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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Double Dragon - Transparent [2002] - PLUSQUAM REC.
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Double Dragon - Transparent [2002] - PLUSQUAM REC.

IsraTrance Team

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Posted : Nov 1, 2002 19:33
1. Bong
2. Resonate
3. Doppelganger
4. Gravity
5. Echo
6. Heavy rotation
7. Shine
8. Dice

Let first start with the word - "Wow!" finally, psychadelic PSYtrance. It would seem that some artists almost forgot about that aspect and concetrated more towards the streams of power-trance and tech-trance. This album is amazingly refreshing and comes at a great time in my opinion. It would seem that Double Dragon, has picked this album up right from the point where the first one ends. Transparent also has a definate flow in it with weird a$$ samples and that feeling of "where the hell am i?" in every track. I plunged into Bong and Resonate, which were released earlier on EP, but now are in their right spot as album starters. These two tracks get your mind ready, erased and cleaned for the "new programming instrtuctions" of the rest of album. sorry for that metaphor, but thats what i imagine i get from these boys. The recipe is similar in that track 4 is downtempo like in Continuum. I'm not going to go into each track and rate each one, if someone wants to do that great! Its more like the first album where it needs to be told as a whole 60 minutes of pure organized chaos! only this time the production is crytal clear and quality of the material was not compromised by shifting to another label. In closing, Continuum was and is one of my most cherished CD's and now this one is added to the "list". In a world of Tech trance, this and anything from Twisted is my only light.           "On the other hand, you have different fingers."
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 3, 2002 12:52
Can't wait to buy it.
Continuum is an amazing c.d, intelligent psy music.
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"Without music, life is meaningless."
-Friedrich Nietzsche
IsraTrance Full Member

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Posted : Nov 5, 2002 04:23
Great album!!! U can hear various prog styles on same cd. Groovy as Bog, fast prog as Dice, and slower tracks like Echo(great perc work), all my fav tunes here!

Great sound quality, and for sure not a boring cd!!!           LOADING...
domo records
Domo Records

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Posted : Nov 6, 2002 10:36
I must admit that I wasnt so thrilled about this release before I heard it, but after that: GREAT really surprised me different from the past double dragons and imo much more matured.

favorites for me are 1,3&4 (great chill)

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Posted : Nov 6, 2002 10:49
For me its the best album of this year!
Steve Good is a real talent.
He takes it a step beyond!

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Posted : Nov 6, 2002 13:29
Wow. Just to hear this "Bong" over and over again...

Realy refreshing stuff.
It has some more styles other than Psychedelic, though it is the main issue on the c.d.
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Double Dragon - Transparent [2002] - PLUSQUAM REC.
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