamin Klingemann… He’s been a regular on Peak’s peak-time psytrance compilations – and every single track I’ve heard from him has been a stand-out – I really dig his oddball, humorous take on psytrance and his extremely versatile full-on anti-cheese style… There’s never a dull moment with Drumatik and I’m really excited about this, his debut album…

Let me take you thru the tracks…

#01: The Forest Spirit
The opening track functions as a short intro… It’s a clash of organic sounds mated with sharp, hissing electronica… There’s some serious drum programming going on too… There’s a countdown in the end, before we’re off into space…

#02: Off Into Space [146 BPM]
“You’re not afraid of the dark, are you?” Best damn intro I’ve heard for a while! Following the intro track without any breaks, we launch straight into huge reverbs and full power from the get-go… That’s right; this is fully loaded, relentless, propane-injected psytrance… Bursting with energy! Style wise this is dancefloor material with both space- and spook-influences… The break reveals a really creepy atmosphere, but luckily the track never crosses fully over into pretentious ‘darkpsy’… This is melodic, maximal psytrance… Very nice!

#03: Devil’s Door [146 BPM]
“What the fuck is going on, huh? … Where is this door?” As usually with Peak releases, the tracks are slightly mixed to avoid silence between the tracks – so we drift seamlessly into the next dancefloor stomper… And despite the creepy track name, this track isn’t all that evil… It’s just old fashioned night trance… And that’s a good thing! This is acid-drenched, playful, sample-heavy night trance with a hundred twists, turns and changes in direction and pace… The tribal-drum section in the middle is simply dope and the ethnic chanting is a nice touch… Lovely!

#04: Simulations [145 BPM]
“What was that? … Get the fuck outta my house! … Stop messing around!” This track starts with a very creepy sample of a little girl singing – screams follow and then BAM - the bassline! Some serious knob-adjustment and hardcore tweaking after that + an alarm sound followed by more acid mayhem… And that’s just describing the first minute! Holy smokes, this stuff is so versatile… Drumatik is a master of this style, and this track is another trademark Drumatik hit… Sweet!

#05: Killing Zoo (Remix) [146 BPM]
“What is it? You’ll see […] The age of men is over – the time of the orc has come!” This track starts with some Gregorian monks chanting to the pounding sound of a bass drum… Soon after there’s a short, but informative conversation between Frodo and Gollum – and when Drumatik tears open his goodie bag the acid flows freely… There’s more LOTR action going on here, and Drumatik has managed to sample the eerie orc horn too – brilliant!

#06: Access Approved [148 BPM]
“When I was little my father was famous. He was the greatest samurai in the empire, and he was the shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of a hundred and thirty one lords… My father would come home and when he was here he would forget about the killings. He wasn’t scared of the shogun, but the shogun was scared of him!” There’s some serious drum experimentation going on here – and I don’t think I’ve ever heard drum programming quite like this… Whatever the hell it is, it works – this is multi-climactic, hands-in-the-air dancefloor fodder… Eerie melodies, synth galore and enough digital farts and electronic burps to keep my focus peeled… The voice sample from Shogun Assassin/Kill Bill 2 (also used by the RZA on his Liquid Swords album) is awesome and it was about time someone put it to good use in a psytrance track… This is ripe, delicious, full-power psytrance… I’m totally diggin’ it!

#07: Psychiatric Symphony [148 BPM]
“Someone told you about me. Who told you about me? Well if you wanna know why don’t you just read my mind? Surprisingly you were able to keep a few things from me. I don’t understand it, but I’m sure I’ll figure it out soon” … Here’s another full-power, relentless dancefloor bomb… Absolutely fucking drenched in acid and with flaring rhythms and twirling psychedelia all over the place… The main acid-lead is absolutely in-ya-face and this will definitely go down with fans of Ketuh Records… The level of experimentation is still impressive – and I’m still impressed by the amount of energy that this guy manages to put forth…It’s wall-to-wall night trance! Ace!

#08: Revolution 2012 [146 BPM]
This is another track that doesn’t waste time on a boring ambient intro – this is full power from the very first second… Hard-hitting, acid-drenched and with a very strong rhythm section… Similar to the previous track, though without the distinct acid-lead… The lead here is more melodic and morning trance like… Sounds a lot like Timecode stuff… Nicey nice!

