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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Double Trouble (No Comments Records, 2008)
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Double Trouble (No Comments Records, 2008)

IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Jul 25, 2008 01:59:49
Double Trouble

No Comments Records, 2008

1. Multi Evil - Resurrection
2. LAB - Post Apocalyptic
3. Necropsycho - Ritual Of Shiva
4. CPC - Lizard Metanoya
5. Multi Evil - Brains Only
6. LAB - The Menger Sponge
7. Necropsycho - Tortured Souls
8. CPC - Begin
9. Gobit vs Cube - Neuroleptik
10. Dynamid vs Xolay Ax - X-Ray Cat

After the fully digital and debut compilation "No Comment vol. 1", it's time for "Double Trouble", the second position on the Warsaw publisher No Comment Record's catalogue, this time on CD. The cover, which presents an inhabitant of a stuffy crypt, exhausted with life and with a tendency for using facial masks made of corrosive substances, suggests we won't be dealing with sweet full-on, distinguished progressive trance or bedroom chillout. What it does suggest is a dive into the deep end of a dark and full-power pool, and, as the title suggests, a doubled dangerous mix of Multi Evil, LAB, Necrophsycho and CPC, crowned with two tracks of the "versus" type created by two duos, Ator Project (Gobit and Cube from Warsaw) and Psy Cut Fingers (Dynamid and Xolay Ax from Gdynia).

The person responsible for the first track on the compilation is usually faced with a difficult task. They have to attract the listener's attention and convince them not to turn off the CD, which would have negative consequences for later tracks still waiting for their turn to be enjoyed. Multi Evil stood up to the task and bet on gradual development of the mood by facing the listener with a climatic and fantastic intro that lasts over 2 minutes and throws us into the world of films about Dr. Frankenstein's monster. Finally comes "Ressurection" which, after a proper dose of voltage, gallops through murky forests full of wolves and lost souls. Since the CD was well accepted by the system we can keep going. "Post Apocalyptic" is a more cybernetic, raw highway to nowhere on which you put the pedal to the metal and don't let go. I think it's one of the better tracks on the CD, mainly because it's always proving its powerful atmosphere, drilling holes in your head and then throws a massive tornado at you in the end. "Ritual Of Shiva" wasn't my favourite, mostly because of the contrast with the previous tracks. I was however surprised by a CPC track called "Lizard Metanoya". It's a multi-plot ballad with a slightly fairytale atmosphere and a dash of funk. Who knows, this might be what Slinky Wizard's music would have sounded like today if the project had been continued. Then Multi Evil comes back on stage and gives the listener "Brains Only". Unfortunately this tune won't blow you away like the one that opened the album and with time even gets boring. "The Menger Sponge" and "Tortured Souls" from LAB and Necropsycho are advanced therapy using rapid beats and invasive drills to whip the audience. Respite and surprise is brought by Radostavin Vlad. At a rate of 120 BPM, the mysterious "Begin" enhances the CPC project and proves that darkness has many faces. The following track, "Neuroleptik", is characterized by a heavier performance and a return to the fast lane. Gobit and Cube present a standardized but quite clever piece submerged in toxic fumes and spiced up with gastric sounds. Along with the last number by the Psy Cut Fingers (Dynamid and Xolay Ax) duo, the statement that this type of album is always closed by a calmer track can safely be sorted away with fairytales. "X-Ray Cat" attacks us from the speakers like Hux Flux productions on amphetamine. Image visiting the inside of a computer with your eyes closed at a speed of 150 BPM. Got it? That's "X-Ray Cat" for ya.

"Double Trouble"? Definitely double trouble for next-door neighbours and people who aren't used to this type of music. Furthermore, the CD is a real treat for lovers of the genres mentioned in the intro. Before playing the CD we don't really need to worry about bleeding ears, though tracks like "Ritual Of Shiva" or "The Menger Sponge" faintly smack of annoying power drills. Compared to the tons of other albums of a similar style, there are fortunately subtle differences which cause "Double Trouble" to be perceived a bit differently. Both CPC tracks are a perfect example, one charming us with its ingenuity and multi-plot, the other set at a speed differing from the rest of the numbers on the album, allowing for the exploration of completely different grounds and moods. Other pluses would be the cool intro track as well as the unbeatable powerhouses that are "Post Apocalyptic" and "X-Ray Cat". Either way, a solid dose of skull pounding on a decent level is guaranteed.

