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Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Don Peyote - Heaven and Earth
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Don Peyote - Heaven and Earth

Morpheus Music
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Posted : Jan 24, 2013 13:42:52
January 2013
Luscious chillout world and dance music.
Heaven and Earth elegantly weaves an enchanting tapestry of modern genres: colourful indigenous performance; meandering ambience; gutsy dub and electronica; sleepy global exotica. The range of sonic material is impressive, programmed arps and synthesisers are accompanied by electric guitar, bamboo flute and other acoustic instruments. But there is so much more: from such subtle touches as a single cuckoo and low-key reversed music samples to a soaring female Indian singer with accompanying drones and bows; echoing children's voices; lazy slide guitar and a veritable plethora of electronic effects. The tempo shifts pleasantly throughout the album yet always remaining in the lower bpm range - Dub the Magic derriere tripping along with a meditative dance beat of percolating sequencers and tablas; Crystal Skulls insistently plodding along with a ponderous live drum sound. Intros and outros linger pleasingly in some of the album's more evocative spots and there are plenty of spacious, unhurried interludes where rhythms to fall away into alluring musical clearings.

The album opens with a rippling electro-chime pattern and spacey synthetics that beckon a misty flute breathing across a drifting, gradually climaxing terrain. Indian hand drums beautifully complement the sense of earthy wonder, later fading away to be enhanced by a flickery digi-rhythm that reminds us that this is a very contemporary journey. The second track Bouroukou ventures now into the tangled roots of heaving tribal percussion, ethnic chants barking emphatically, a sinewy squelch bass line forging a path in pursuit of keening guitar and synth whispers. Further tracks maintain a mesmerising downbeat consistency; prowling, floating or bobbing restfully as the mood shifts. Bird calls and sibilant scrapers soften the nodding dub of Shake That Snake where the minimal melody is given a sense of peculiar wonder by a range of reverberating effects and light washes. From Above winds the album down with a wistful nostalgia - a swaying temple bell pattern buoyed up by distant, soft-focus clouds of sound and a mournful string melody that finally evaporates away into empty air.

Heaven and Earth is a lush digipack release that really is feast for the eyes. The inspired graphics created by Andy Thomas picture the theme well: from the verdant depths of this gorgeous planet through the clouds to the starry expanse beyond. The front cover montage has a violet, blue and lilac cloudscape atop a muted shot of the globe in space fringed with a profusion of intriguing vegetation and fractals bubbles as if the viewer were looking out from among the greenery. Track titles are on the rear where the flora has intensified into a dense forest tangled with twisting roots clinging to the edges of a sharp fissure. Internal imagery continues this striking blue-green colour scheme - an explanation of the project and thanks are located here.

Melbourne, Australia based Yvon Mounier returns with his fifth solo album as the dreamily psychedelic Don Peyote. Follow-up to the 2008 Peyote Dreaming album, Don continues his exploration of downtempo global music with Heaven and Earth released via his own Don Peyote Recordings label. Promotional material explains that "Don combines crisp production with intelligent arrangements, drawing upon indigenous, otherwordly and dub influences to create a soundscape where every moment counts." The nine tracks here certainly live up to that claim - see for yourself by visiting Don's Bandcamp page or discover more about the project via the official Don Peyote website.
Trance Forum  Forum  Music Reviews - Don Peyote - Heaven and Earth
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