#09: Face To Faith [146 BPM]
The closing track starts with maybe the longest beatless intro on the entire album (40 seconds) – and then it’s time to reveal the bassline and the percussion… Full-power, energetic, relentless psytrance – Peak style! There’s an underlying world beat/ethnic touch here – which is pretty nice for a change… Also the Kill Bill link is evident – and this is another melting pot of various ideas and styles… Trademark Drumatik! Wonderful!

What an album! Easily the most energetic I’ve heard from Peak Records – there is not a single dull second here and basically this is a big old melting pot: A billion ideas, styles, oddball twists and turns – all kept within a framework of full-on night trance… Yeah, this is patchwork psytrance – like a big old quilt sewn together from a billion little funky pieces – and as such, this is extremely cool! I cannot even begin to count the layers here – or contemplate how many months of work made into making this… It’s one jaw-dropping moment after another. It’s really, really impressive!

On the downside this album is only a little under 55 minutes long. They could’ve easily fit two more tracks here… Also, some tracks have too similar parts – and they almost drown in their own success. Almost! The funny thing is, that all off these tracks would have been stand-outs if featured on compilations – but here, it’s one belting blast-track after another, and you don’t get any time to catch your breath between tracks… Basically it’s like a 55 minute track! A 55 minute full-on, full-power, relentless psytrance track mind you! That’s not necessarily a bad thing, and I’m not complaining – I like all the tracks here… It’s just that journey-wise this album doesn’t work that well… In the same notion it’s less good for home listening – but it’s absolutely brilliant as a DJ tool… All these tracks *will* cause absolutely devastation on the dance floors… Trust me!

Peak fans will most definitely take well to this as will fans of Timecode and Ketuh Records… It’s a real treat for acid-heads! I’m an acid-head, so I’m really impressed by this album too – just like at my indication of fav’e tracks below. They are all brilliant (which of course has something to do with this basically being ‘one track’ running for 55 minutes). Anyway, this is good wholesome entertainment – up to par with the usual Peak Records quality… Enjoy!

Favourites: All, but 2, 5, 6(!) and 9 are stand-outs


External links:
Peak Records:
Saiko Sounds:
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 9, 2006 06:32
actually it's a pretty damn good CD. one of the best albums i've heard recently.

it flows almost as a concept album, and all the tracks are good, while some are quite exceptional. the ONLY gripe i have with this one is its length. another track or two would've been great.

cheers's just another party..
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 9, 2006 16:00
Yeah Ben you've done it, really happy for you!

As for the album, since I heard the first live act of Ben and the first tracks he has done, I loved the style, the use of drumkit samples made by drumatik himself, the effort to do something original and with a special taste, the implementation of percussion.

With every new track the quality improve and this cd is the results of a lot of work and it's a blast!

This is not dark trance, this is good energetic magic night trance!
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 9, 2006 20:04
Haven't heard the album yet, but here's just a general opinion about length:

It is not because a CD can fit 80 minutes that an album HAS to be 80 minutes long!! I prefere a 45 minutes album with a great flow and context, rather than lots of fillers! But great review you wrote, DeathPosture

Apart from that, happy for you that it's out at last, Ben! Looking forward to listen to, I'm sure it's not gonna be compromising and it will certainly be a nighttime kilaaaaar!!!!
Master Margherita

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Posted : Apr 9, 2006 21:07

On 2006-04-09 20:04, MercuryFall wrote:
Haven't heard the album yet, but here's just a general opinion about length:

It is not because a CD can fit 80 minutes that an album HAS to be 80 minutes long!! I prefere a 45 minutes album with a great flow and context, rather than lots of fillers!

Im coming from the 70' & the vinyl was max 45 min,, so 60 is pretty long.

Great review DP, thanks a lot,,,, glad you like Ben's music.
Be ready for the next step PR010.