Additional links: - download for free's 10th anniversary compilation featuring 100% Polish psy-music (goa, prog, dark, full-on, chillout): Artha, Sundial Aeon and many more - Polish psytrance website
IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Jul 25, 2008 19:27
there are some nice tracks in here.
i really liked some sounds presented in this compilation           ...
Faxi Nadu / Elmooht

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Posted : Jul 30, 2008 13:13
got the cd the other day, review coming soon           
The Way Back
Black Cat
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 6, 2008 17:50
Nice release!

i like most:
CPC - Lizard Metanoya
CPC - Begin

All the best!

Bom Bom 
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IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Aug 28, 2008 04:06:52
Ok, first i have to say, this is not an usual music review.
It's more like my true feeling and imagination that runs
whenever i pressed the play key
whatever the track on.

Every track has its own story and style as every creator builds them.
Mezak/PsyMeals Production

1. Like MTV thriller of MJ that multi Evil had created a background with old movie feeling that would come out a wolfman from nowhere and u dont know when.
Well, but actually it's a scene grabbing from the movie Frankenstein, if my memory is correct. With the intro of heartbeat of Frankeisten lead us into the dark mid europe time, from time to time i imagine myself standing in front of a castle that cant go on cause there are men or even monsters shouting in the wuthering wind. I stand there guessing if any or unknown experiment is going on. I can not know, but i feel something is rising, which is beyond my feel, and above the nature. The dark cloud has covered the sky. In the mean time, the experiment is continuing. At the time 7:37, thing starts to change, but which i cant not know even i cant not guess. The dark clouds is the coverture of the castle. The wind wuthers, unknown creatures shouting, the mysteric is left for us to imagine.
Here Multi Evl is creating a Prelude of a dark tale instead presenting the scene of kiling or blood outburst massacre, but then, it's a good track to build for you dark beginings, then left for you to complete the after journey.

2. The compactness of the percussion is something new for Lab's creation. You can grab his another similiar track of his other collaboration called Braintrain on VA - Freakblast. It is an intense track also builds up fastly, that in the beginning everything is easy and the muzik floats. But soon of 1:30 the first breakdown gave me an allusion that everything will soon be changing. As the judge has triggered the gun, the power starts running without stopping to the time of 3:35 comes a different sky at front. With hesitation in my heart nearly 4mins comes a breakdown, that Lab takes us into his tunnel fastly and 4:25 he brings us the vastnessess of his world. Then some big rage outburst as the discord sound counterchanges from here to there, like u draw thousands of line across the paper. I feel society, humanty, technology's pressure and the whole world is crashed on me. I guess it's a good track u may play at the morning 5 or even 6 to the end.

3.As the title has alluded the meaning of this track - Ritual of Shiva, Necropsycho pushs us to his psychedelic chanting by hefty and stiff tone. With repeatedly loop and percussion, i start to think if necropsyho is chanting his mantra of psychedelic, and im that man, the listener who listen. In this dark surround, what am i looking for? and who am I, what im going to do. There are both good and evil thoughts revealed. i started to talk with myself
but a turning right a 6:20 here comes somebody to help to fight with u, with same sample contiune the trak to have a dialogue with demon and human more peaceful and balance at 7mins to the end of trak.

4. Bouncing bassline, clear image of bright percusion, goa with tribal drums take the imagination to the old time where we sit with each other around fire. Cpc Orchestra recalls my very first memory of infected mushroom. Dreams and psychedelic, reality and fact.
Melancholy feeling runs through out the track but which not so sad and sorrow, more like a peaceful mind that after death. There are not much to say, cause it's a great track. Also here is a slightly different compare to CPC's old track. Without much technology or percusion's changing and playing, much much more emotion he injects this time.