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Apr 10, 2006 03:51
Artist: Drumatik
Album: Peak Process
Label: Peak Records
CAT: PR009

1. The Forest Spirit [146]
2. Off Into Space [146]
3. Devil’s Door [146]
4. Simulations [145]
5. Killing 200 Remix [146]
6. Access Approved [148]
7. Psychiatric Symphony [148]
8. Revolution 2012 [146]
9. Face to Faith [146]

What's This About

Benjamin Klingemann, a 25 year old German-American has been enthralled with the drums since he was three, when he got his first drum kit. From an early age Klingermann has been involved in conservatories and a funk-rock band as the drummer (naturally). Fast forward to the end of the nineties, Dj Smart Side makes his appearance spinning psychedelic trance, by the beginning of 2004 the logical step as Drumatik is taken. Since then Drumatik has been playing live in France, Switzerland and Morocco with a fair share of success. Benjamin has been in the Peak family since his first appearance in Peak a Boo two years ago, time when he began working on the full album Peak Process. Besides exploring psychedelic trance, there is also a side project that features his drum set mixed with break beats / drum n’ bass.


(1*) A short introduction sets the mood languidly with nature sampling, congas and dangly effects in the midst of a heavily populated jungle. Benjamin imagined it in the forest, let’s see where it takes you. (2*)Connecting smoothly from the previous track “Off into Space” gets the rocket going in a vigorous debauchery of fast-paced prototypical full on, and transient squeaks with ricocheting lines, bouncing all over the sounds cape. Emotional pads mix in the pot for an uplifting result, refusing to let the night beat your fears. (3*) A well calculated entry with nifty effects, you can hear the door closing into a different room, working nicely as a cue point. Ben at this point makes his name count with a drumming section that ends up saving the day. Interesting sample bits from the movie Dream Catcher can be found in the breaks. (4) The fourth chapter gets underway via growlings and simulations that confound senses and purpose. At this point in time is getting difficult to distinguish one track from the other, they all sound remarkably similar to me. That doesn’t mean the small differences aren’t there, like is the case with the guitar chops. Effects and coherence is on our side here. (5) Another well orchestrated intro with chants, water dripping and a number pitch shifters back to the movement. The intention to build mysterious environments within Drumatik’s style pervades throughout. Really nifty break, incorporating the drum set well. Once again though, the synth work is not deviating too radically from the previous tracks. (6*) Access approved brings into the equation a new beat with a great jungle-esque rhythm, which up to this point was starting to feel sorely needed. We return to the classic full-on affair on the mid run, with an eerie sample of a child talking about shoguns and decapitations. Like I’ve said before, I enjoy my kid voices and having the drums return for the last stretch of the track, combining all the elements certainly helps. (7*) The samples from Dream Catcher are back in a different context by the start. Symphonic madness galore mixing right into chaos. Lines melting, effects screeching as the rest moves on at the right pace. Throw in the new Naked Tourist, add some ice and enjoy irresponsibly. (8*) The revolution is boiling down here and the layers of effects keep adding up seamlessly with favorable results. New synth effects, new rhythms and a good doze of orchestrated madness. (9*) Facing the faith means you will run into great voice samples in the last run of the Drumatik trip. Inside the most warped, jarring effects in the peak process, result in a the most detuned, speed-infused, brain-lagging, mimetic attempt at full on I have heard in a while -having no trouble digesting it as a whole.

All and all

So Drumatik might not win the artist revelation album this time around, but at least a solid precedent has been set. It does feel like a well coordinated journey and the live-gig scenario might be very refreshing. The individual tracks to my ears could have been aided by more twists and ideas that show something else outside the norm though. That said, you will encounter parts that challenge my words, and off course that works well for everyone. A great addition and clearly his forte are the drums in the percussion, Klingemann has been perfecting throughout all of his life. Like Picasso used to say, the rules must be learned first to be broken. The Peak Process shows a solid understanding of how things work; I guess the next step is to shatter all those preconceptions to create something new. Inklings of this new savoir flair can be picked up… only time will tell where it leads. In the meantime The Peak Process passes the time well if you are looking for a little coordinated psychosis, without sagging too low in complete darkness.

Where to Buy

musique à la carte in mp3 & wav.
Reviews, interviews, downloads, articles.
Dropout Productions

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Posted : Apr 15, 2006 03:44
Great Album !!!!!