5. "You can hear me?" the answer is yes.
Suddenly u feel you are into Highko's track as the familiar snare drum sound appears, with rigidity percussion (not soft as derango or other artist.) germany style, also Noise Posion way if u are into them. Compare Multi Evil with usual Highko or Cosmo's track, here you can feel he is more into playing and twisting with the bassline instead focus on the high-tech feeling.

6. Yes, no doubts this is Lab's track. I guess Renato is a man who dont talk much useless conversation. Simple without adorners Lab is telling you this is how he feels. He wants you to feel his way right away and he is making it with his pure mind. No lies, no fancy sample. Tense and high feeling like his usually mood, even a bit aggressive. And he is telling you this is Human's power!

7. Fat bassline makes u wanna trod to the earth ground. That's is the first feeling when the track gets you in. The story are builded by Necropsycho slowly, which the dark atmosphere crawls into your heart and fill in with scary monster sample like from far away forest. It gets closer and closer, and the night gets deeper and deeper. Imagine there's a troop running through the forest like hiding something at the darkest time, the moon shined. Everyone is terrified. Someone finds himself alone in the dark natural, keep thinking where are others go, suddenly he was dragged down to the deep ground without a sound. If this is the kinda story u like, then this is the track u need.

8. Follow with the soft beat, here comes one special CPC's melancholy piece. Couldnt say what a master track it is, but which CPC has carved his own feeling so deeply and inject his heavy-hearted in much that aggrieved me. This ambient track has hit my dearest mind, which hasnt darken it but pathetically i cry. The tiny samepls added and melody slowly and slowly has corroded my enormous feeling gradually. I
gazed through the blank of my PC monitor as i see myslef, as the ego i have grown til now, me, just an empty shelter, like dust whenever will be blow up by the natural wind. 4:47 the sunrise, i decided to go on. On til the day i find my own oasis, until the day i climbed over that huge mountain stands before me.

9.Mussy samples gaves an uncertain mood and feeling at the start of the track, With more deep and punchy percussion sound added on 1:03, Gobit Vs Cube has drag u down to their nowhere dimension. It is like a forest with no wind, a building without instructions that u start walking and walking but u dont know what you are doing. It is like there are some instructions that are written on a DM on a wall that the place has only one light to spot. Some simple rules that u follow without ego-awareness but u are doing them. With the pace that have given by the track we wonder through the black campagna. You can see the grass growed on the ground but it is so grey and it moves like seagrass elegantly. Everything is so grey. Hopes are little but are moving bit by bit. On the track of 4:32, seems more light comming in, seems Gobit & Cube is trying to tell us slowly and steady we trod one by one, would comes hopes, and then you look around that everything is blooming suddenly and keep repeatedly this action til Nowhere dimension is in you hand like a ball that melted as the track ends. Seems are telling us we can chase everything we want, but we coulndt get always what we are looking for, sometimes we let it beat.

10. This is like the last breath you can take to dance the final track of Va-Double Trouble. You could feel the morning power like the first ray of sunshine hit you. The track goes from higher mood at the beginning to less tense feelings. It's a good track to finish you darkset, even a nice one to turn from dark to morning. A little bit furious, but more later much broaden sky are waiting for us.
From high to low, here comes to a peace mind.           Dj Mezak Podcast
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IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Aug 28, 2008 14:45
are these tracks digitally available online ?
No Comment Records
No Comment Records

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Posted : Sep 2, 2008 01:08
No. Only CD. 
No Comment Records
No Comment Records

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Posted : Sep 2, 2008 01:10
THX for a great reviews friends! 
CRX(HSS Records)
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Sep 3, 2008 20:13
Full power
Respect to the label and artists
          Helicon Sounds Music
Multi Evil
Multi Evil

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Posted : Sep 9, 2008 16:09
great job Mezek

i realy like the reviev
and enjoyed all storys

big up
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 9, 2008 19:51
thx for your nice word multi! keep you evil floating , cheers to No Comments! a good one va in this fast world ...           Dj Mezak Podcast
2to6 Records
Omveda Records
IsraTrance Junior Member

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Posted : Sep 9, 2008 20:05
what a fucking kick ass review homie !!!
you really nail it there,
big respect Isaac.

This compilation in my taste rule !!
thanx a lot for the nice work !!
keep it up
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