Ben you did a awesome work
really like the grove and rhytmik of the music
Drumatik is the perfect name for this project

ok keep on with that stuff

and just on the side great review again deathposture
i think you need a website too where you can post the reviews too
Noise Poison Records
Noise Poison Records

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Posted : Apr 20, 2006 12:45
Yes indeed a great piece of music....
and AGAIN it's to be found on the swiss Peakers base ... the crew around DJ Gaspard must be very happy to have the possibility to revert to such a marvelous artistpool based in their little country ...
after delight the community and me personally with the outstanding album by vince, this on is quit the proof that Peak did it again and marked their position in the international curcuit.
congratulations to the peakers as well drumatik for having such a great base around and bringing us such a sweet piece of music ...
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 21, 2006 13:19
Artist: Drumatik
Title: Peak Process
Label: Peak Records
Catalog: PR0009
Released: 2006


01. The Forrest Spirit
02. Off Into Space
03. Devil's Door
04. Simulations
05. Killing Zoo (remix)
06. Access Approved
07. Psychiatric Symphony
08. Revolution 2012
09. Face To Faith

Peak records is for me the one of thetop labels around theese days, and they never seem to fail when releasing new material. Expectations are therefore as allways massive as you give a new peak-record the virgin-spin. Drumatik has released quality tracks with the label before, and I wouldnt be suprised if he does it again here....Let's check out the album!

01: The Forrest Spirit
The short introduction to this album doesn't hint much about what you might excpect from the rest of the package. We're introduced to some rather slackey electronics, and offcourse Drumatiks trademark - percussion.

02: Off into Space
When this track begins 1 minute and 22 seconds has passed. From this point on, you should just leave the couch, because this won't be an album for the slackers out there. This track blasts off with massive amounts of bass and stabbing synth. It maintains enough edge throughout to make it interesting enough. A few melodic elements a present as well. Not a standount moment on the album, but a fair enough track

03: Devil's Door
When drumatik knocks on the devil's door things are about to get really interesting. The acid-lines here strike me as extremely hypnotizing, and there's plenty of fluidity and organic motion involved here. The rythmic action is outstanding as well, and I really love the tribal influences here. One of my favourites!

04: Simulations
Devils door is followed by another action-packed and super-demented track. Trying to describe this stuff is really alot like trying to count how many times you spin around on a seven-minute-ride on a madly spinning carusell. Even with all these layers and goings on I tend to get a bit tired around this point. A break of some sorts would have pleased me...But by all means a very nice track.

05: Killing Zoo (Remix)
Killing zoo slowly (just kidding...) emerges from the left-overs at the end of Simulations. This is a Lord of the Ring sampeling frenzy, something I could have done without. The rest of the track is pretty nice though, and it should come as no suprise that its packed with the all the action you should have come to expect by now. Nice track!

06: Access Approved
Access approved starts with something that could have built into a great intro, and sadly I think it's cut a bit short. The chaotic feel of the album is maintained also in this track. The drumwork fits in nicely as usual. By now it sjhould also be pointed out that the music on this disc isn't really pitch-black-stomp-around-while-stabbing-people kind of dark....I actually find alot of this stuff rather "uplifting". Again - Solid track!

07: Psychiatric Symphony
This is the track that for me sounds like it's the fastest on the album - and at 148 bpm it's not to slow either...If I were to just take a guess after hearing this once, I'd be in the dark about that, though. Lot's of squeaks, squealches and aciddic madness going on here as well. Solid!

08: Revolution 2012
On track 6 I spoke of this album being "uplifing"....Speaking of that (please don't get me wrong here....the cheesedoodles are non-present), this track would perhaps be my prime-example. Stomping, hard, organic and a tad weird...but this isn't dark at all. A few tribal elements spice things up, and makes this a better-than-average track. Combine this with some nostalgia-packed melodies reminding me of my mid-80's Comodore 64 sessions, and voila - a favourite on the album!

09: Face to Faith
To finish things off we're left with an epic chill-out piece of proportions.....No - I'm kidding, but you do get iver half a minute of breathing-space, and for that I'm greatfull. The track it self has a few spicey elements as well, and sometimes I find my head nodding steadilly to this one....Sounding a bit more technoid than other parts of the album it's refreshing in a way, but this track isn't really for me...

Final remarks:
So, there you have it! The peaksters has released another quality piece of pie, allthough I think they've baked better before. There's plenty of juice in most of these tracks, but I'd really appreciate some more variation....I seldom find my self listening to this one all the way throgh. That being said, it's hard to find reall weak tracks here, and most of them sound great if you just listen to one or two of them....

Tomas(Psychedelic Mustache)

Buy it here:
Saiko Sounds:
Mat N
IsraTrance Senior Member

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Posted : Apr 22, 2006 16:07
it took me some time to get a proper listen to this album, but now i can say it is definitely a must for the night time lovers!
since it's a story cd, it was hard for me to point out on a favorite track. i love all the tracks and the flow, and especially 2(!), 3, 5, 6, 7 and 9.
code a
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Apr 23, 2006 19:20
cool album. track 6 i think was the best.

Started Topics :  6
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Posted : May 1, 2006 15:58
Thank you all for your point of views and support:) has been fun sharing this little adventure with you freaks !

boom ))))) from the drumatik studios !

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : May 10, 2006 17:56
Peak Records have always been a favourite night music label of mine- there sound is fresh, contemporary- a blend between dark and dirty, and clean and driving. Not afraid to push a few boundaries either- each release has a definite experimental edge that many labels are afraid to push… Drumatik has been one of the solid Peak Artists since day one- his tracks on earlier comps definitely impressed me- and I was looking very much forward to this one.

And disappointed I was not- Peak Producers is a fine album release in true Peak style- driving, dark (but not toooo dark), percussive night music built for dance floors who don’t take no shit, haha! Drumatik (as the name might suggest) has a definite focus on percussion- lots of tasty fills, and clicky sharp percs throughout… its nice to see some night music that doesn’t rely so much of its crazy top-end to carry it.

Compilation starts with a tribalish drum intro- kind of gives a nice suggestion of what is to come though- the second track “Off into Space” kicks it off nicely with a crispy pumping bassline and some tappy snares- the bassline is nice and forward, a bit of a roll to it, good sunrise gear methinks… nice atmospheres and a few crazy psychedelic leads lace the topend, not going to far into to squiggle territory for this listener (thank Christ!)

Devil’s Door is a little more chaotic in its intent- this one definitely lends itself a little more to the darker hours I think… Nice hovering bassline, some killer tribal style drums with a kick ass break down or 2 thrown in there- fans of hefty output I think would be right into this one. Simulations is along similar lines, a few more high ends synths populating it though… maybe a bit too much for my head right now- but I think it could lend itself nicely to a 3am dancefloor….

Killing 200 Remix pulls it back a little bit… playful and definitely very psychedelic, this is one of the one that pushes a few boundaries I think on the album… Tekky glitches and some very, very cool drum work definitely gives the name Drumatik some meaning… It sounds as if a live drummer is actually playing a lot of it, its good to be able to pull off that effect, it takes some skill.

Access Approved has the same experimental feel- we’re up to full intensity now, ripping along nicely at 148BPM- again the deadly percussion work in this one catches me… frantic and scattered, but at the same time with a sensibility that you don’t find in much trance music. This track fully keeps you guessing, and that’s one think I love in night music. Great track.

Psychiatric Symphony takes it back in the other direction a bit- I know its gotta be done, but probably not my favourite track on the album- a little bit too chaotic and high end based- those kind of leads aren’t so good for my head. Revolution 2012 is a return to the source- back to the minimal percussion funk from before! A definite step down in sound and intensity- this ones got a lot of funk to it I think… Classy tribal bongos and a bit more morning of a sound- cool track written about an eclipse that will happen over my town, hehe!

Face to Faith closes the album in true stomping style- funky, playful, driving, serious- all at one time… A good way to sum up the Drumatik sound in general I think, and a good way to end the cd. (dig the sample taken from Team America at the start- Dirka dirky jihad dirka!!!)

Overall, Drumatik’s latest effort Peak Process is another win for the Peak crew… Gaspard definitely knows his way around the sound of night music, and it’s refreshing to see a label is taking a very definite direction without letting the fringes of commercialism to touch their view of music… and I think we need more of those in the scene! Classy night music- not for the faint hearted by any means- for coinsurers of the 3am dancefloor.


          Open Records, Australia
Dropout Productions

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Posted : May 19, 2006 22:35
Since my first post here was deleted by a moderator (for no reason at all, I might add)... I guess I have to post again:

This is a great album! Groovy and edgy - a non stop booty shaker!

Well done - Ben and all the Peak Crew!


Started Topics :  2
Posts :  180
Posted : May 27, 2006 22:17
I play that album over and over I really like it its refreshing
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